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i was born on 9/9/1994 and wat is my luck no

by naga venkata anoohya - 3/16/14 1:40 AM
i wanna know greatness and weakness of my no and how it brings luck to me and useful tome

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RE: i was born on 9/9/1994 and wat is my luck no

by Anonymous - 3/16/14 1:41 AM
and iwanna know my carrier by my no

9 is everywhere

by Anonymous - 3/09/14 1:55 AM
i was born 03/09/1991 at 9 o clock, weighed 9 lbs
turned 18 in 2009
have also liked the number 9, it is my lucky number.
then one day i was bored and discovered this.

pretty interesting to me how its all divisible by 9

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I thought I was alone with the 9's

by Anonymous - 3/03/14 2:11 AM
I was born 09/27/81. My name adds up to 9 as well. I was reading the comments on here and found comfort in knowing I'm not alone. I also see 11's.

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9 has become my favorite number

by Anonymous - 2/13/14 6:38 PM
Born 9/9/81
On 9/9/1990 I turned 9
On 9/9/99 I turned 18
On 9/9/2009 I turned 27
My first, middle, and last name has a total of 18 letters
I see 909 on the clock at least once a day
I see 909, 918, or just a 9 everywhere
I was once told I was a multiple baby whatever that is. I just wish I knew what it all meant maybe it could help me with my purpose in life.

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by Anonymous - 2/09/14 3:36 AM
Born on 9/9/90
Turned 9 in 1999
Graduated high school in 09'
First apt # was 9
Too many 9's I cannot explain why lol
And 9/9/90 is a golden birthday ;)
Go # 9 !!!

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by Anonymous - 4/01/12 2:30 PM
The revolution, twin towers attack, garden of Eden, hurricane Katrina, etc, are just a few examples of world changing events that have literally been in our faces for hundreds of years!!!!!!

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RE: Cont.

by Anonymous - 6/27/12 9:01 AM
All of what I just written is very accurate and on time. It is a message from me to you from God. God is the Messenger not me I'm just a conduit for the message.

RE: Cont.

by Anonymous - 2/09/14 3:28 AM
I was born on 9/9/90 also.
Turned 9 in 1999
Graduated high school in '09
First apt # 9.
Too much weird stuff with that number lol oh and we have a Golden Birthday ;)
Go # 9!

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number 9

by Cami - 11/24/09 3:29 AM
I was born in November of 1979 on Thanksgiving. November in Latin means the number nine because it was originally the ninth month. The calendar started with the month of March in Roman and eventually added January and February. I am 29 right now, which 2+9=11. November is now the 11th month.

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RE: number 9

by Anonymous - 1/19/14 10:21 AM
Adlai first name 27 born 27/09

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So many nines....what does it mean?

by John - 8/02/13 7:20 PM
I was born 9/9/59 at 9:09pm. At birth I weighed 9 lbs & 9 oz's; I was 19 inches long. My birth month September has 9 letters. My first and middle names combined total 9 letters. So many important things have happened to me in Septembers. I was the CEO of a large organization and people always look to me to lead, whatever the situation. I've always been the type of person to try and save the world but it can get very frustrating. Given all the nines in my life, does this sound strange? I know very little about numerology but lately I've been looking for some direction in a new phase of life. Any help is appreciated.

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RE: So many nines....what does it mean?

by Anonymous - 1/16/14 8:12 PM
read the works of Bahaullah, you may discover why so many nines

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5 * 9

by Gerdi - 3/03/13 7:00 AM
All my family members (father, mother, 2 sisters and me) were all born on the same date...9. My mother and I were born in the same month, March. While the rest of the family in different months but still at the same date... strange.

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its in my thumb

by Anonymous - 1/11/14 9:55 AM
I've got a 9 in my thumb just like someone drew it there an a capital Q in my right index finger

Hidden Symmetry

by Enin - 10/30/13 9:31 PM
The difference between any number and its reverse is a multiple of nine. If that multiple is divided by nine the result is a number that is the same forward or backward.

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by Destiny - 5/02/13 2:59 PM
Hello to all! First of all I would like to say that we are the foundations of something great in this world! I know it's not just me feeling it. Since 2009-10 I have been feeling a great sense of peace within myself but more importantly that peace has completed who I am destined to become. For a while I was lost in life physical and spiritual but now after my awakening in 2011 I now know what it is we are supposed to do!

As I mentioned we are the foundations of something great! we are the carriers of the new age for life on Earth... the number 9 represents what is good in the world I have seen what can happen! I encourage all of you to stop living a materialistic life and do something for the greater good... discover the world of compassion and love for every form of life. Through this a world of peace will develop, this will happen from us spreading the simple world of what should be happening on planet Earth! We need to help the planet become one with life and the universe once more... selfless acts are... more...

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RE: Completion!

by Anonymous - 10/06/13 8:09 AM
When added together the letters of my first and last name total 9. I've been seeing the number 9 in my recent meditations.

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by Lynda - 10/05/13 4:39 PM
I load boxes of parts, 3 across and 3 down to equal 9. i load a skid of boxes 5 rows high in one row and 4 high in another...9. each skid holds 27 boxes...a multiple of 9.

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by Tobian - 6/28/13 4:00 PM
every time I look at the clock I alwayz see 9! every where I go I see the number 9. yesterday I wrote out the number 9 until 7,002! which is adds up too 9!

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RE: 9

by Gene - 10/02/13 8:17 AM
I too see the number 9 everywhere I go..Constantly. Whether it's a combination of numbers or the number on its own. My birth year works out to be 99. Are we of a Special Group of people? As for me..I tend to help anyone in need...Just today I hooked up a guy I barely know who's out of work with 2 companies looking to hire. If I can help someone, I go out of my way to do so. Is anyone else like that...Feeling compelled to Help someone?


by Steph - 9/23/13 9:23 AM
I was born on Oct. 09..

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RE: Birth

by Anonymous - 9/28/13 9:13 AM
I was born, 9/9/90. And the meaning of my name is " freeman". 9 has always been apart of me and my life.

9 a special num.

by Julia - 9/20/13 6:30 AM
I was born on 21/sept(9)/1989.

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Number 9

by Claudia Gonzalez - 9/15/13 12:10 PM
I'm constantly seeing and reading 9:11/ 9.11/ 9/11 (fraction form) and now people are even saying it in front of me without me telling them about the reoccurrence for about a year now? Is it a sign?

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9th Wonder

by Frederick - 7/17/13 4:36 AM
I was born September 9, 1981. 81(Divisible by 9) 8+1 = 9. I have 9 letters in my name. :)

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RE: 9th Wonder

by Anonymous - 9/14/13 6:24 AM
same here! :D 09.09.1981

the philosophy for using 9 in shopping. $4.99 for example

by stewart - 8/26/13 9:38 AM
does anyone have any links to the reasons why people react in shopping to $4.99 as apposed to $5.00...or why the gas pumps say $3.76 and 9/10?

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RE: the philosophy for using 9 in shopping. $4.99 for example

by Anonymous - 9/06/13 5:21 PM
This is because 4.99 looks cheaper than 5 dollars. It's just a business tactic that has proven true

Scar A.E. #9

by Thats my name - 8/15/13 10:27 AM
Before even reading this I've been endowed spiritually by this number for 20 years. My incarnations were, Vassago Rhadamanthus Styx A.D. #9, Vinny Hitler #9, The Bigg Badd Wolff #9, Number 1 dead so/un (son/sun) #9, Helios A.D.#9, and now Scar A.E. #9...

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Number 9

by sunnie733 - 7/26/13 4:24 PM
Re: Number 9 by the Beatles
The number 9 is a very curious is a life path, very controlling, a lot of number 9's are in the military, politics. The number 9 has many meanings in numerology. In a cycle, the number 9 can mean the final stage of something, or the end of an era. . I believe this "song" is about their vision for the world...on the dollar bill it says "Novus Ordo Seclorum," Order out of Chaos...that is what happening now.
So think, I believe this song is chaos..don't you?
p.s. If number 9's gave up the materialistic world...WOW, what a world it would be.
Peace to you and yours.

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What the hell is happening

by Googol Plex - 4/08/12 2:55 PM
The total sum of characters in my full name adds up to 252. My first name is 74 and both of my last names are 89. 74 (7+4=11=1+1=2) + 89 (8+9=18=1+8=9) + 89 (8+9=18=1+8=9) = 252. 252=2+5+2=9. If you divide 252 by 2, you get 126, which is (1+2+6=9), if you divide 126 by 2, you get 63 (6+3=9). 63 cannot be divided into two whole numbers, so either way I look at it, everything ends up being 9. While I'm writing this comment, there are 333 comments that have been made in total before I post this. "333 Comments for Number 9 Symbolism, 9 Meaning and Numerology" 3+3+3=9. No matter how I look at this, this is really strange. I just discovered this today, but this seems a little strange to me..

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RE: What the hell is happening

by Anonymous - 7/24/13 1:21 PM
8+9 does not equal 18, it equals 17

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A penny for the age of aquarius

by arvid - 7/15/13 10:18 AM
In earth, as it is in heaven

Within holy Geometry the religious subjective connects to its objective opposite - science. In understanding this one is capable of revealing a "hidden" interactive between religion and science.The "heaven" as symbolized with the number - 9 - is reflected geometrically in the Star of Bethlehem. All its inner and outer angles when "decoded" numerologically, ends in the same number - 9. In the Revelation the number 144 (1+4+4=9) is the number both for the angel, but also the wall facing the human kind, Rev. 21,17: "And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel." .............

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by Jaime - 7/14/13 6:42 PM
I run races and all my bib numbers have a 9 or add up to be 9. My first two races my bib number was 938

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Weird dream of 9

by C.L.R. - 12/05/12 6:02 PM
This may sound odd. I have a lot of weird dreams that have never made much since. They always include me running into me and I would wake up in shock. Normally it's just one other me, but I just had the oddest of them all. I was driving and in a hurry to get somewhere. I did not know why I just had to get there. I even ran a red light in the dream. When I got there It was as if the people where try to stop or delay me but then it happened I saw myself again but this time we didn't freak out. As we approached each other I was suddenly in a room and there were nine others that appeared to be me as well. the nine other versions of me greeted me and appeared relieved and happy that I made it. Then they said "She is still with you good" I began to reply and then it was like I was being electrocuted but there was no pain. I could see the versions of myself were experiencing the same thing. I think I passed out in my dream because I woke up in the dream still and there was this woman there When I came to she smiled at me the a bright flash of light sent me out of my dream wakening me. Just thought I would share this here seemed Like I should.

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RE: Weird dream of 9

by Anonymous - 7/04/13 2:03 AM
wow... that's a doozy of a dream... I've had ones like those, they freak me out.

Trojan War

by Anonymous - 6/28/13 6:38 PM
Hate to burst your bubble, but the Trojan War lasted 10 years, not nine! It was from around 1194 to 1184 BC (remember, the dates go backward for the BC era!) and I have studied the Trojan War for 5 years now through Latin class!

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