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by Natalie a. m. - 2/22/14 2:36 AM
my birthday is 7-7-77 and the name Natalie means birthday of Christ and in October 2009 I had an Out of body experience and woke up the next day quoting scriptures out of the bible I never read and was talking in rhymes for three months....And then I was a poet. I thought I was Jesus for months....I could not tell that I wasn't or is it IN Jesus NAMe??

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by jose the lucky 777 - 10/30/14 8:05 AM
People who Exprience 777 or just one day say hey whats 777 all about, or even wonder about life and question are chossen by god and his other minor god, to have them gain knowledge with a price or for free!

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is it a sign

by Anonymous - 10/23/14 11:50 AM
I was bon on july 7th I weighed 7 pounds at 7:00 AND HAVE 7 letters in my first middle and last name and on july 7th 2007 I turned 7

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by angelique - 10/17/14 4:54 PM
I was born on february 14, 1971 at 7:24 pm.

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7 7 7

by R.W.H - 10/15/14 6:59 PM
i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out a coupke of things frst of all, all 3 of my names have got 7 letters in, also my grand parents died on the 24th and the 9th day which is my birthday, also my dad passed away 0n the 21.11.12, which is pretty simlier lay out to the times my 2 sons were born.. (12/3(-2boys-) ).3/21)(ironically born 11 years apart)which it was the 11th mth my dad passed, though Ever since i was a young lad, I've looked at numbers and events in different ways to the people i know, as when i mention it to family n friends its like they've never seen it, until i shown them what i mean, over the years i used to have certain dreams that was totally strange to something im not interested n so to speak, like sacrifice (animals) that is, not humans :) a sheep or a lamb of sorts, dressed in green bead, type coat.. i know it wasnt my subconscious picking it up in the day etc, cause would have not come over something like that, but then my dreams got more vivid, to a point i would be... more...

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The number 7

by Honey bee sunflower generator - 10/02/14 12:26 PM
My brother was born the 7th month on the 31st 1978. Age 3 august 13th, 1981. 7 days before my birthday august 20, 1987. He was sealed june 20,1980. 7 years brfore I was born. Age 27 I go to see his grave for the first time amd played a random cd number 7 because I had been seeing this number so much lately and felt a connection. The song was free bird snd when I pulled into the cemetery the song was over. I brought him lillies not realizing there is a lily engraved next to a little boy and also a lamb. My mothers name is mary. My name also has 7 letters middle 3 last 8. My brother first 5 middle 4 last 8. My son was born november 7,2008 first name 6 middle 7 last 5. 7 people in my family. My brother who had passed was the oldest and I was the youngest child. I was the first of my 3 sisters to have a son I named after my brother but added a y in his name the 3rd letter.

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RE: The number 7

by Anonymous - 10/02/14 12:37 PM
The 7th grandchild was just born may 16, 2014 his middle name is the same as my brothers and his older sister has my middle name. 3 nieces 3 nephews and my son makes 7.


by invoker - 9/05/14 1:26 PM
Hi, i born in 1997.05.17 my birthday - 17may, my name date 17 november. 1997.17.17, 1 = 0, nothing, 777. im lucky guy?

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by Peter Winterflood "British" - 8/31/14 10:47 PM
777 keeps appearing in stranges ways, it's like God is trying to warn me. At least thats how I feel.

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by D - 8/23/14 9:57 PM
To all concerned, first you must read through the metaphors used archaically in all religions, when you have reference to the Father ,The Son and the Holy Ghost or Shiva, Paravatti and Ganesh or your 5th , 6th and 7th Chalkra etc etc, what you are really talking about in concrete terms are your Thyroid, Pituitary and Pineal Glands. In mankind right now the Thyroid Gland is beginning to awaken allowing for deep intuitive senses involving the aspect of love and health of our home Planet Earth. These intuitions are primarily focused on the 3 lower Kingdoms..(Mineral, Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms) The purpose of the 777 incarnations is to inspire awareness of this fact and by focusing, one may be able to stimulate the transmutation of cell activity allowing the activity of your ethers to stimulate a more rapid and controlled awakening of the Thyroid which in turn will awaken hidden intelligence within your mind and allow an evolutionary step for mankind, the activity of your ethers will then move onto the... more...

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by archangel - 12/12/08 7:38 AM
Hello all.
I also have a great concern regarding the number 777. The one thing that comes to mind is since the number of the beast is 666 which refers to THE antichrist,that means this particular person will be sent by Satan himself. Where as the numbers 777 also could refer to the Archangels. Particular one Archangel who will be sent down by God & the Queen Mary to do battle with this antichrist. I had seen a few vision about this. One of the Archangels was sent down , no more wings, he was stripped of his wings and all his gifts, He will be on earth rejected by all same as his `lord was on earth a mere man. But has been empowered by God to battle with the antichrist, who will very powerful & rich on earth , The archangel will not be so well off, as this is the plan of God. In another vision i had seen the Seven Lamps of God, Then i saw only 6 of the Archs' standing before the Throne of God , one was missing in the middle, This angel i believe is none other than St Gabriel the archangel. You see if the... more...

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RE: 777

by Anonymous - 11/10/13 9:20 AM
I believe you need to just stop the panic and think. Lilith was not a wife of satan she was Adams first wife who would not comply with Adam or Gods rules so she either left or was kicked out of the garden. She then turned into a demon more to the story but I think I made my point. Also I believe you should either go to a pastor, or a councler because you need a rock to stand on right now. You need a stable base in order to move ahead in your life.

RE: 777

by Anonymous - 12/19/13 1:15 PM
I have the phone number 777777 and a birth mark 7 on my arm with a wing over it


by Anonymous - 2/07/14 7:25 AM
I was born on 777 I'm confused and I need help, things are happening to me that are really hard to explain


by Peace be with you - 3/22/14 6:35 PM
I was born on July 10th 1977. @7:07 am :) وأنا هنا والانتظار. جاهزة. אני כאן והמתנה. מוכן. Sum profecto et hic et lacus. Praesent. Io sono qui e attesa. Pronto. Estoy aquí. Espera. Listo. I am here. Waiting. Ready.


by Peace be with you. - 3/22/14 6:45 PM
Do not worry. *hugs.


by Peace be with you. - 3/22/14 6:49 PM
Split a piece of wood (atom), the kingdom is indeed within you and it is outside you. Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.
Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is. Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death. Blows her breath on you all :)


by Anonymous - 6/17/14 5:13 PM
mary is not a queen of heaven at all there is no god besides me god is alone

RE: 777

by Michel - 7/02/14 3:33 PM
The one on earth has real faith and it will be enough....


by Kenneth David Akin - 7/21/14 11:14 AM
I am the one and only Micheal the First created son of God im here on earth Iam not the 2nd coming im 1.5 coming when I die that is when the 2nd coming will be.


by Jay - 8/14/14 11:00 PM
When my mother was pregnant with me they told her I wasn't going to be born right, that there wasn't no hope for me but my mother still had me! I came out early on 7/7/97 they say I'm a miracle baby but sometimes I feel there's more to it?

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by B.C., i:III-7 - 11/26/12 5:43 PM
God, .. is a frequency.. and we must band together to comple humanities maco mission of building the reciever of the great IAM. And that's what he's asked me to do. Build his throne.

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RE: God.

by Damon M. Garrett - 8/08/14 12:57 PM
How goes the Throne building?
What's the frequency, er...Kenny

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by Anonymous - 3/08/14 2:01 PM
Heavy stuff. I don't believe a word of it.

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RE: 777

by Anonymous - 8/08/14 12:35 PM
7 thumbs up for your post.

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by ebendimention - 3/22/14 2:19 PM
My D.O.B. is 16.SEPT.1969. that individually adds up to 7.7.7.(Sept is 7).

Coincidentally Apollo 11 launched for the Moon on 7.JULY.1969. again adding up 7.7.7. very interesting ...

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RE: 7.7.7

by Anonymous - 8/08/14 12:33 PM
No, it's really not.
Too much time on your hands.


by Tina - 3/13/14 1:00 PM
Does anyone else find it strange that flight #370 was taken on 3/7/14 and the plane was a 777 Boeing?

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RE: 777

by Anonymous - 3/20/14 7:20 PM
Extremely strange. I've been having weird dreams and such for several months now about the world ending soon and that I believe is a sign to me that are time is going to be up soon I also believe the person who will trigger it will die 3/21/14. 3/21=7+14=21. Do good and don't let the devil take you under


by Anonymous - 7/28/14 7:55 PM
Over the years my lifetime has been hell. However, my inner spirit spoke as pieces of my grandmother bible fell. Born in 1897. The pieces put together was about 7,7,7. After having a spiritual awakening. This is my year of deliverance. I have lost 7 jobs, on the seventh job, I have been in touch with God as I prayed for being around helish people after being laid off in 2007. This is my year of blessings.

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by Anonymous - 3/15/14 4:08 PM
We need to talk about what is going on. I see the same vision you are seeing.

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RE: 777

by Help from a Lightworker - 7/26/14 11:48 AM
Everyone just take a deep breath and chill. If your reading this, its because you were lead here by God and the Creator in order for you to to find out about Ascension. Mother Earth is ascending and so are you. Educate yourself on the topic and do what your heart tells you to do on the subject.

Spreading wisdom, knowledge, understanding, peace, love and good vibrations!
Lady Lightworker

My name

by Jerrick Anthony Bernier - 4/07/10 9:14 AM
each part of my name has seven letters in it. 777. the name jerrick means a peoples leader, or a peoples king. im not sure if it really means anything. i wasnt born on a particularly special date or anything. but sometimes i cant help but wonder. 777, what does it mean for me?

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RE: My name

by Anonymous - 7/09/14 12:07 PM
Timothy Charles Gardner, same here.


by meysam - 6/26/14 9:17 AM
is 777 God number?

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how do i get marked?

by Anonymous - 6/17/14 4:59 PM
liked to get marked with Yahywah

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Does this mean something?

by Anonymous - 9/25/11 10:33 AM
I have 777 on my right palm.

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RE: Does this mean something?

by Anonymous - 6/17/14 4:58 PM
how do i get marked? 777

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777 god or satan

by 777 - 6/02/14 1:22 PM
777 is a being between god and Satan. it is consider prefect and also not perfect. the body of the scale you might say. he could be anyone me or you. he belives in god he just cant trust him. he does however follow jesus for he is pure. 777 is like templar and otther serct society group.

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777 on my right hand

by CAGC - 12/23/12 8:40 AM
I have this number on my right hand. It freaks me out a bit.

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RE: 777 on my right hand

by Anonymous - 3/15/14 9:37 PM
I'm getting ready to put 3 7's onmy hand because I believe in God

RE:777 on my right hand

by Anonymous - 3/15/14 9:40 PM
be proud you love God

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Club trimmer

by Three seven - 3/13/14 4:09 PM

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by Michael Gill - 3/12/14 6:30 AM
Do the following calculation

666 = Emperor Nero - when his name is translated in Hebrew

The whole Bible sequence fits in that pattern example:

1+4+7 = 12 = years accounted for Jesus in the Bible
4+5+6 = 15 = total years accounted for Jesus in the Bible
3+6+9 = 18 = missing years of Jesus in the Bible

He reappears at age 30 and crucified at age 33

Amen = 1+ 13 +5 +14 = 33

Psalm 22 verse 1 = implies he was a man and not the son of God


888 = Jesus = his name in the New Testament
In the Old Testament his Hebrew name calculates to 888

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Bible Numbers

by Michael Gill - 3/12/14 6:15 AM
Revelation 13:18
English Standard Version:
This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
666 = Emperor Nero
Food for thought:
Every grocery UPC has 2 extended bars at beginning, middle and end of the bar code
Each 2 represents a 6 = 666
40 days and 40 nights is
40 days and 80 nights which is
40 days and 120 nights which is
40 days and 160 nights which is
40 days and 200 nights which is
40 days and 240 nights which is
40 days and 280 nights which is
40 days and 320 nights which is
40 days and 360 nights
A mathematical progression?
Prophets of the Apocalypse: The Bible's Ultimate Revelations for the End of Time
- David Haggith
The Sistine Secrets:... more...

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mirror to 777

by Randy - 3/03/14 1:47 AM
Black Eagle Trust made up of 777 banks hiding QUADRILLIONS of dollars in WWII gold, and using it to gain global superpower by destroying national economies. $$$$$$ = the devil I find it a strange mirror image of the 777 pertaining to God.

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by toughmuffin - 3/01/14 3:20 PM
Praise the lord.

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