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I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by Anonymous - 9/28/12 11:54 PM
EVERYTHING for me revolves around the number 8.
God or not, we need to understand someone is telling us (World) something.

Hint: Look at an "Hour Glass"
Answer: Time
Conclusion: Race Against Time

Point: Stop wasting your time praying to ANY religion.
Enjoy each other and this beautiful World that we are "Lucky" to be in
We could of been a Fly, Frog, Dog, etc. (Or maybe not even here)

Opinion: Go put a smile on every child's face. That is my goal.
I currently go to Law school. When I come out, I will take over EVERY
child from every parent (except good ones).
I refuse to believe some parents can take care of their kids better
than myself.
I need to take matters into my own hands. Before I die, I must help
every child out of their misery, abuse, misunderstanding & make
sure they know what matters most. "Them"

A $1,000 can build a playground anywhere in this World which would allow
kids to play in, exercise & get their mind off of Life for a moment and enjoy themselves.

No Segregation. (Love you... more...

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RE: I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by DeAnna - 6/27/14 7:14 PM
I was also born 8-8-81

RE:I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by Sujithra - 7/30/14 2:11 AM
I was also born on 8-8-81. And i love "8"

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waking up to find a figure 8 imprinted on skin

by Anonymous - 7/18/14 8:02 AM
Ok im wondering if this has anything to do with the relationship im in. Before i laid down for the night there were questions regarding if our relationship would work ive never felt deeper or more connected than i do in this relationship . So im curious as to ifpossibly the apperance of this symbol is almost like a visual cue that " Our lives are meant to be fforever intwined?

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Always shopping!

by Michelleva - 7/08/14 10:54 AM
Every time on the 8th I'm always shopping for something :p

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My palm

by Seeing 8 - 5/24/14 11:42 AM
I have a infinity mark on my left palm... I never noticed it before yesterday and it's very light. When my hand is wet it is more visible. I just have never seen this type of mark before and was trying to figure out what it means. Any help or ideas to what it is would be helpful. Thanks

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My birthday

by Des - 3/03/14 3:22 AM
I was born 8-8-88.. After 8pm and I've been very blessed on & off throughout my years. I don't know of anyone else related to that in this case. What does this mean? I am a religious person and I seek truth.

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RE: My birthday

by Anonymous - 3/28/14 8:34 PM

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by Hanga - 3/02/14 10:02 AM
R u a religious person

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every 8 years my life changes dramatically!

by Anonymous - 2/05/14 10:46 PM
When I was 8 i lost my parents. When i was 16 i almost lost my life. By the time i has24 yrs. I had found the love of my life and had my son. Its like am born again every 8. Now on july am going to be 28. What will happen next. I truely believe my life changes every 8 years.

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Seeing 8s everywhere

by Anonymous - 12/08/13 11:50 AM
I recently had a situation that I have prayed for clarity on. Since that prayer... everywhere I look I see 8, in double but mostly triple. Still uncertain as to what that means or pertains to, but definitely good information on your site.

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what does it mean

by Melissa - 11/06/13 9:03 AM
Had a dream that I saw the number 88 1818, and the fact it had to do with religion. I have diabetes and this has been on my mind alot the last few weeks.

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My husband

by Lynnette - 4/07/13 8:26 AM
My husband and I have been together since 8/8/2008 and still very much in love :-)

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RE: My husband

by Anonymous - 10/30/13 12:36 PM
i was also married on 8/8/08 there ar day i feel like its for for ever but i have alot of doubts of us lastng for forever

I was married on 8/8/0/8

by Honey - 10/30/13 12:29 PM
Is that a good for ever marrage

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Is this crazy?

by Anonymous - 11/06/08 9:20 AM
So I was born on August 8th 1988 (8-8-88) and I weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces. Then I was born at 7:01 in the morning (7+1=8) do you think there is any significance to that?

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RE: Is this crazy?

by mayxzkieh lham p0h. - 11/20/12 12:02 AM

RE: Is this crazy?

by Paulina - 11/29/12 1:00 PM
I will call it Magic instead of C.... I firmly believe that you are blessed and unique.

RE: Is this crazy?

by 36 - 1/28/13 6:01 PM

RE: Is this crazy?

by Anonymous - 3/11/13 6:02 AM
I was also born on the 8/8/88 at 8 minutes past 8 weighing 8 pounds and the 8th grandchild. my national insurance number is made up of 8s too ... weird...but i cant help but be interested by this stuff. it amazes me

RE:Is this crazy?

by Doug - 8/04/13 2:28 AM
08/11/1978...I am an 8...took me 34 yrs to stumble upon this info, but it's amazing how much more clear things are to me.l

RE:Is this crazy?

by Anonymous - 10/12/13 7:07 AM
This only means u r destined to me :)

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crenzkie 43

by CRENZKIE21 - 8/14/13 3:20 AM
Amazing! 8 is the best among the numbers,i agree of that but was born on Feb08 1992 so what does it mean?

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by David Ofosu-Appiah - 8/11/13 6:45 AM
was born on the eight day of January

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8:08s in my life

by Arthur - 1/06/13 6:05 AM
I'm really surprised this happens to a lot more people than I imagined. I've been seeing the number 8:08 on clocks in the last 5 yrs. I see it at least once in a day. I've not really noticed any occurence of 8s in my lifel. I was born on 15-02-1984

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RE: 8:08s in my life

by augutine nwoke of nigeria imo state - 8/03/13 11:59 AM
8 is the 8thousand year after the 7th tousand year God completed creation , in christiandom 1thousand year is a day in the sight of God, thus 8 is the begining of begining. Email ojinimee


by Anonymous - 7/28/13 7:34 PM
I was born 12/08/1977 that my birthday has a meaning?

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by preston - 7/20/13 9:22 PM
I asked God why I couldn't move on and be content with my hard times.. I was getting angry.. the wind blew hard, and my front door flew open. The gust of wind blew open my sketch book and out fell a picture of a character wearing a cape with the number eight of his chest, the age of my nephew whom asked me to teach him how to draw a super hero.. I asked how old he was he said eight and so i drew the number eight on the characters chest. I forgotten about the sketch.. I asked God to give me sign. Kinda creepy, but now I have a heading...=)

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Ufo related

by Anonymous - 6/24/13 4:56 AM
I recently witnessed a UFO flying in the night sky and it illuminated a bright white light, then flew in a figure eight motion and disappeared behind Venus.

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by havoc pavi - 6/09/13 12:01 AM
my birth of date is 8/9/2000.wahat is my lovening number???

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my birthday

by mercedes - 5/08/13 12:11 AM
my birthday is 8-8-1988 and I was born at 8:03 and I have eight letters in my name..does it mean anything?

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RE: my birthday

by pavitra - 6/08/13 11:59 PM
yes. you are romentic person...


by Praveen Joshi - 5/02/13 7:03 AM
"8" destination , destination destination


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by 8 - 4/17/13 10:36 PM
My name number is 8. For my life I have seen 8. I am the number 8.

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The #8

by Linda - 4/07/13 4:12 PM
I was born 3.28.53. My oldest son was born 11.18.81 (8 days late) weighed 7 lbs,1oz; sadly (for those of us left on earth) moved to Heaven 9.8.11; my youngest son was born 7.8.88. My oldest, befittingly, lived the traits of St. Francis. I had the joy of visiting Assisi in 2002; no coincidence there (we r not catholic). Thanks for your time. LOVE LIFE.

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Re: the #8

by Anonymous - 4/15/13 7:59 PM
I am so sorry to hear that about the passing of your son. I wish you the best and know that we will see him again in that place called Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

my birthday

by Anonymous - 3/30/13 4:52 AM
I was born 8/8/88 at 8:48pm.

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a baby dying who is born on the 8th of jan

by Anonymous - 3/24/13 2:54 PM
This baby is dying of krabbe leukodystrophy. This is a disease that is caused by the lack of one enzyme and another that is supposed to be neutral becoming toxic. The result is poison to the brain resulting in poisonous transmission to muscles, thus paralyzing them. Similar to the snake eating its own tail. Very interesting as mentioned above that 8 is the chakra of the soul. This baby is now almost 28 months old. She was brighter than the average at 8 months and then the decline started in the 10th month. Her soul was rich and could be well known. How comforting that the new pope has chosen Francis after St. Francis of Assisi and how this can all be connected. I think we're on this earth to learn to understand the bigger picture and, unfortunately, it takes occurrences, such as the complete paralysis of this lovely baby, to open that window of light.

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