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777 the power of Jesus

by Dawnthe2ndcoming - 9/12/15 2:50 PM
Well when I was eight years old I saw Jesus my two sisters and baby brother saw him as well. God shinned so brightly behind him I could hardly see his face but I did. The feeling and the sight of him is the most beautiful feeling and sight you could ever imagine pure love the most powerful thing ever. He touched me and gave me knowledge that I can't explain till the time is right. That will be a book called " From the heart of a child touched by the heavenly light " . What I can tell you now is that love is what matters the most what comes from your heart love all. Stop the hate

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18: 07

by amrita - 9/09/15 2:28 PM
Hello! I see very often 18:07 on clock. What it mean? Sorry for my bad English.

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by archangel - 12/12/08 7:38 AM
Hello all.
I also have a great concern regarding the number 777. The one thing that comes to mind is since the number of the beast is 666 which refers to THE antichrist,that means this particular person will be sent by Satan himself. Where as the numbers 777 also could refer to the Archangels. Particular one Archangel who will be sent down by God & the Queen Mary to do battle with this antichrist. I had seen a few vision about this. One of the Archangels was sent down , no more wings, he was stripped of his wings and all his gifts, He will be on earth rejected by all same as his `lord was on earth a mere man. But has been empowered by God to battle with the antichrist, who will very powerful & rich on earth , The archangel will not be so well off, as this is the plan of God. In another vision i had seen the Seven Lamps of God, Then i saw only 6 of the Archs' standing before the Throne of God , one was missing in the middle, This angel i believe is none other than St Gabriel the archangel. You see if the... more...

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by Kenneth David Akin - 7/21/14 11:14 AM
I am the one and only Micheal the First created son of God im here on earth Iam not the 2nd coming im 1.5 coming when I die that is when the 2nd coming will be.


by Jay - 8/14/14 11:00 PM
When my mother was pregnant with me they told her I wasn't going to be born right, that there wasn't no hope for me but my mother still had me! I came out early on 7/7/97 they say I'm a miracle baby but sometimes I feel there's more to it?


by jerry - 11/13/14 11:42 AM
Verry interesting


by jerry - 11/30/14 9:42 PM
my birthday is 7-6-76 and my zodiac sign is cancer the two 6's spinning 69, my birthday is bicentennial like 1776-1976 200 years of freedom, 76-76, also my symbol is the yin yang which means balance and my numbers are balncd,


by Anonymous - 2/22/15 10:34 PM

RE: 777

by Anonymous - 3/02/15 10:05 PM
I was born on 7-7-1997 thats why im confuse my number signed


by Michael - 3/22/15 9:27 PM
op had the right idea. It is Michael, however, who does battle with Satan's spawn not Gabriel (although Gabriel just may have incarnated, too.) The archangel Michael risks it all, including perdition by taking the role of a sinner. He won't even know who he is.


by Anonymous - 4/12/15 7:36 PM
I was named 777


by Anonymous - 6/24/15 3:24 PM
My birthday is 6/7/77, I have been having dreams and visions. I don't know what for sure what is going to happen, but I'd encourage everyone to get out their bibles. Anyone else who is seeing things about what's to come, please contact me.


by Nomad33x - 8/30/15 7:22 PM
I love rhis forum its full of people who seek the truth of spiritual things. I agree and know now that Angels have been made into flesh to do Gods work. Do any of love what God has done for you? I am a sinner and truely deserving of death. It is because of this that I have come to know the power of Jesus Christ. One who is forgiven of much loves much. I know what he has done for me. I have even been taught what love is thru the spirit and not my mind. We should learn by the spirit....I will share my experience. Man was created on the sixth day. there are 66 books inbthe current bible. man plus the bible equals 666. Thus the creation of religious minds. Paul said let us learn by the spirit. This is one of the greatest truths I can tell anyone.

I was born 11/11/1980 2011 was quit a year watching all the events happening on the 11th of each month and heard the shofar blow audibly on the feast days. 555 as I know it is the faith in jesus Christ and what he has done for us. 444 the rising of the... more...

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Time to wake up!

by 7 - 8/13/15 5:29 AM
God planted a seed in all of us. I can finally see it has sprouted in so many of us. The number 7 can be a message. The number 7 can mean many things. 7 can also symbolize you, and 777 as the whole army of God. We are his soldiers. Our Lord Jesus Christ is our leader. Find yourself in God and be prepared for when the time come.

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RE: Time to wake up!

by Rodolfo - 8/22/15 10:45 AM
I have seen this 777 numbers 3 times in a period of 1 week I'm going crazy trying to unlock what it means.

My Name, *777*

by Matthew.Michael.Jackson - 5/01/15 5:41 AM
My name is Matthew Michael Jackson. 777. Was brought up Roman Catholic, but never was confirmed. Don't feel religious, at all. With that being said, I've always been curious about Numerology as well as numbers in General. I was born 11/13. I see 11:13 at least once (sometimes 2x) a day.

I could have been dead literally 3+ times. I always saved myself. Feel very lucky. I almost died on 12-12-12.

Please someone who knows more, what am I here for? I feel I have to be here for a reason, despite my lack of spirituality. I have no children (yet) and have never been married.

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RE: My Name, *777*

by Yes - 7/15/15 5:23 PM
Read the bible and find out

RE: My Name, *777*

by Anonymous - 8/13/15 2:09 AM
that's how I feel

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by Wrong? - 8/10/15 4:21 PM

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by Alex - 6/18/15 3:30 AM
Without asking, all my phone numbers end in 777....also my car license plate. Strange

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RE: 777

by Anonymous - 8/04/15 2:53 AM
My plate ends in 777 also..


by David - 7/28/15 6:56 AM
As the days continue to pass and the more things that continue to line upon almost convinced that we are in the last days! I was born under 7/77 yet my life never reflected anything holy at all,however in recent years my life has change to the point were I myself don't know who I was but now at this point in time I'm certain that I am a servant of God! I'm hear to tell everyone I lived a lifetime of guilty pleasure now I live to serve Gods purpose due to the smile realization that without our awesome creator none of us would be here! So with that said I say to you all,if you know that you were not created simply to be selfservant then choose to serve God!,your God the one and only God that created us all,serve him whatever gifts The Lord may have blessed you with use them don't waste them! To those that think they have no gifts please dig deeper I assure you that God gave you a special gift that you can use in your everyday life to serve him! Do it! I promise your life will start to move in ways you may have imagined impossible! You must have faith and believe! God bless us all!

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by Regina - 7/12/15 12:28 PM
I was born on 7/28/77 my mom pray for me a long time she gave birth at 40 years old im the only child

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by David - 7/09/15 6:19 AM
I was born 7/77 on the last day before I recognize the connection I always have felt I will be one of Gods soldiers.not only that my dad was born in 33 my mom in 44 which equals 77.since I've been alive I haven't meet anyone else like that. God is so mysterious and awesome more than words can express! Amen!

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777 blogger

by Eve Rising - 6/08/15 11:22 PM
I am trembling because I never knew this about 777 and some how my blog reads dropped from hundreds down to 7 reads on last three posts...whoa!!!! So I googled and came to this site! Yahweh rains! Mirandadyeblackink I've seen heaven side!

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by 666 - 6/06/15 1:50 AM

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the house of yahweh

by 777 - 6/01/15 8:15 PM
the black man an the white suit and white shoes he so powerful he got the power and the glory he shall overcome shall not get hurt by the second death the fire want even touch you this fire gonna touch u with the power of the holy ghost

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by Fabiano - 6/01/15 3:32 AM
on number 777

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did you know astroligy dates back before christenanity

by Annommouss - 5/31/15 8:34 AM
astrology acutely has multiple copy's that follow in it's principle like Christianity and the ancient Egyptian religion which are acutely very similar commandments for some strange reason

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higher calling?

by Janelle J. - 4/22/15 12:48 AM
One thing I've always known for as long as I could remember is that I have many protectors and Angel's that guide me. When I was 13 I realized that my name Janelle was quite special I didn't understand why but knew it somehow. I started thinking about it more and more and came up with this. My first middle and last names all have seven letters (I pointed this out to my mom who had no idea what she had done) my first name has two HE's and two L's my middle name has two A's and two N's my last name has two O's and two N's. I was born on Friday the 13th in roughly 15mins, At 11:45pm. Also I was born in the 7th month in 1990. I've always been drawn to the numbers 1,3,7,&9 if you add a 0 its my bday. I'd love to know what people wiser then I think about this I mean what are the odds? Oh and I come from a very religious Catholic family and always felt a closeness with God.

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RE: higher calling?

by yimajji mojamid gramaziel - 5/29/15 8:17 AM
yimajji mojamid gramaziel 777
Focus on yourself, your soul, your name, your idea of God, a candle, the numbers (any numbers, really), using ONE POINTED MEDITATION, and tuning into the Christ Consciousness, (identifying with the DIVINE aspect of yourself) will cause the character, the mind and the personality to "ascend" to such an extent that, in comparison with your former self, you will actually become a higher spiritual being. When one is given a special calling to follow, every night of your life will become more meaningful.

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by Preetam Harripersad. - 5/17/15 5:21 PM
one night around the year 2003 I was laying on my bed and suddenly the top of my right hand started to burn I could see the fire ,the fire burnt the infinity symbol on my right hand .
Is that a sign for some thing religious.

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Their is a mistake

by Jael - 5/11/15 8:31 AM
Under the title Bible-part 2, The book of the Genesis contains 777+777-21 or 1553 verses, is what is written but the answer is actually 1533 verses in genesis.

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by Rick - 3/13/15 10:11 AM
My first, middle and last name all have 7 letters. Any thoughts?

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RE: Names

by Anonymous - 5/06/15 7:05 PM
I was too. I was also born on a Sunday. All three of my children were born on Sunday. Could it be that that we're special? NOPE. Just got seven letters in each name and born on one of seven possible days!!!!

The number 777 enters my mind constantly these days...

by A messenger from GOD - 4/24/15 2:07 PM
I've been praying for clarification from God. At this point in April of 2015 many things are being revealed daily. I "feel" that 777 is a warning from God. Do not be deceived and follow the world into the new world order. Read the books of John, Romans, and REVELATIONS in the KING JAMES BIBLE... there are King James Bible audio clips on YOUTUBE as well. Go READ. Do not be looking for the anti-Christ... rather SEEK JESUS. Look for Jesus to return. Keep your heart and mind focused on God. If you are new or an unbeliever, get a KING JAMES BIBLE (not a new version or NIV)...The KING JAMES VERSION is believed to be the true written word of God. Study about version issues online or on youtube and you will see why. The KJV was translated by 48 scholars from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs and was translated literally.

Any good teacher of God's word will quote God's word from the KING JAMES VERSION to support his message. Thus I do this to ensure you that this is God's message and not mine. I'm... more...

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Spiritual Completeness

by Raymond - 11/13/14 6:50 PM
777 Spiritual COmpleteness - Mark 13, v28 Now learn a Parable of the fig tree; When her branch is yet tender; and putteth forth leaves, you know that summer is near. Israel became a Nation in 1948 and this Generation shall not pass.

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RE: Spiritual Completeness

by Anonymous - 3/22/15 10:52 AM
So was I. It means NOTHING! And apparently you don't have a clue what devote means. Numbers mean what ever want them to. God doesn't empower anyone. Grow some balls and empower yourself(your son)


by Peter Winterflood "British" - 8/31/14 10:47 PM
777 keeps appearing in stranges ways, it's like God is trying to warn me. At least thats how I feel.

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RE: 777

by Anonymous - 3/22/15 10:35 AM
Really? You can identify a triple 7 from the ground? I'm a commercial pilot and I can't tell once there above 1000'. You're all reaching.

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I use 777 after my name of Face Book, for I love our lord, isnt it wrong for me?

by Robert Mitchell - 3/13/15 1:51 PM
also my mother died on September 11 at the 11th hour, and im always seeing 11:11, I don't look for it but, I get a feeling and look at the time and sure enough 11:11, my daughter also sees it all the time. also 333 555 444, I just pray and ask Christ to not have me get concerned, I can be contacted at mitchman777, thank you for your time Robert Mitchell

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What does it mean

by Anonymous - 3/12/15 7:01 AM
I was born 7-7-79, which was on the 7th day, Saturday . I am the 17th and final grandchild. My maiden name has 7 letters. My son was born 7-9-97. I have always known something is different about me. Someone seen my birthdate and asked me to ask God what it means, she said it was very special and I need to know what is meant for me to do.

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RE: What does it mean

by Anonymous - 3/12/15 10:20 PM
Very interesting, keep us posted on his answer!

777 numerology

by Matthew Thomas holmes - 3/05/15 5:07 PM
I came up with 777 on numerological chart, very interesting as I am a strong believer .

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RE: 777 numerology

by Anonymous - 3/11/15 8:21 PM
I was born 7-7-79, which was on the 7th day, Saturday . I am the 17th and final grandchild. My maiden name has 7 letters. My son was born 7-9-97. I have always known something is different about me. Someone seen my birthdate and asked me to ask God what it means, she said it was very special and I need to know what is meant for me to do.