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Properties of the number 9






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by Anonymous - 1/30/16 8:25 PM
The Enlightenment to the illusions that are manifested through our conscience ....grieves my soul for I am a nine. ..4.11.1983...and recently awakened to this propaganda of evil that takes on the face of very many sources. ...and through the vast amount of pleasure seeking society. ..the disease of leprosy of the conscience is overwhelming. ...

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RE: Enlightenment

by Anonymous - 1/30/16 8:52 PM
9 is I ...the beginning and the end if the seed holds the potency of it's creator...divine. ..I am...IAM

tarot and 9

by helen - 1/20/16 2:33 PM
Thanks, very informative. ❤ have been researching the number 9 for learning the tarot card meanings. What an important number it is. Thanks for sharing.
Kindest regards

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birthday born Sept 9 1953 at 9:12 am

by cindy - 1/19/16 6:26 PM
any meaning to that

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by marinela - 10/10/15 2:38 PM
I was born on 01/18/1979, 1+1+8+1+9+7+9= 36= 9

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RE: 9

by Anonymous - 1/07/16 8:56 AM
So what


by Kerry-Ann - 12/18/15 7:40 PM
My birthday is march 9th.My son April 9th.My daughter was supposed to be November 9th instead it's on the 13th.Her father's is on the 9th of September. What does it mean?

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RE: Question

by Anonymous - 1/07/16 8:55 AM
I didn't get u

numerical patterns

by Janie - 12/20/15 8:37 AM
My birthday is 9/29/1971, 999 second place marker. Born on feast of saints day, conceived on Christmas. My son has 888 in his birthday.

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by H - 12/12/15 2:34 AM
I was born on September 18th ,1998.18+9+1998=2025,2+0+2+5=9
My lucky number is 9 and 1,Demeter is the goddess of September,my planet is Saturn,the earth planet.Idk my birthday involves the number 1 8 9 but 9 is the zodiac is Virgo,also has the element earth,and involves Persephone. Are there signs around these information?please help and thank you

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Number 9

by M - 12/04/15 9:43 PM
I was born on 27, daughter on 27 son in 9 th month. My house in another country adds to 9. My house no. , lot no. And zip code add to 9 my birthday and yr also add to 9. What is the significance?

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by santo - 4/26/15 3:05 PM
Before 8 years i got in my dream my deceased mother and she worned me not to forget the numbers3,6,9 til am alive.

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RE: help

by Anonymous - 11/26/15 7:51 AM
santo, the numerical root of 3, 6, 9 is 153, the same root for all numbers that are divisible by 3. The number 153 comes from the last chapter of John, 21:11.

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by Marni - 7/12/15 8:36 PM
I am

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RE: #9

by Anonymous - 11/26/15 7:51 AM
i was born07/28/1957 when i add my birthdate up it equal the number 12 what does numerology symbolism

9 house

by Faith - 10/01/15 4:53 PM
Without intention, for 34 years I have lived in #9 houses.. 18, 9, 36, 27, 207 and now 2/7. My phone number adds to 9. And since living in these houses when I look at the time or given an important message it's always 11:11. Any significance?

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RE: 9 house

by Aubrey - 11/26/15 7:40 AM
Faith, then your last house will be the one in heaven, which is the 10th. 10 is the number of God's children.


by Nicodemus - 9/28/15 4:11 PM
I am Nicodemus, 9th child from my mother's womb, I was born in January 15th 1982, I'm an architect, I like to complete/finish projects but I hate when it's complicated/finished, I like to travel but I hate to arrive, I'm just helping people, happy and I like nicola Tesla's facts.... Thanks

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RE: 9

by Aubrey - 11/26/15 7:37 AM
The numerical root of 9 is 153, the so-called fish number recorded in John 21:11. Get our free Android app called "Numerical Root Calculator" and explores the mysteries of numbers in a new and deep level.

9 ether

by kenwone - 11/10/15 4:13 PM

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Back to back 9's

by songbird - 9/14/12 7:59 PM
I am a recent Christian of about 3 years now. I was praying one day, asking God for sight & knowledge, to be able to see things that are not "naturally seen." Since then, I notice that anytime I have a severe issue in my life, I get these very vivid religious type dreams. One of them had a picture of a set of nines back to back. I have not really been able to get any answer as to what this may mean. Since that dream, I have been able to see things in people that I had never noticed before. Like how some people have a sort of grey, blue or black haze around them. I can also see those same colors as lines in the sky.(sort of like the exhaust from an airplane-except there's nothing else in the sky.) I recently had someone tell me that I was able to see aura's. What does that mean?

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RE:Back to back 9's

by Dawn - 10/30/15 6:30 AM
It means that your prayer was answered. Offering completeness and divinity through reflection of things not naturally seen. The aura is the invisible energy, healthy or unhealthy, the sight in which you were asking for. Your request was answered divinely- giving divine completeness to your sight and prayer. You've heard the saying, ask and you shall receive.Also granted in it is the blessing of 9 fruits of the Spirit -clearly wonderful gifts to receive.

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some silly/serious real deal for this algarythmes of configuring

by Annonomous pro D - 10/16/15 4:17 PM
Alphabetically inclined , i 9 for my selfs loves for incriptions 9 I's my sences and instincts are that this of my brain 9 peices of charm a nine piece/wit/ a nine piece oddly enough shines 9 pieces of pie on a plate 9 piecesthat you consumed 9peices appearesd 9peices for your individual feast 9pieces of these ingredients 9 pieces odd piece out this 9 piece my cater to you

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by Anonymous - 9/30/15 9:00 AM
born on 29 may 1993 what is my birth number

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number 9

by a.vicneswary - 11/05/14 1:09 AM
born 27/11/1958, dont find my life being happy, problems with children, money doesnt stay.

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RE: number 9

by Anonymous - 9/17/15 4:38 AM
Your birth number is 7


by Anthony Hughes - 8/05/15 3:44 PM
Born 18th of 7th 1989 I have seen all of these numbers my hole life an im seeing them every day in everything more an more every day I write too

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RE: 18

by Anonymous - 9/17/15 4:35 AM


You were born in the number 7


by teringi - 4/24/15 3:02 PM
I was born on 29/9/1955 iv got 3 9 re to my time of birth

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RE: love

by DivineStargate - 9/17/15 4:34 AM

2+9+9+1+9+5+5=31, then 3+1=4
So you were born in the number 4, not 9


by David from Australia - 8/12/15 11:24 PM
I was born on the 9th day of the month, I have been told that number 9 is the most powerful number in my life , can you please add to this meaning ??

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RE: 9

by DivineStargate - 9/17/15 4:31 AM
There's not much that can be done with your birth year. You may not have even been born in the number 9.

Example: My birthday is 12/23/1990.
Adding these numbers until I end up with one single-digit number would make me born in the number 9

1+2+2+3+1+9+9+0=27, then 2+7=9 making 9 the I was born into. You need to add the digits of your birthday the same way to see what your birth number is. If it's not 9, then chances are high that the number has little to no significance in your life.


by D'Nico Irby - 4/21/15 6:04 AM
My birthday is 09/01/1991

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RE: 09011991

by Anonymous - 9/17/15 4:28 AM

9+1+1+9+9+1= 30, then 3+0=3

You were born in the number 3, not 9

9th child

by annie - 7/13/15 8:26 PM
I am the 9th child of 14 children. Is there any relevance to numberology?

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RE: 9th child

by Anonymous - 9/17/15 4:25 AM


by Elizabeth - 8/07/14 7:33 PM
I was born on the 9th day, at 9:00 am. of the 9th month in 1963, and 6+3=9, my first name has 9 letters. Does this have any meaning?

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RE: 999

by Candy Johnson - 8/10/15 5:27 PM
I am amazed , born in the nine , I was told it was not what I read .My God I love you so much. Thank you for words of encouragement .AMEN ! Your a Blessing! ♥

RE: 999

by DivineStargate - 9/17/15 4:24 AM
No. You're not arguing what time you were born out would just be your birthday you would need to add, which I've done for you below:

9+9+1+9+6+3=37, then 3+7=10, and 1+0=1

So despite all of the 9's in your birthday, you were born in the number 1 and should do research according to that number.

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9 17 1984 - been studying Gnosticism

by Chanz Reed - 8/26/15 8:25 PM
born on september 17,1984 is there any hidden meaning about my birth.ty

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RE: 9 17 1984 - been studying Gnosticism

by DivineStargate - 9/17/15 4:21 AM
(09/17/1984)keep adding each individual digit until you only have a one digit number left. That is the number you will need to look up

9+1+7+1+9+8+4=39,then 3+9=12, and 1+2=3

You were born in the number 3, you should look up that number with this website


by jodi - 8/16/15 3:59 PM
Im born September,9 1992 and i been trying to figure out what does that it mean because I've been seeing The number 9 a lot lately

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RE: 999

by Anonymous - 9/17/15 4:17 AM
@Jodi based on your birthday (09/09/1992) your number is 3, not 9

9+9+1+9+9+2=39, then 3+9=12, and 1+2=3

@Anonymous, based on your birthday (09/09/1997), your number is 8, not 9

9+9+1+9+9+7=44, then 4+4=8

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