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by Thomas William Samuel Cosgrove - 3/01/15 10:03 PM
Born August 08'1944 (8 month, 8 day, 44) I was saved at the age of 33 yrs old at a crusade. Years later I turned 64 yrs which equals (8 times 8) on August 8, 2008 which is 888.

Thomas-means The doubter

William- means Protector

Samuel - means up-right judge

Cosgrove- means Victorious

I do not doubt that my Saviour Jesus Christ made these facts regarding my birthdate and my names haphazardly as He planned and laid out my life as stated in His Holy Word even before I was formed in my mothers womb. I definitely do not believe in chance. I must say I am not into numerology it's just that I marvel at this discovery and know for certain many good Christians have no similar observations.

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by Thomas - 2/24/15 9:24 PM
Wow. I behold a stone shaped like a foot color golden brown that was once white, with engravence of The eye of Jesus, both Thomas touching Jesus wound, inscriptions of Jesus and numbers 888 I've had held longer than a year I will never lose nor give it up.

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by Justin - 12/03/14 2:30 AM
I was born 8/8/80 on 8/8/88 i turned 8 (:

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my birthday is august (8th month) 26th day the year 1961 1+9+6+1=17 1+7=8 =888

by Anonymous - 7/20/14 8:55 AM
My first name has the three letters of the Babylonian god (Bel) also my middle name has some of the same letters of the kabbalah's macroprosopus arihk anpin meaning vast countenance same word sound as well my last name means badger which is the animals skin that covered the ark of the covenant, together my initials are bab which means the gate of the spirit. comments please.

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666 888 ou tout autre

by PASCALE PADLO - 4/27/14 9:10 PM
Cherchez pas on trouve toujours tout chez moi! De la création ma naissance et tout qui suit. Le 888 est le nombre sacré pour des personnes sacrée, a des choses sacrées, rien a voir avec la religion ou le cinéma, qui ne s'intéressent qu'au fric, mais à la vie et l'histoire, du passé, au présent, et du futur. De crimes en bienfaits, de combattants, en fainéants, et rien qui ne puisse se monnayer, mais qui a beaucoup trop de valeur pour ne pas se retourner contre tout ça. Et je suis là pour ça!

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My number plates

by Anonymous - 9/09/10 4:10 AM
My number plates have this number so I looked it up, looks pretty cool

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RE: My number plates

by Anonymous - 11/26/13 10:10 AM
I have number plate HIJ 888 for sale, anyone interested


by Patricio - 12/24/10 12:55 PM
This number has been surrounding me my whole life, I just realized that its far more interesting than I thought. It might seem illogical and strange for my part to notice. I was born august 26th, of 1992. 8th month, add the day and its another 8, and another 8 years before the new millenium. The number to my name is another 8. And every day i will somehow see the number 8, 888, or 826. in time, car plates, or random numbers around town.. Its strange

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Re: strange

by Anonymous - 7/19/13 7:39 PM
its funny cuz my birth day is august 26, 1988 and since january i've been seeing 826 in time, the time someone read my messages or texts, the time i sent texts, the time others sent texts, once on someone's car mileage it began with 826 and other things. i read that it was a positive message and reminders from the angels. it's creepy at times and i wonder if it really means just that.

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My name equals 888

by Anonymous - 1/12/13 11:02 PM
I have always had faith in Christ and love him so. But I lived my life away from him for so long. I was just wondering what this can mean for me?

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RE: My name equals 888

by Anonymous - 6/18/13 10:20 AM
He loves you, and you will always be his, know one can snatch you out of the father's hands.

Any Images or ideas?

by Dead Alive Lost Found - 4/26/13 4:15 PM
DOB 8/8/81 ; enlisted in the US Army 06/06/2006?

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by Oliver mwangi - 1/23/13 2:19 PM
If u put my name to the code A=6, B=12, C=18. As above and i have angelic protection, my life is led. Finding this is nt a coincidence my life is special and touched i am the coming truth

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by Enos - 1/22/11 3:50 AM
I happened to have seen licence plates 888 four times within a day then come at night i made a mobile phone money transfer and the balance in my account was 888 and got inquistive to know he meaning to this occurences to the numbers. Is GOD communicating to me .

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RE: Inquiry.

by Anonymous - 12/08/12 7:49 AM
No, Numbers are, god is Numbers, sometimes.Cant you read>888=Christ

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by jew - 7/14/12 6:11 PM

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by Josephine888 - 7/14/12 9:38 AM
I had seen this numbers followed by number 8's since midyear of 2011 and i was confused about it but in the long run i get used to it. I know God is around...He is telling me something more special and practical than those things i prioritized... i feel im in a balance situation and positive waves are around me.. something angeluc wisdom surrounds me and i thank God for that... i always try my best to go to church to pray when i have a chance... this simply means he is there for me to guide, to be blessed and protected by his heavenly powers... praise and honor to the Lord Jesus, The God Father & to the Holy Spirit. Amen

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Bible Time

by Matteus Rose - 6/29/12 3:26 AM
Who figured out all the number stuff? Monks? Had they been working the fields perhaps fewer people would have died.

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by Monika - 5/15/12 10:25 AM
I had a drean about these numbers last night!....Any comments?

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888 (The Greek Jesus)

by Clock Numerology - 2/14/12 2:59 PM

hr/min/sec hand at 8/8/8 = 8:40:40
84040 seconds = 23.3444 hours

The Number of the Messiah = 234 (english)

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by brother in christ +++ - 2/08/12 5:40 AM
don't forget islams mahdi....the guided i'm not muslim i'm a christian plus.......i just know about other faiths..... my citroen xsara picasso has a HDI engine... and the first 2 letters of of my first and surname start with MA .....crikey....time to watch KUNG FU HUSTLE againnnnn

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888 in my dream

by Rachelle - 1/22/12 11:21 AM
I saw 888 in my dream once, a few years back and i cant forget it...does it mean something??

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by Anonymous - 1/21/12 11:35 PM
Basicly it means (if you see it around daily) Christ will return soon. You are pleasing to him or are chosen (one of those)or you wouldn't see it. Unfortunately that doesn't count if it's just in your birthday.

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by jacob christian boyden - 1/14/12 4:39 AM
my bday is 12/1/1993, 1+2+1+1+9+9+3=26, 2+6=8, numerologist gives me 888 as my number, my fathers bday is 12/25/1967 1+2+2+5+1+9+9+6=33, which is the "most influential" of the three master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. contact me if you are similar at jboyden888

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by Anonymous - 12/21/11 1:57 PM
I only have 888 in my birthday...

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888 meaning and numerology

by Anonymous - 10/11/11 10:40 AM
my name adds up to 888 in english gemetria, as a child i was shuned by the children living there

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by Edgar junior negron - 8/26/11 8:33 PM
This number came out for my name..i been experiencing dreams since a child about doomsday and it may link up to this but i still have no answer but im still searching

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RE: 888

by Jairus Perez - 8/31/11 9:10 PM
My name comes out to 888 as well my bday is 8-28-1991

If nunbers mysteriously have appeared on the right side of your forehead,what does it mean?

by Alan - 7/07/11 10:25 AM
The numbers 3,4,5 appeared on my forehead 3 years ago,and are still present.I see them when looking in my bathroom mirror.I'm very puzzled about it,and whether it means something or not.

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dont know

by Anonymous - 4/08/11 6:30 PM
everytime that i watch my clock in the mornig its 8:08 what the hell does that means???

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