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Properties of the number 75





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14 Comments for Number 75 Symbolism, 75 Meaning and Numerology

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by Anonymous - 1/08/18 8:05 AM
Need to find

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a dream i had where i was on a number 75 bus, and felt or knew i was on the wrong bus so i got off.

by lesleyann - 9/12/16 11:05 AM
I have had other numbers said to me in my dreams eg, 24 and 28

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Number 75

by The Wizard of π - 2/29/16 9:53 AM
The number 75 is the result of adding up 32+15+28=75!
75=7+5=12 The apostles number.
What's 32, 15 & 28?
32=3+2= 5, 15=1+5 = 6 and 28= 2+8 =10... Those are the three values of the Hebrew Letters YHW. (The basis for the Trilogy).
75 implied = [(13)+(22)]= 33! The age of Joshua when He was crucified.
Where did I get 32, 15 & 28?

Those are the times each Hebrew Consonant appeared in the Kabbalah Table of the 72 Names of God !

To learn more about the importance of applying a sacred and universal CONTEXT to numbers and Letters and stop GUESSING, I suggest everyone to check out my link or search my posts in Google+

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RE: Number 75

by Anonymous - 7/08/16 3:05 PM
I was doing a Ganesha Mantra while lying in bed the day after my 34 birthday and in my left ear very clearly i heard a voice say, " Angela, He wants to know 75 numbers that......
That was all i heard.

عربي وحساب ودين وانجليزي

by مريم محمد السيد - 5/08/16 9:30 AM

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RE: عربي وحساب ودين وانجليزي

by مريم محمد السيد - 5/08/16 9:32 AM


by GkC - 11/30/15 4:43 PM
My favorite number is 75 but out of nowhere I starred writing it down in a paper and just thought what a nice number and well yeah. 🙊

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by mimi - 5/23/13 12:46 AM
I dreamt of a little girl being tortured by some men because of something to do with the number 75. I don't know what that means but it was (and still is) quite disturbing for me.

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RE: 75

by Anonymous - 10/20/15 10:13 PM
75 is the number of people investigating if bush was guilty of 911

gods work

by lady k - 9/18/10 9:47 PM
the number75 represents purity

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RE: gods work

by Graeme Laverick - 10/15/14 6:35 AM
I call myself 375. 75 is my initials upside down (GL). 7+5=12,1=2=3. 3 is my favourite number. 3" is about 75mm (it is when you purchase steel tube etc). 75 is used everyday in Geometry as me been an engineer such as 75,1175,675,175, etc. 75 is spoken more than two times in the bible. Joseph's family that moved to Egypt was 75. From Adam to Jesus was 75 generations. Ark of the Covenant box 675 x 1175 in metric. The cutter of the alter Moses built was 75mm. Some walls in the Temple Solomon built was 75mm thick. The entrance to the temple had to bronze columns, each had 12 bronze bulls holding a bronze tank that was 75mm thick. Psalms 75 is titled 'God the Judge' in my bible. This is only some. For me 75 is interesting :)

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by 75 - 3/25/12 6:20 PM
7.5 minutes = 450 seconds
1/450 = 0.00222

The Value of the Messiah = 222 (english)

75 seconds = 1.25 minutes
1/125 = 0.008


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by Luke - 3/11/11 10:13 AM
RE: Gods work...pure love!

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