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Properties of the number 8






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number 8 in the sky trees and grass ive been seeing it for mths

by elnora - 2/18/18 6:28 PM
why do I keep seeing the number 8 every where I go

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RE: number 8 in the sky trees and grass ive been seeing it for mths

by Anonymous - 2/20/18 7:21 PM
Ive been seeing it everywhere too! I believe its a good thing

Message in a dream

by B - 12/27/17 7:34 AM
An elderly man whom I could barely see was adamant I give a message to my Guardian Angel: "8 1/2 (or 8.5 ??)"

What does that mean??

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Is This Important?

by Anonymous - 12/24/17 4:09 AM
My birthday is 11-8-1978. That makes me a Scorpio which is the eighth sign in the zodiac. Interesting!

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numser 8 i see in the sky grass at all times why

by Anonymous - 12/16/17 2:44 PM
what does it mean for me

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RE:numser 8 i see in the sky grass at all times why

by Anonymous - 12/16/17 3:46 PM
please commet

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meaning of 8:08

by gayatri - 6/14/15 8:50 PM
I see 8:08 very frequently on my clock. i am born on 8th of may, my mom's bday also happens to be on an 8th . if there any significance ?

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RE:meaning of 8:08

by JaVore - 11/08/17 8:59 PM
Please email me back for 8:08 is Magic

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Mathematical dechiphereing

by 1th - 10/30/17 12:27 PM
T(he)yum said "I" read; 10 (One) defines the relative size of the universe.

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dream of figure eight

by sublime - 9/11/17 7:26 PM
I had a dream last night that started with a woman drawing the figure eight on and on. The energy of it felt like a dance and she told me it would never end. The dream ended with someone doing work on my chakras up to the heart chakra which tamed a black dog that wanted to jump on me (habits?). Without going in to more detail, do you have any other comments of clarification of the repeating eight figure in the dream?

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by susan s - 6/29/17 10:00 PM
I always stay sober 7 years and toward the eight I slip, I wonder if #8 has symbolisim for me?

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RE: sobriety

by Anonymous - 7/16/17 6:55 AM
It's a cycle of renewal and destruction, there's a deeper issue you seek to address that's being manifested as relapses


by [email protected] smith - 6/28/17 12:41 AM
My birthday is 8-15-86 and I was born at 8:15 a.m. I have 8 letters in my name and 8 always been my favorite number what does that mean....

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RE: 8th's

by Anonymous - 6/28/17 12:43 AM
O and my ss# has a lot of 8's also....

8 follows me, so much adds up

by Bobbi - 6/13/17 12:43 AM
The number 8 seems to follow me. For example:
Name - has 8 letters in it
Birthday - 12/5/71 breakdown =8
SSN - adds to 8.8.-8
Marriage dates, divorce dates, etc.
Mother born 3/5, buried 5/3
Father born June 8th

Fascinated by this and would've to learn much more. Usually good events, medical procedures go well if the number can be calculated with the date.

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RE: 8 follows me, so much adds up

by Anonymous - 6/28/17 12:36 AM
Same here

Infinity numbers

by Jahrakaba - 6/11/17 11:00 PM
Earth planet date of birth 08-08-1960 - The 8 child born to mother Mary.

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The Eighth Day Circumcision

by Gordon - 1/17/17 9:29 PM
God considers the number 8 significant. He made a covenant with Abraham, that on the 8th day is when circumcision is to be done, it was the sign of the covenant. Enoch spoke of the 8th day, the 8th day is where God dwells, the 8th day represents eternity. The end of counting of days, it is the place all God's promises find their fulfillment. For those that have received Christ have this entitlement to walk in the eighth day as a now experience. The eight day circumcision of the heart and mind is a sign of those walking with God. Jesus said that eternal life was the commandment of God. 6 days you shall labor the 7th is for rest, You can only rest as God intended when you understand the 8th day, it is beyond time.
One that is resting in the 8th day has Almighty God with them, watch and see that Almighty God does not reveal Himself when one is walking in the eight day, and the earth is changed.
God's promise to Abraham was that through him all the families of the earth be blessed.

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RE: The Eighth Day Circumcision

by Anonymous - 4/19/17 6:09 PM
How do u explain a dream that comes with you struggling with a bird that has iron/metal neck and u end up strangling it open with bright lights coming out of its neck with numbers 18-88-6

Number of faith for me.

by Anonymous - 11/03/15 5:28 AM
Recently brother took a new job his employee ID was 888 the new job did not go well and he left it saying that he would start a website, spent all his saving into it and it failed its been 9 months now and it seems he is Just blundering his life away.

but it seems that number is affecting all our's life as well.

As the whole family is falling apart, I lost all my investments, parents health no keeping well and there is tension in house all the while! one of the major contribution comes from my brother's unemployment.

even though Chinese culture considers 888 as special and extremely lucky, all it has bought our family is bad luck.

now my birthday has 3 8's and my phone number as well!


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RE: Number of faith for me.

by Anonymous - 2/17/17 10:57 AM
In numerology 888 would be 6 (8+8+8=24 - 2+4=6). Also law of attraction what you put out there you get - so if you keep believing you are unlucky then ... change your thoughts

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The Number 8

by Shannon - 1/17/17 5:23 PM
Amazing Eights. Very common. Three 8s to be exact. SSN#s, birth dates, times of birth to the minute, phone number. But then again, I look stringently for 8s. I am most ardently an 8.

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by Anonymous - 1/16/17 11:33 PM
I was born 6/8/80 my daughter 1/8/02 my sun 8/8/13 my daughter 8/13/11. my grandson 8/16/16. my whole life is 8's

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RE: 8's

by Anonymous - 1/17/17 5:10 PM
if this is extremely loved, talented,and blessed you are.

I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by Anonymous - 9/28/12 11:54 PM
EVERYTHING for me revolves around the number 8.
God or not, we need to understand someone is telling us (World) something.

Hint: Look at an "Hour Glass"
Answer: Time
Conclusion: Race Against Time

Point: Stop wasting your time praying to ANY religion.
Enjoy each other and this beautiful World that we are "Lucky" to be in
We could of been a Fly, Frog, Dog, etc. (Or maybe not even here)

Opinion: Go put a smile on every child's face. That is my goal.
I currently go to Law school. When I come out, I will take over EVERY
child from every parent (except good ones).
I refuse to believe some parents can take care of their kids better
than myself.
I need to take matters into my own hands. Before I die, I must help
every child out of their misery, abuse, misunderstanding & make
sure they know what matters most. "Them"

A $1,000 can build a playground anywhere in this World which would allow
kids to play in, exercise & get their mind off of Life for a moment and enjoy themselves.

No Segregation. (Love you... more...

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RE:I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by Michael Pablo - 8/26/14 2:21 PM
I am also born on 8-8-1981

RE:I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by Joannarie. Long - 11/12/14 12:35 PM
Please bring yourself home to your sweetheart I'm 3stage of Ms and need to see you loveyou Minnie Terry got phone no or have him call me and I will call you

RE:I was Born August 8th, 1981 (8-8-81)

by Ricky - 1/02/17 12:26 AM
I was born on 8.8.88 at 8:38am. It's taken me this long to understand that it's not about the number 8, or what 8 can represent, or being a Leo, etc. It's about coming to the understanding that I am able to recognize that no matter what the numbers are, it's a rare opportunity to possess such a birth date. It reminds myself that I have a responsibility to become what I want to become, I always have control over my future, and to cherish every moment; from being sick as a dog on the bathroom floor, to experiencing love and the highs it brings, but also not to be afraid of death, or embarrassment of my humbling human flaws.

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My 8s

by Anonymous - 12/18/16 11:22 PM
I am surrounded by 8's---first & last name 8 letters and birthday is august 8th

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by IUSU-HU-TEM - 6/01/11 2:48 PM
8 is also the vibrational # of NIBIRU/ISIS/ISHTAR/INANNA

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by summer - 11/17/16 5:04 AM
both my husbands and my sun numbers are 8

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The Number 8

by Cliffhaven - 11/14/16 2:01 PM
My first born son was born on Oct 8th..
My second son was born on Aug 31st, Aug is the 8th month of the year.
My twin girls were born Sep 4th, so add 4 + 4 = 8
My wife was born on Jun 2nd, Jun is the 6 month in the year so 6 + 2 = 8
Now how I fit in with the number 8 is when someone notice that the way I hand sign my name which is pretty fancy pointed out it looks like the number 8...

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by Anonymous - 11/08/16 6:02 PM
I just had 8 8s on notifications

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by Nichole - 9/06/15 8:04 AM
I was born on November 8. My daughter was born on Feb 8. I was also hired at my job on sep 8 The number 8 is powerful.

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RE: huh

by Anonymous - 11/07/16 2:06 AM
My birthday is also November 8. Add me on Facebook, stfavour Kelly. WhatsApp

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Number 8

by GWG - 12/28/15 2:52 AM
The number 8 represents an Awesome presents. Dedicated, Honest, trustworthy. Devotion and Loyalty.

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RE: Number 8

by Anonymous - 6/30/16 10:24 AM
This "awesome" presence is maniacle. There is only one true God and He does not deal in "superstition." Beware of satan--he lurks near you to bring you down--pray to Jesus, he is the only reliable, true "sign."

No 8

by Nana - 6/03/16 12:41 PM
On my window in the woods are sigh 8 made from outside by some small creature. What would this mean?

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Can you tell me anything

by Rhys wyn-jones - 3/15/16 1:41 PM
I was born on 3-8-88 and was wondering ig you could tell me anything? i also have 2 sister who were born on same day, 1 on 3-8-86 and the other on 3-8-96

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8 + numbers show up in 3s or more

by Patricia norwood - 8/09/15 8:06 AM
for years when things change..its in numbers of 3s of all numbers..for a year its 8s..

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RE: 8 + numbers show up in 3s or more

by DeDe - 1/14/16 9:12 AM
I see all the numbers in 3s too!! Since 2007!!!