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Seeing 9’s in Everything I Do! Lol

by Andrea - 1/20/18 6:38 PM
As I commented on another’s post, I’m seeing 9’s in Everything I do! I’m very blessed with a Gift from God , and it’s been “Given to Give “!!!!! Period, and never worked for myself. Lol! The past 9 months my life has been totally turned upside down, broke down, remolded, with the Faith of God! Like there was a shake down. Lol!
I’ve never been married, no children, own my own (by a thread )by Gods Mercy, I’ve been blessed for the past 17 years this month to of surrender my free will! Which is a 9 , I’ve been celibate the same amount of time as well. Lol. Yep! Another 9 Always wake up at 3:33am, like clockwork, my grocery bill exactly $45, lol.
I’ve always put Everyone before myself for the past 22 years, which is also my life path number. The humility in my life since my accident on 11.16 , my car totaled, I got the ticket 180. fine, which is a 9. My insurance company, lol another story. It’s all happening for a reason, I just know my blessings are about to be abundant!
I... more...

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career marriage compatibility health driving skills

by Ananya - 11/06/17 11:49 PM
Scooty color is red.Is it okay.If marriage will be successful.

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RE: career marriage compatibility health driving skills

by Anonymous - 1/20/18 6:08 PM
I’ve been through s storm like none other before, and trust me Gods kept me here for His purpose. I too had been seeing 8’s in everything I was doing. I found this thread with all the comments, and most of All Confirmation! 🦋
I rededicated my life to Christ 17 years ago this month which is the 1 month, 9. I’ve been Celibate the same time another 9 not source but I’m 55
Never been married no children made other people very very successful, and neglected myself for 34 years.
Your posting stood out to me, good clean energy!
Thank you so much for your post!🌞🌞🌞🌻

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by Dele - 3/04/17 5:53 PM
I was born 09/04/1980, at 6 pm Wednesday with 6 fingers on the right hand together all 21 fingers, can someone explain more to me

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RE: Help

by Anonymous - 12/09/17 5:20 PM
I had an extra finger but it was cut off . I to was born on the nines .
Peace be with you

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Born on 99

by Kathy - 12/01/17 2:08 AM
I Was born on 9.9.1949. I turned 50 on 9999 and 60 on 9909. Will be 70 on 9919. I Was a math teacher, now a spiritual director. What does all this mean?

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RE: Born on 99

by Anonymous - 12/09/17 1:01 AM
Your a Nine person. So am I, there are millions of us. People who are not don't understand.

Back to back 9's

by songbird - 9/14/12 7:59 PM
I am a recent Christian of about 3 years now. I was praying one day, asking God for sight & knowledge, to be able to see things that are not "naturally seen." Since then, I notice that anytime I have a severe issue in my life, I get these very vivid religious type dreams. One of them had a picture of a set of nines back to back. I have not really been able to get any answer as to what this may mean. Since that dream, I have been able to see things in people that I had never noticed before. Like how some people have a sort of grey, blue or black haze around them. I can also see those same colors as lines in the sky.(sort of like the exhaust from an airplane-except there's nothing else in the sky.) I recently had someone tell me that I was able to see aura's. What does that mean?

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RE:Back to back 9's

by Dawn - 10/30/15 6:30 AM
It means that your prayer was answered. Offering completeness and divinity through reflection of things not naturally seen. The aura is the invisible energy, healthy or unhealthy, the sight in which you were asking for. Your request was answered divinely- giving divine completeness to your sight and prayer. You've heard the saying, ask and you shall receive.Also granted in it is the blessing of 9 fruits of the Spirit -clearly wonderful gifts to receive.

RE: Back to back 9's

by Jai - 12/06/17 5:52 AM
Great job on praying for it and not using other spiritual devices (mainly of this world and not of God).

I would suggest for you use your gift wisely and lean closer to God and his word as it would only help his divine will for you. Remember that people of God have been blessed differently, I would suggest to group with someone who can put his word to use when able to see certain hues. On certain people. Like color coding the word of God for the selected aura people have. You are their eyes and they are the mouth.

God is the Breath. Many blessings :)

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by HMW - 11/28/17 5:50 PM
All my numerology numbers are 9’s and I was born at 3:06 am..good number. I’ve been seeing repeats of 444 lately though, I’ll have to look the number 4 up.

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by thekensan911 - 11/13/17 7:12 PM
every unlucky event in my whole life was characterized by the presence of a 9... may it be symbol or the date or whatever it is...

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by masias makhalemele - 3/14/17 11:21 AM
I was born on the 09.09.1970. Is there any significant to the above text

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RE: help

by Anonymous - 10/30/17 2:09 PM
I was born 9/9/90 and trying to find the meaning of it and also I turned 27 that's also a 9

the deep reality

by david - 12/31/14 1:10 AM
I have followed the signs leading me here

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RE: the deep reality

by Anonymous - 9/24/17 5:32 PM
me too. Separate the nine, three squared


by M88 - 8/23/17 9:06 AM
I had a dream where i was specifically told repeatedly to take 3, 9 hour classes. The classes were not specified but i was told repeatedly about 3 occurances of something, 9 times in length. Any thoughts?

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RE: Dream

by Becca - 9/23/17 7:53 PM
I recieved the message "SEPARATE THE NINE, THREE SQUARED." Repeated over and over about 2 months ago. I am still trying to figure out exactly what it means.

Siribhoovalaya and no9

by Dr Satishkumar.PKagwad - 9/01/17 12:08 PM
Today happens to be first day of 9 th month total01.09.2017 First time I searched on Google for significance of 9 , I am happy I got lot of information....

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Siribhoovalay book no 9

by DrSatishkumar.P.Kagwad - 9/01/17 12:02 PM
Siribhoovalaya book is written in base 9. Code binary also given.0and1 binary system used in computer duet is given in siribhoovalaya. Contains 363 philosophical views,718 language s,64 art forms in alphanumeric form1to64 codes for Kannada language Author of the Book Siri kumudendu Muni8 cent AD.Karnatak, Indian in 46 mts. In Peak of Meditation Research scholar Siribhoovalaya

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Relevance of 4 September 2017

by Lynette - 8/31/17 1:44 PM
During my mediation today I was being taught by my Birth Angel Pahaliah. I was instructed to look at the numerology of 4 September 2017 and the significance of the number to my situation. I calculated the date to the single digit of 9. I had limited understanding of 9 until I read your page. I have intuitively known that 9 is a number of completion. I have been releasing, forgiving and asking the Divine release of the issue that and for me to learn the wisdom. Pahaliah is reported to be the Angel of redemption so I wait and observe to learn the secret and revelation of the teaching.

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A little math

by Henricus - 7/07/17 7:57 PM
If you multiply any number by 9, the total added together as single numbers will equal 9.

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RE: A little math

by Anonymous - 7/25/17 3:34 PM
9X1 = 9 check
9X2 = 18---> 1+8 = 9 check
9X3 = 27 ---> 2+7 = 9 check
9X0 = 0 wrong!

Manifested,crafted from cosmic star dust..

by Sky walker - 6/27/17 5:17 PM
Born in the month of 10 prime number 1+0=1 .. 22 2+2=4 1993 1+9+9+3=23(2+3=5) name numerology kiaira I=9=A=1I=9--A1 ,Y7 06 ,E5 U3 its balanced and I feel like that cant be by coincidence I feel like that was hats have been creeped crafted in in may like by being Supreme Being that had collected that have creative mind to think you thinks of therefore you are so I'm trying to figure out what is his plan for me cuz I know he has one I've always felt alienated like I was just different and then my blood type is o-negative what you cannot find that blood type or other the origin of it anywhere else but in space I mean look it up somebody please shine some light help me help you find a light and let's get there together I'm ready to go let's Elevate illuminate

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by Julimar Araújo de Freitas - 8/31/16 4:32 PM
Human and Divine!!!

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RE: Thanks!

by Anonymous - 6/27/17 5:06 PM
Nine is my life parh number the number in my chart will never change I hate that I dont know the time of my birth but I was created in darkness and took my first breath in darkness .. But my father says it was still a.m just in the wee hours above so below .. 10/22/1993 numerology life path chart and my name rings nine over and over again .. Expression number is 8 on its side its the infinity sign and soul surge number is 5 I found it means action cosmic balance and im a libra 22 cusp I know this alot but im researching myself and my higher self to get on my journey and my purpose and his mission for me I need help to know what my purpose is .. Helppppp

It has so much more meaning to it 69

by Josephine - 8/23/16 8:54 PM
I once had a dream of this symbol before. So I looked it up, it didn't really mean anything until I started to see it everywhere and not just physically, Mentally too. I started to think about it differently and feel different about the symbol and number itself. I don't know what it is but I know it's something Important and will be relevant to me in the future .

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RE: It has so much more meaning to it 69

by Anonymous - 5/20/17 8:22 AM
I too had that dream .....far more to it.....chinese abacus went from 1-9.....360° 3+6=9 180° 1+8=9 one cannot build without 9....90° angles....or half that 45° angle 4+5=9...ect....decimal system...fractions ...all work off 9s......human gestational period of pregnancy 9 months

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by Ryan popejoy - 5/18/17 12:07 PM

Also 360deg in a circle 3+6=9
Half that circle it's 180deg...1+8=9
Cannot build a building without 90deg 9....half that to 45 deg angle 4+5=9....

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Born with the number nine

by Blaze Corvinus - 5/04/17 6:41 PM
What if you're born with a nine in your right hand? I wish I could post a pic. But does that count. I thought it was koo since its my favorite number.

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by Andrea Marie Baca - 4/24/17 8:46 AM
by Andrea Marie Baca - 4/24/17 8:43 AM
This is mine and my husbands wedding anniversary. We wanted it to be on the 18th, but the Pastor wasn't available until the next day, which was Sunday. Now I'm glad he couldn't. I didn't realize the date was so profound. When ever me and my husband and now our kids see the time on the clock and it says 9:19 we always say... 9:19. It's our little thing lol. I feel that it has such a special feeling that we were married 9/19/1999, especially knowing that we didn't even plan it that way. I've always felt our marriage was unique and have been given prophetic words about our union. I feel blessed. ❤

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confuse about this

by Cliff - 4/23/17 1:33 PM
Anytime I on my phone to watch a time, the number "9"appears as the last minute number. I have observed this for 2 months now. eg. 1:09, 1:19, 12: 49, 9: 39 ...
What could that be?

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by Mary - 4/03/17 4:31 PM

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So many questions

by Joshua - 3/29/17 9:15 PM
Please take a look:
Weighed 9 lbs
Time 7:38am=9
My sister and I were born 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days apart
Dont have her other data but would bet money that it adds up to 9.

What Could all of this possibly mean?

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by Jason Leo kurtenbach - 3/24/17 7:50 PM
Does this explain anything about my purpose here on earth...

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by Jason Leo kurtenbach - 3/24/17 7:49 PM
6.7.78 with numbers in my name 10.12.11 my middle number is also a identical twin..gemini...

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