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number meaning 77 78 777 333 444 555 666 777 37 888 999 111 23 420 resolved

by Vin - 10/26/13 9:18 PM
All these numbers do not have any meaning, we provide them. Its we who define and classify things, events, relations, emotions, nature and in this case number. It took me 7 bleeding years to figure it out, I still see them.
If it could mean something than it means, a very strong desire of one's mind.
I was in love with one girl for 4 years, but since most of the times I was out of the country I could not express my love. Thinking I will once I am back. So I returned after 4 years to get settle down, to express my love, to marry my best friend.
But unfortunately I was 5 months late, she was committed with someone else by now. For a while I was not even able to understand the meaning of her words. I started analyzing those words in my mind, to arrive at a solution which says I love you too. But it never happened. I was about to collapse. Like the part of our body I had made my mind believe that she is part of my own body.
She still is the only key of my mind and body, if she asks me to come back I would have... more...

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RE:number meaning 77 78 777 333 444 555 666 777 37 888 999 111 23 420 resolved

by sam - 5/24/16 9:49 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has none stop numbers evertwhere you look.

Has anyone seen Visualy 777?

by Anonymous - 11/25/11 7:02 AM
I saw 777 a year and a half ago. Since then people think im crazy. I've seen the lamb of God since then. Ive seen spirits. I feel things from good to bad. My fingers move saying FU. I hear voices at time. I even went to church thinking possibly it may be a demonic spirit. Told then to lay hands on me and it didnt go away. I dont know what else to do. All i know is im not crazy and seeing is believing. So I believe he has sent me and angel to testify that 777 is REAL.

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RE: Has anyone seen Visualy 777?

by Anonymous - 12/04/12 10:14 AM
I bear the numerals 777 since birth, born 111, 1st day of the month

RE:Has anyone seen Visualy 777?

by Mugen Soul - 1/03/13 2:55 PM

RE:Has anyone seen Visualy 777?

by Anonymous - 5/23/16 3:21 PM
I had a very graffiti dream about a demon and it said it was the 777 demon

RE:Has anyone seen Visualy 777?

by Anonymous - 5/23/16 3:22 PM
I had a very graffic dream about a demon and it said it was the 777 demon

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by fikile - 5/12/16 1:46 AM

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777 in a birthday

by Udarath - 5/04/16 3:23 AM
What happens if 777 is in a birthday

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by archangel - 12/12/08 7:38 AM
Hello all.
I also have a great concern regarding the number 777. The one thing that comes to mind is since the number of the beast is 666 which refers to THE antichrist,that means this particular person will be sent by Satan himself. Where as the numbers 777 also could refer to the Archangels. Particular one Archangel who will be sent down by God & the Queen Mary to do battle with this antichrist. I had seen a few vision about this. One of the Archangels was sent down , no more wings, he was stripped of his wings and all his gifts, He will be on earth rejected by all same as his `lord was on earth a mere man. But has been empowered by God to battle with the antichrist, who will very powerful & rich on earth , The archangel will not be so well off, as this is the plan of God. In another vision i had seen the Seven Lamps of God, Then i saw only 6 of the Archs' standing before the Throne of God , one was missing in the middle, This angel i believe is none other than St Gabriel the archangel. You see if the... more...

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by Anonymous - 2/22/15 10:34 PM

RE: 777

by Anonymous - 3/02/15 10:05 PM
I was born on 7-7-1997 thats why im confuse my number signed


by Michael - 3/22/15 9:27 PM
op had the right idea. It is Michael, however, who does battle with Satan's spawn not Gabriel (although Gabriel just may have incarnated, too.) The archangel Michael risks it all, including perdition by taking the role of a sinner. He won't even know who he is.


by Anonymous - 4/12/15 7:36 PM
I was named 777


by Anonymous - 6/24/15 3:24 PM
My birthday is 6/7/77, I have been having dreams and visions. I don't know what for sure what is going to happen, but I'd encourage everyone to get out their bibles. Anyone else who is seeing things about what's to come, please contact me.


by Nomad33x - 8/30/15 7:22 PM
I love rhis forum its full of people who seek the truth of spiritual things. I agree and know now that Angels have been made into flesh to do Gods work. Do any of love what God has done for you? I am a sinner and truely deserving of death. It is because of this that I have come to know the power of Jesus Christ. One who is forgiven of much loves much. I know what he has done for me. I have even been taught what love is thru the spirit and not my mind. We should learn by the spirit....I will share my experience. Man was created on the sixth day. there are 66 books inbthe current bible. man plus the bible equals 666. Thus the creation of religious minds. Paul said let us learn by the spirit. This is one of the greatest truths I can tell anyone.

I was born 11/11/1980 2011 was quit a year watching all the events happening on the 11th of each month and heard the shofar blow audibly on the feast days. 555 as I know it is the faith in jesus Christ and what he has done for us. 444 the rising of the... more...


by jason - 1/06/16 11:29 PM
this is an incredibly ridiculous post against many biblical precedents standards and proofs...u cannot spell and u are him that preaches another gospel of God...maranatha let him be accursed...people do not be fooled..there is no basis for all this in scripture and torah jews muslims and christians are one to an incorrect image of God and can stand against the fool...thats why there is martyrs...u are a nut


by jason - 1/06/16 11:30 PM
how can those worshipping different images of God be one????haha


by niC0ras - 1/08/16 2:29 PM
The Best of all years to All of YOU and still to Thou, jason, who - I think - seams to be one of the just ; we are not to judge, just to Run along G°D+'s ownonly single Law and obey to the unfathomable common WILL ! Sceptics without dogma - for every dreamed-off system may function in its own right somewhat astonishingly correct.
777 to me is somewhat the X in Our Yule ; the "time" of so-called sOl invictus (the earth-sun KephrA as sun in the-womb-of-earthmother ; midnight) !?

Ever Holy Night to hisS son (the OhNE), to every single littlechrist to you and the mAn & the Rose ...

I won't lie to you by saying aloud "... it's all about FISH !?"
Wells, it's not, the truth is no worth for the WORD.

Good eternal night (the sun's Not really gone - you knew, my child.
'Nuff said this Freyaday, the eighth and last and final day of creation after relaXationsdaY.

Welcome, Täuflinge, you judgemental TwiNs, on this,our youngest DAY.

Ann. CXI ('til april and it's fool)
Theyarehere for us - three Angels of Death ... hail & heal & halo

For 22 years of darkness lighted only the clouded PrincE DUNKEL (dunkal = 4+6+20+1+30 = 61 = LA = 0)


by Sevengirlchild - 5/02/16 3:53 PM
Born 7-27-76....atheist female

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who am I?

by Michael William Bradley - 5/01/16 5:09 PM
I feel something. I'm a nobody.

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David belcher

by David - 4/26/16 7:23 PM
I seen in a vision a Pharos staff with the number seven and after that woke up in a mental home white pines Saginaw my number was given me 4+3=7 in a hase like trance lets just say they thought I was all 4 sides if this makes sence

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by Telefunctional - 12/07/14 2:41 PM
My son was born at 7am; 7th day; 7th month ; 1977; weighed exactly 7 pounds; and was 21 inches long. He is a self chosen Christian. I count my blessings since he was a request to God by my wife and I. We are both devout Christians and quote daily, yet we do not attend formal religious events including church.

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RE: 777

by Anonymous - 4/15/16 4:33 PM
We Just The Same ❗777👑 Yahweh , Yeshua, And The Holy Spirit 😊☝

Three 7's

by Anonymous - 4/15/16 4:31 PM
I Was Born 7/17/1999 On Saturday Morning 12:00 AM . The 7th Day of The Week .

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My dream: (2) 7's & (1)7 hidden behind as a gift

by Rex Kapfhamer - 4/06/16 9:43 PM
In my dream (at 3:30 AM) told I was to be given a gift of (2) 7's. For some reason I was over-joyed & felt like a little kid given a present. Then when I reached out to recieve the gift a 3rd 7 was hidden behind the other 7's and I became confused or puzzled.

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my daughters birth

by born 1-9-15 - 3/25/16 9:00 PM
She was born exactly at 7 am and weighed exactly 7 pounds. She was 21 inches long,, divisible by 7 and you get 3.

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by Joane Elaine Sadowski - 3/18/16 10:56 AM
my birth name, date I was born is above
But I don't know what time I was born. how would I be able to check
if I don't know the hour I was born?

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RE: 03/05/1940

by Anonymous - 3/21/16 8:20 AM
check with the hospital where you were born


by Joane Elaine Sadowski - 3/18/16 11:09 AM
My birth is march 5, 1940. I did it twice below putting
03/05/1940 under subject, but below it came out wrong as you can see, it came out 3/18/16 10:59 A.M. why did it change from what my real? My real birth is 3/5/1940

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by Joane Elaine Sadowski - 3/18/16 10:59 AM
Don't know the time of birth

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jealousy is eating me to the bone

by Martin Lemon - 3/16/16 2:16 AM
I hide under a thick beared. Afraid of being really seen.

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The marks in the way of scars each a seven

by Tk - 2/05/16 4:08 PM
Wondering if you have heard of that

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RE: The marks in the way of scars each a seven

by Louise Virgo - 3/12/16 9:42 AM
No I have never heard of scars in the shape of 7. As I am a 777 according to numerology I have experienced this phenomena. . Please tell me more about it

real meaning of 777 in numerology

by Louise Virgo - 3/12/16 8:04 AM
Everyone is 3 numbers in ancient numerology. It is a formula in which you use your proper full name,your date of birth and the time you were born. My numbers were done by a proper numerologist in New York. Iwas born in Toronto Canada I grew up in Denver,Colorado and I've lived in Melbourne,Australia for over 25years returning to America 7 times. When the numerologist figured out that I was a 777 she looked astonished. She said that can't be right so she figured it out again. This time she looked freaked out, by this time I was getting worried, I said what's wrong, what does 777 mean what's the problem, by this time she had figured out my numbers the third time. She just sat and stared at me in complete astonishment mixed with fear. I kept asking her what's wrong what does it mean what's the big deal and she just got up and said I'm going on sabbatical. This happened to me in early January, 1995 in upstate New York. I didn't think too much about it I was visiting my father for 3 months. But when I got back to... more...

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by Dave - 3/09/16 6:04 AM
Hi my mother passed away in hospital in room 7, bed 7, at 7pm. Also to add to this the room was on level 7 and my prepaid Carpark ticket expired at 7pm too. Please help me understand this? Thank you.

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my bday 7779 any significance

by Jolene - 2/27/16 1:26 PM
Just wandering

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my birthday is 7-21-77

by richard=7 raymond=7 - 2/07/16 9:08 AM
Does my numbers mean something,i feel like it does, but god has not blessed me with reason way im here

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ZON SUN 777 - be there a LOW in heaven !?

by niC0ras - 1/08/16 7:44 PM
This wonderful and hopesurpassing Day-of-year to everyone herein ;
herein with us it might begin...

To those who did read my firstever Comment yesterday, I won't apollogize for having tricked you.
And yet, I did alright :
When I opened to you my VisioN of PrincE Dunkel, Archangel Unseen, I began to get shown hirs blackstar sparkling lighT !?

... to kabbala.
I spoke 'Dunkel' but after laid the N (XIII. Death [n=50])to rest; so you got 'nothing'(=61); I gave you ranks of 'dukal'.
Additionaled & paid the fifty (nun = fish) we finally agree:
'dunkal' (4+6+50+20+1+30=111) reveals hirmsselves as being a fool and also the very beforefirst DRAW !?
(ALePh = 111 = thousand = cattle = Ox)
La [night] only counts for 31 (not 61), but I may chose to count 2 Ls as being one, reducing All to Al.
Nun, I'm shown & confident that 31=61=111=0 exist as rainbowmustered spot, infinite.

... further on triple seven.
By giving an heartwarmed eye to the TaroT*leaves, 777 reveals itself to be symbolized by the Grand Arcana
VI.... more...

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RE: ZON SUN 777 - be there a LOW in heaven !?

by niC0ras - 1/24/16 8:04 AM
Welcome back and again ...

Now I will conclude my "bowie" Wake for Davy Jones by giving an account according to his given names.
His full name spells "David Robert Jones". By using the Hebrew AlephBith I count the Letters
*D A Ph I D* *R U B A R T* *J U N E S*
( 4+1+80+10+4 + 200+6+2+1+200+9 + 10+6+50+5+300
= 99 + 418 + 371 )
to the total of 888 !?
This number was often associated with our saviour; to some it means "the true number of CHRIST".
Let's take a look at the three ingredients which might fill the score.

99. GLIUN [a polished slate]. ChaBLI JeLDaH [labour-pains during a child's birth]. TITHeIUN [infernal seat of Geburah].
IDIOH [knowledge]. TzaDeH [lurk].

418. ChITh [a fence]. BITh HA [house of EA].
MAKAShANaH [Word of the Æon: "AB•RA•HAD•AB•RA"

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Charles Douglas Varnado-777-13

by Charles Douglas varnado-777 ? - 6/28/13 5:17 PM
Every time i glance at a clock,watch,phone,or something with the time on it,"it's always 13 after the hour!!!..........what does that mean?

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RE: Charles Douglas Varnado-777-13

by Anonymous - 1/15/16 3:03 PM
I see the first letter in each name, is a roman numeral,...CDV


by Jennifer - 12/08/15 6:49 PM
I have a tattoo of 777, I got the tattoo because I was having visions of the book liber 777 which I have read over. Also had several encounters with who I believed to be Alister Crowley, after the last feeling and visual I thought to get this tattoo.
I am.
I've seen so much, I've felt much, things beyond the imagination that has lifted my soul and spiritual self to degrees you only hear of drugs doing.
I shall never forget those years before my tattoo and after till now.
Still learning still growing.
I am woman.

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RE: 777

by niC0ras - 1/09/16 8:27 AM
Hai, haloe & hail to thy helphealer, Jennifer !
I'st say I wear no tattoo on my own skin ; it just happened to manifest that my crafty hands should downcreate two motifs on my timepresent sexu-gen-erally counterpart. One tattoo I'd done shows the head of a mighty lovedeephearted (loved & departed) Irish Wolf-Hound !?
Behold that HaD alike NUit were accurately pulled within each other by saying "HunD"(8+6+50+4=68 and variables) or let "dog" count for 77. Wolf (6+70+30+80=186) sums up equal with "QUPh" which levels XVIII. MooN [pisces.Q = 100].
Reading backwards I understood "Denude Flow" !?
Lastly I heard there nowadays were 343 dogs' races listed.
343 is the potential of 7 squared 3 (7 × 7 × 7) ; additioned to "DaLeTh" (= 434) we get 777 again.
D is the letter according to III. the EMPRESS [venus.d = 4].
Venus belongs to Netzach with the cipher 7 !?

.L.I.T.L. .L.U.W.

7+7+7+7×2+7= my first /last name (full), the month I was born, the day (7×2), the decade I was born...

by stevieb - 1/03/16 8:00 AM
...coincidence? Or more then that??

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by Anonymous - 12/06/15 12:04 PM
How about number 23... it is weed legalisation it is wrong?

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