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Symbolismos and prophetic knowledge

by Sergius - 9/08/17 10:17 PM
Hello. As of may 26th of this year I have been given the gift of prophesy. It all started when I was drawn to the footage of the opening of the Gottard tunnel in Switzerland. Where the LHC at CERN is located. I've always loved science. But I love my belief and my relationship with my FATHER in heaven even more. It's a shame that so many scientific minds stray to atheism. Anyways, I was wondering what happened? I was just curious on what the celebration would be like. Boy I wish I would have not believed what I was watching. The most intelligent physists in the WORLD! Were displaying one of the most bizarre showing of pagentry I've ever witnessed. It took me about 2 minutes into watching the spectical that it was a ritualistic satanic celebration. I was sickened of the abominable acts , music, and imagery. But, that's the day I've started having obsessive attraction to numbers, especially the #22. But it just progressively got more intense each and everyday. So much so I've been experiencing sleep deprivation... more...

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RE: Symbolismos and prophetic knowledge

by Anonymous - 12/07/17 8:56 AM
ok so i dreamt of 77 last night n so i googled it i have always had what i called a thing with numbers i know since 1990 22 and 222 pops up non stop so i was curious this am and i just read your post n for some reason it makes sence n i just had to comet i recently have been getting more in tune with my spiritual self so im just shocked i think people have to see for themselves all we can do is pray n i just was so sad last night i went to bed this am n i awoke to this new hope its really amazing

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Psalm 77

by M - 3/13/16 9:19 PM
My husband ( a non practicing Protestant ) dreamt that a voice kept telling him to read psalm 77. He is in a very stressful situation with regards to our business, finances and people trying to scam him. Since he has had this dream he has gone to a Pentecostal tabernacle where they put the hand on his head and covered him in annoiting oil and he fell backwards...since that he has changed ..... But in my presence he pretends to be as before... But I can see the changes in him. In all the years I have known him, he has never gone to church or was very religious ....although he always believed in God. He has started reading psalm 77 daily. What does this all mean?? Thanks.

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RE:Psalm 77

by Caroline - 8/31/17 8:00 AM
Look up John Paul Jackson. STREAMS Ministries. Dreams and Visions for knowledge on this and symbolic meanings from Gods signs to us as He tries to connect with us and lead us towards and on His path.

Psalm 77 and Mathew 7:7 is Gods word and holy spirit asking your husband to cry out to Him the lover and maker of his soul and the triune God who is Jesus will hear hus cry and answer him. To ask, seek and knock and it will be given. Jesus wants to save your husbands soul as well as you own. Whomever knocks the door will be opened. Jesus is the doorway to everlasting life and the saving of the soul from eternal fire. He wants to give you both life in abundance now and forever. He is the bread of life. Ask beleiving and trusting that He hears and loves you because He really does. The good shephard is calling you and all the lost sheep to His fold. He goes out and seeks the one of many who is lost so that he may be saved from harm and distress. Our maker, Father, freind and lover of our soul is calling all people... more...

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number 7

by Antonio - 12/13/16 11:00 PM
Antonio-7 letters 12/19/77 BD. Age 37

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RE: number 7

by Anonymous - 8/22/17 7:44 AM
We share the same birthday. 77 is a special number for me 7s have featured in the most significant times

Please read Psalm 77

by John919 - 10/04/16 8:45 AM
Please read Psalm 77 after reading Psalm 77 turn to Matthew Chapter 7 verse 7.. I had a Dream awhile back where 77 came into view bright and shining.

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RE: Please read Psalm 77

by Bryan - 7/29/17 2:26 PM
Just read psalm77. It's exactly what I am expieriancing at this time . But I fully believe the Lord is continuing to reveal Himself to me, even in this dark moment . Thank you for sharing!

77 everywhere

by Anonymous - 4/24/17 2:26 PM
I too started seeing 77 often some time ago. I was born on 11/7/77 (7am) so I've always thought I could easily spot it since I always thought about it. But the number is also on my SS number. My wife and best friend were both both on 7/21/77. Lately the frequency with which I see 77 has started to accelerate. Like anyone else, I'm wondering if there is more to it or if I'm going a little nuts. Still, I feel like there is a message there, but I'm too dense to see it or understand it. Then recently I had a dream in which I had finally figured it out. But when I woke up the meaning/memory slipped away like water through my fingers. All I remember was that it was in the bible. Anyways, not really expecting anything, but it feels good to finally get this out. My wife thinks its hilarious that number after number on receipts, license plates, phones all have 77 on them. Sigh, I wish I understood if there indeed is something to understand.

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RE: 77 everywhere

by Bryan - 7/29/17 2:17 PM
I also have been encountering this # for quite sometime. My son, when he was younger, drew to race cars on two separate sheets of paper. He handed one to me when he was done and said, this is you, and the one he drew for himself had the # 88. I have since then been coming across the number 77 quite frequently along with other numbers such as 6, 13, and 066. Still seeking God as to what they mean

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My Birthday

by Patty - 1/26/17 6:16 PM
My birthday is 5/16/1977 ...born at 12:55

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by Warrio of Light - 12/11/11 8:24 AM
(repost.. posted on the wrong thing)
I did not read the whole thing, nor am I religious, however I will try to tell my story as short as possible.
I am 18, and for the past five years I've been "awake" (as I call it)meaning, one day I was normal, then next I woke up, and I felt different, I thought different, I saw different. As time passed I began and then continued to train and teach myself. I knew things that there was no way to know, I could do things that would usually take years and years of training to perfect, to get to the stage I got in weeks. All of my senses were enhanced, and as time passed, everything I suddenly could do was upgrading itself, constantly, and once I mastered something, several other abilities or traits or whatever showed up, and had to master them as well. At the same time I also discovered myself, I learned everything about myself, my character, my personality.. everything, I knew every single tiny detail about myself, and I could control myself... my emotions, feelings,... more...

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RE: Hi.

by Anonymous - 4/11/16 4:08 AM
That literally sounds like me bro you just described me accept I am a lot older than you.

RE: Hi.

by Anonymous - 11/26/16 12:41 AM
I know you are probably 19 or 20 by now but i felt like i had to post anyway. you talk of the separation between love and being warrior... i used to have the same problem. A problem of misunderstanding and power hungryness. I should of committed myself to the fact that two and two go together. You've got to love with your life, not for people, but above all GOD. You've got to be willing to lay down your life for him when the time comes. It probably won't be in the scenario one can imagine like going down fighting and slaying your enemies with power, until your last breath, until they overwhelm you. No, usually the battle a person has to fight is when they have no power to do anything at all, because thats the most horrible struggle of all. when you're tied down about to have your head chopped off: you have two choices live and go to hell, or die and go to heaven. the choice of losing your life for GOD or losing it because you are a coward(wanting to save it) and the mental chain broke. Now thinking this in... more...

RE: Hi.

by Anonymous - 11/26/16 12:48 AM
by the way I'm 15, and i meant to put give at the end,sorry, hope my revalation helps your revaltion.

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my birth date

by Rikhav - 6/25/15 8:56 PM
my birth date 7/71984

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RE: my birth date

by Anonymous - 8/30/16 9:44 PM
mine is 7 7 1977

Seeing 77

by Lea - 7/24/16 10:58 AM
Hi im sng 77 everyday more than 3x and I prayed to God what it means and He showed me about joseph dreams about the 7 sybolic symbols of a coming famine..

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An Angel Visitation 1960

by Jerry - 12/06/15 7:48 PM
I was awakened with a presence by my side and it spoke to me saying the numbers 7 77 . I am concerned as to why and what would I expect of this visitation and now that I am going to be 77 in 2 months, I wonder if there is purpose.

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RE: An Angel Visitation 1960

by Anonymous - 5/30/16 5:54 PM
777 is really 777 if you take the one as self

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by Brian - 12/31/15 10:11 AM
Born a identical twin At 707 on 7/3/1990. The 2 most predominant veins in each foot are the numbers 2 and a 5 1 number on each foot

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RE: meaningfulness

by Anonymous - 5/30/16 5:52 PM
This mean you two are one flesh in two bodies

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Christian Number 77 Interpretation

by Tiffany - 12/06/12 10:24 PM
Requesting Christian Biblical Interpretation Of Number 77. Not Numerology.

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RE: Christian Number 77 Interpretation

by Anonymous - 5/30/16 5:51 PM
77 is the beginning of all things the number of sinners,who was in the world before the coming of Christ

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by Jason - 5/18/14 2:43 PM
Does any one bond here to talk anymore. Is there a chat room or a group for the number seeing people
I'd like to talk to others about this

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RE: 77,66,88..

by Anonymous - 5/30/16 5:50 PM
Please excuse my absence

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What does it mean if you get 77 by adding twin flames age

by Laura - 3/18/16 8:14 AM
Hi..I hv been seeing 11s, 22s and now 77...after I met my twin flame in Dec. I just discover that our age added to 77..any significance to this meaning? Thks

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RE: What does it mean if you get 77 by adding twin flames age

by Anonymous - 5/30/16 5:44 PM
Twin flames

Gold medal

by Edsel - 1/13/16 8:31 PM
I have gold medal of the star of David witch has TO77 on the star. What does it mean?

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RE: Gold medal

by Anonymous - 5/22/16 8:14 PM
was the symbol used by the Montana Vigilante

77 bringing revelation and end time concientiousness to the heart and mind of man

by James Raschke - 12/25/15 11:43 AM
On a dirt road driving in a car with my dad's sister and her husband in 1976, my mom asked my dad what he wanted for his birth day and he said he wanted a son for his birthday. she said that all they could do was try. So she threw away her birth control pills and a year later on August 6, 1977 I was born on my dad's birth day.

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RE: 77 bringing revelation and end time concientiousness to the heart and mind of man

by Anonymous - 5/22/16 8:06 PM

number crunching

by kesyopea - 10/31/09 6:27 AM
I think the 77 a very lucky number for all who bare it as their birth number. They are lucky and well endowed in spiritual world.

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RE: number crunching

by Anonymous - 12/31/15 11:19 AM
Thats right we are the choosen.

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re: 77 in my dream

by Anonymous - 11/29/15 12:16 PM
I dreampt of the number 77, that I would be making 77$ per hour. I just realized my Dad is 77. Im still baffled by this.

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RE: re: 77 in my dream

by Anonymous - 12/31/15 11:18 AM
The number 77 is a calling for all bodies withing the house of the lord

iam the number 77 037733

by Barbara Smith - 12/16/15 5:02 AM
Help me understand,Who iam

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RE: iam the number 77 037733

by Anonymous - 12/31/15 11:14 AM
You are the offspring of the world.The one that god choose to redeem the ones thats under the law.

Iam in love with the lord

by Barbara Smith - 12/31/15 11:13 AM
Althout i never really understood the understanding i now walk in Christ completely in love with my heavely father.

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frequent occurances of one or more than one 7s

by Adveya singh - 5/17/15 5:55 AM
I have been going through this strange thing since 2014 December....everywhere I look,I see77 or 777 around all of the cases mentioned below,I too am totally bewildered by this development,cuz earlier,this didn't used to happen...I desperately want the reason as to why this is happening,I won't say that this is bad,but certainly astonishing....

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RE: frequent occurances of one or more than one 7s

by Anonymous - 9/08/15 7:54 AM
Gideon and the 300 7th book 7th chapter 7th verse because they kept watch when they drank, old testamont, watch its no masonic pray about it, many will be deceved but gideon also took thorns and briers to town elders 77 of them God might be doing the gideon, judges chapter 6 to 8 pal

meaning of my birthday

by michelle - 9/05/15 12:01 AM
Born on 11/10/1977 at around 6:30 am what is my meaning

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77 revolution

by Earnast77 - 6/08/15 9:11 AM
I also c 77 So above all Now start a revolution with 77 for good things

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my birth date and time

by Danielle - 3/21/15 6:52 AM
I was born on 9/23/77 at 8:43am

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The number 77

by Anonymous - 1/03/15 1:42 PM
I was born on 3/7/77. Could that mean something?

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