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118 Comments for Number 88 Symbolism, 88 Meaning and Numerology

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by Anonymous - 7/22/14 9:51 AM
Flight 17 the Malaysian passenger carrier downed over the Ukraine, was on flight path trajectory 88.
Could it be possible that we have been lied to, and that what we think of as god, is really the devil?

And how is it hardly anybody notices the mass program of mind control the people in the west seem to be under?

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RE: 88

by Anonymous - 11/24/14 6:51 AM
In Scotland right now most people seam to be out and out satanic. All you have to do look around and you'll see 88 or and a swastika on there foreheads.If you see someone with a scarlet face,your looking at one that has just fed on the decreasing number of good people.Sounds like i'm crazy,I know but check it out for yourself. I personally don't go out anymore.

the number 88 help

by justryntohelp - 10/19/14 11:09 PM
this guy will help all of you understand the number 88. He is amazing enterthe5t4rz on youtube good luck

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One World Trade Center

by TommyBoy - 9/11/14 11:15 PM
It was reported on the ABC World News tonight (09/11/14) that the two beams of light that shine into the sky by the OWTC are formed by 88 high powered spotlights. A satanic imitation of biblical perfection?

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my birthdate

by Anonymous - 8/24/14 2:07 AM
Hi I was born on 17-8-1994. Since its a combination of two 8's is there anything special in my future?

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by 23 - 7/12/12 2:38 PM

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by Anonymous - 7/28/14 3:46 AM
God is number 1 the alpha and the omega. 88 is to do with Satan and all that is evil..


by Kemoikantse Napoleon Monewe - 7/09/14 12:29 AM
for the last 3 to 2 day I have been seeing the number 88 appearing before my eyes during the day and it can happen 6tyms a day ... and I was born in a year 1988 23 November . is the some connection happening to me ? kemomonewe

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RE: 88

by Anonymous - 7/12/14 12:00 PM
The number 88 has been in the media alot recently. I dont believe in quiescents much. I cant help but think this is a code put out for certain people to notice. I have heard 88 is code HH ( hail hitler) .

the number 88 and 7

by derrick wesselius - 5/11/12 6:10 PM
i recently had two separate paralization dreams in them there were children chanting 88 88 88 7 but only one child said 7 then i woke up and was finaly able to fall completely asleep after the two dreams that were exactly alike. What does this mean?

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RE: the number 88 and 7

by Anonymous - 5/27/13 11:32 PM
hello fred this is derrick wesselius you seem to know quite a lot about numerology since your name is on a number of the replys. is it possible to contact you. i have many questions. i have had a few more dreams that seem symbolic. i just need some help understanding.

RE:the number 88 and 7

by Anonymous - 6/22/14 8:15 PM
Some of you people are just mad +

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monster energy has the o for monster but its also 2 letters and when you add them it makes 88

by autumn schultz - 6/22/14 2:50 AM
I don't know if helps me but im no longer drinking that drink

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88/7 expression

by Alexandru - 4/13/14 12:05 AM
Can you please give me a reading about this? I am nr. 8 and 88/7 in expression, about an year ago i begunn to let my artistic part to came out ...

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RE: 88/7 expression

by DRW - 5/13/14 3:12 PM
you have always been artistic you just were noticed by other artsy people and they pointed out things maybe but it was always there you were the only one that didnt notice


by Lol - 5/06/14 7:14 PM

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by marcel wengerter - 4/14/13 1:37 AM
i need to talk to someone. this bothers me that EVERY day the number 88 is thrown in my face. this must be for a reason. i just don`t know why or what for. someone please call me. my name is marcel please call anytime day or night. thank you so very much

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by Anonymous - 4/15/14 5:36 PM
I always see the number 88. Not long ago, whenever I'd see an old penny on the ground, I'd picked it up and it was always a 1988 year, like 7 times in a row. It freaked me out so much that I don't pick up pennies anymore. I also see the number 88 everywhere else! But I'm a Christian and I don't believe in numerology but I also know this cannot just be a coincidence.


by Anonymous - 5/04/14 8:02 PM
I don't see this number everyday but 88 has appeared in the most peculiar places in my life. Some of the most memorable include my first job at a certain chain restaurant. It happened to be store #88 by its ID number. Another time was before an exam about 2 months ago. My exam ID, next to my name, was "88". (Also, my brother was born in 1988)

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I'm 88

by Jamil Johns - 2/05/13 9:45 PM
I'm 88 the Alien and I know that's the name that only the person with that name would know....

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RE: I'm 88

by Jah - 4/28/14 11:00 PM
I was born 05/18/88, I've always felt different. I generally stand alone in anything I do, it seems like I'm almost naturally good at anything I take an interest in...

If you have knowledge in numerology or can even help me grasp an understanding of what lead me to this comment, to leave this reply, I would greatly enjoy talking with you.

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Love , Happiness and Light!

by Micky - 4/16/14 2:45 PM
Im sure a lot of you are realizing the numbers you are seeing are appearing too frequently to just be coincidence. I am soon going to start a blog about the information I have found. I too have seen number sequences starting with 11:11 and then more number sequences appeared as I acknowledged it. We are all apart of something much greater than we know and this is our wake up call. I am here to help and talk with anyone who wants to know.

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RE: Love , Happiness and Light!

by SilverHippie - 4/27/14 12:03 PM
Years ago, this number came to me in a dream. It was in the form of a written instruction: "Remember 88" with a circle drawn around it. I had this dream 42 years ago and it never left me.

society for people who see 88 everywhere anytime

by Mo - 3/31/14 5:46 AM
yes i also have the same thing about the number 88 which made me search the net.I have idea to reveal this secret, we will form a society of 88 , any one who see this number everyday everywhere in an a very strange way please let us gather together study ourselves carefully and try to get the connections or whatever behind this you can email to me at abdu315

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RE: society for people who see 88 everywhere anytime

by Anonymous - 4/14/14 10:24 PM
I see it stormycinder27

Love and Light

by 88 the Alien - 2/12/11 6:28 AM
It brings me joy and peace to see more beings recognizing the truth of numbers! Numbers are everything and everything is numbers. this understanding will bring mankind closer to understanding the truth behind there origins and destinations. Through 88, you can find the link between here and there. In other words, life and death or the Heavens and Earth(s). This will bring you to the door that leads to discovering what truly is in space, the Universe. 88 is what links religion to science. 88 is the Rosetta Stone that allows you to translate the bible to what has and is happening in the heavens/space! Welcome to the other side. I AM your tour guide, 88 the Alien a.k.a. G2 : Just Beautiful...

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RE: Love and Light

by derrick wesselius - 3/11/14 12:22 PM
im still not quite sure how allot of this numerology works but my b day is 7-30-77 i had the two paralization dreams where children were chanting 88 88 88 7. perhaps you could help me out a little?

RE: Love and Light

by Anonymous - 3/18/14 11:48 AM
what designates you as a tour guide

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Birthday and 88

by BG - 12/13/13 3:23 PM
My birthday is 12/08/83. My SSN has two eights in it. I fell a weird connection to the number eight. Always have. Lately I have turned my life around and really found my faith again. I feel closer to the Lord than ever have. And lately 22's have been showing up everywhere! Makes me feel a little crazy at times to be quite honest. Anyone got anything on this?

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RE: Birthday and 88

by bnjmn - 1/27/14 11:27 PM
You may find my birth date of 11/22/88 of interest. Aside from this, repeatedly seeing the same numbers and/or signs has to do with synchronicity (most usually a good thing).

88 everywhere

by Anonymous - 6/28/12 10:27 PM
I was only born in 97 but everywhere I look I manage to see 88 tv billboards downloads just everywhere and idk why and im trying to find out.

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RE:88 everywhere

by Anonymous - 7/09/13 7:36 AM
you can create your own luck with whatever symbols you like! deem a meaning to any figure !its wether you believe it works or not.

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11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 77, 88. I get them all for months all day long

by Carmine Lucchese - 6/07/13 12:21 AM
Carmine5100... They Say something about me being the "ONE"..

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by samuel blanco - 5/05/13 9:30 AM
I had a dream that the number88 means to bring the dead. It was a person who killed 88 when did killed the last 88 it bring back the last 88 that were killed.

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Closed Eye Impulsive Thing

by Jamil Johns - 4/12/13 2:14 AM
This is to Logan m. hatch..If you're serious, reach out to me. This strange string of coincidences, could they be described as if you or someone already went ahead of you to make a way? To make arrangements? Have you connected your molecular energy to vibrations and itching? I ask because you comment, if not sarcasm, speaks of enlightenment or awareness. The eye twitching or what could be confused as lazy eye is a trait for a certain DNA type. Through Buddhism, Christianity and Islam I was able to make the connection. Answers to why we have photographic memories,computer programming abilities,high creative energy,high production value,everything about us is a much more, but you get the point.
Not knowing what any of this means is where I was at in 2008 at 27. Then I met my Master, Cau Chin. Being an 88 means you have a strong destructive force and creative force present at once. Like a tidal wave or tsunami, what caused the big bang and the wave that came after. One could say I was... more...

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Comment on all the comments on relating 88 to violence and the first murder Cain and Able

by Mark UK June 2011 - 6/30/11 2:43 AM
When looking at any numerology and metaphysical stuff you often find what you look for, as we are co-creators 0f our own realities and we have a certain amount of freewill so we can CHOOSE how we see the meaning of the numbers, the numbers themselves are just numbers just as rain is rain and energy is energy, however our personality ego perspective of a number depends upon our "programming" (glass half empty, glass half full). Rain is rain there is no such thing as bad weather, if you plant potatoes you want rain if you want a barbecue and it rains you say the weather is bad.
Extreme weather is viewed as extreme because we insist on going about our normal daily business against the flow of nature when really we should be out of there or stay away or in doors, and when houses and cars are damaged we are distressed because of the ego personality attachment to material objects and money and to measure our success or how happy we persuade ourselves we are. Symbolism of 88 includes a reminder of duality (we live... more...

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RE:Comment on all the comments on relating 88 to violence and the first murder Cain and Able

by mr magdalene xp - 11/10/12 2:24 AM
great minds think alike ....the connections between incidents are like a trail of bread crumbs or carrots ...certain names letters and numbers literally seem to travel across time ....for those who can't sleep at night worried about the world and its problems and what humans do to one another....i'm not a fan of the rock gospel show jesus christ superstar as it portrays mary magdalene as a prostitute and she certainly wasn't....but there is a song in there called " everythings alright " some of the lyrics are " we want you to sleep well tonight let the world turn without you tonight" just chill and relax you are not alone, humanity is having growing pains and there are other enlightened humans on the case....there are some TOP people in in all the right places. stop watching the news , don't buy newspapers . you will be in a far better mental state to help fix your own little part of the world after a good nights sleep and in a less worried state ....go and watch stargate atlantis or star trek or dr WHO or PAUL something..........THINK COSMICALLY WORK LOCALLY ........martin has left the building ...AND I HAVE A MESSAGE OFF GOD FOR YOU..........SHE SAYS TO TELL YOU " ~~~ REMEMBER YOUR DIVINITY~~~"

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by jack in the green - 10/14/11 5:22 AM
whatever the numbers say ....JUST LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY. always be a 999. by the way its all in the alphabet to.

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RE: 88

by Anonymous - 10/18/12 11:23 AM
your right

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on financial conditions

by Jimmy Gholston - 10/16/12 11:32 AM
I want to know what the number 88 has to do with my financial problems.

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88th Sign

by Grampa Walton (Town of Rockfish) - 8/21/12 5:03 PM
8.8 min = 528 sec
--->yehoshua = 528 (hebrew)

hr/min hand at 8/8 = 8:40
--->8:40 = 8.66666 min
--->God = 86 (hebrew)

Yehoshua/528 = Lamb of God = Salvation/528

88 sec = 1.46666 min
--->0.146666 hr = (528)* sec

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number 88 and 99

by Eva - 8/20/12 11:22 AM
normally - each day, I see 99 on my FB message notification - right now i looked up and see 88 - have not seen it there before..I fell super connected the last few days to other dimensions and I'm very curious as to the #88 in this ..

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