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52 25

by Simeon - 4/03/11 1:01 AM
Hello folks,

Peace to you. For a long period of my life I have been seeing the numbers 52 and 25 EVERYWHERE. On the sides of the bus. In phone numbers. On the mail. In bulletins.on the clock. In license plates. Where could I stop?

Well I wanted to know what and why? Why do I keep seeing this number and for what reason? Well, when you see these numbers you are being signed by god to be or become activated. Activated means doing the will of the heavenly father. So remember when you see these numbers know that God is signing you that you are activated or you need to be active. Active or activated to do what God has put you on the earth for.

Now lets break down what the numbers themselves mean. 52 stands for the filling up of christs chalice. The number 25 stands for the outpouring of christs chalice. You see these numbers stand for the very material that makes up mankind or rather they symbolize the adjoined polarity of the reverating material known as strings, within 'string theory'. In string theory it is theorized that all material surpassing molecular atomic level is comprised of series of reverberations known as string. Two forms which resonate side by side which holds together as a solid form of reverberating energy. This points us to scripture which explains that upon creation was the first form of reverberation ever. 'In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God.' Christ Jesus is the word. He has come to us through word of testimony to brings us life. God utilizing his son Jesus spoke us into existence in the beginning, and ultimately gave us life once again through the outpouring of his sons blood symbolized by the chalice turned upside down in an outpouring motion. Upon the last super, Christ gave us his chalice to consume that we might be part of him, being filling up of the chalice, or chalice in an upright motion symbolizes this. The chalice itself is ever filling and ever pouring out. This remind us of life in itself where we are faced with daily filling of our own cup and the daily pouring out as well. Revealing to us the series of sacrifices we must ensue everyday, following with the renewal such sacrifice will bring. Reminding us of the source of life itself, the one who spoke us into existence as well as the one who sacrificed to provide us with life. You see there is life in sacrifice, life is in the blood. The essence of the symbolism of the chalice. 52 being filling up of the cup with life blood of Jesus, such as the wine offered at the last supper, drink of me and you will have life , Jesus said.

If you see this number remember the one who has given you life and the inherent purpose he has for you while you are on this earth. It is appointed once for a man to live and then the judgement. Make the best out of the time that you have on the earth and find out what it is the lord of hosts had planned for you. You will find that the place and plan God calls you to is the place where your deepest gladness and the worlds hunger meet. Theres a purpose that God has planned for you, and time is running out, so get close to God and let him reveal to you what that is.

What sacrifice in life are you making today? In what way will this serve the one who sacrificed his life for you? Without sacrifice thee can be no life on this earth. A seed must sacrifice its life to sprout out of the soil to become fruitful. Parents may know this concept well having to make many sacrifices in order to support their children. Life is comprised of so many polar spectrums of reality: time to laugh, time to cry, time to live and a time to die, time to sow, and a time to reap. So many 25s and 52s . What will do with the linear time frame of life god has given you ? What will you do with the life , love and chalice god has poured out upon you? How much love and sacrifice will you pour out upon others upon your being activated?

Peace and Blessings,
Shalom to you all!
Hope this helps!

Love Simeon

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RE: 52 25

by Doc - 5/26/11 12:01 PM
Thank you. Ten years ago I had a calling to help restore Christian leadership. (I have a doctorate in family therapy). I have been looking for a retreat center to facilitate this calling.
The place I found has an address with the number 52, my license is 52 and i was born in 52. Everywhere I look in this small village has had the number 52 for example "we are celebrating 52 years). I also opened my Bible to Nehemiah this morning and it said the wall of Jerusalem was built in 52 weeks. This is when I started researching the number 52.

Thank you for your insights and confirmation that I am to fulfill.

Blessings in Christ,

RE: 52 25

by Just Me - 9/02/11 12:26 PM
I started seeing this number (52) when I was 12 years old. I remember looking at the digital clock and seeing a Cross in the numbers. I then started seeing it everywhere all the time in many situations. Several years later the number 25 became prominent as well. Towards my late teens I had developed a very clear notion that 52 was the good number and 25 was the bad number.

Let me clarify that last statement... My definition for the #'s had become 5225= Have fun; But be careful 2552= Be careful; but have fun sort of a you can participate but don't get too attached or involved.

It became so prominent that whenever a 25 was involved by itself and I participated, things would go badly and vice versa for the number 52.

I would be headed out of town and see 52 on license plates that I randomly looked at, I knew i was doing the right thing or following the right path and the same was true in reverse if 25 was everywhere I was making the wrong decision.

One such occasion that has no special meaning whatsoever was sometime in this last year (I'm 30 now), I was looking for a specific part for my brothers car I had the phone numbers of two different salvage yards. One number contained a 52 in the last four digits and the other a 25.

I decided to throw the "superstition" as some would call it to the side and do the opposite of what I would normally do, which was pick the number with the 52 in it to call first and i called the place with the 25 in the number.

The man on the phone sent me on a wild goose chase for about an hour and a half which got me nowhere and I was still in search of the car part.

I decided to call the number with the 52 in it and in less than five minutes I had found the part, had it put to the side and was on my way to the salvage yard to pick it up.

Now the car part in itself has no meaning or bearing nor does it contain anything supernatural or spiritual. Some would say "Oh you think the universe or God is trying to help you get a car part quicker than usual? So what you would have got the car part sooner if you had used the 52 phone number"

My answer to this question would be something like this: The car part has nothing to do with it, the way I see it is as a confirmation of sorts.Follow this number and the route will be easy. Disregard what you know about the numbers, and you will face hardships on your own.

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of: If he had driven down that road two minutes later than he did, he'd be dead!! Or he was in the right place at the wrong time?

If you had an advantage on the timing of things you could very well escape the troubles associated with situations like those questions I just asked.

In my experience with this phenomenon and in my own life, this route has served me well. Follow the 52's and avoid the 25's

I'm not saying this is for everyone experiencing this, I believe in God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit the death burial and resurrection of Jesus etc.

I have no idea why this happens or what place it has in life. But in 18yrs. of dealing with it and experimenting with it I have found my way through with the equation listed above 25's = caution and 52's = Following/Jumping right it.

If your headed to a party and see 25's along the way consider skipping it or being cautious/aware while you're there. On the other hand if you see 52's guiding the way, you're on the right track.

Big move coming up, new job starting, new woman in your life? Look for the numbers and you will know how to proceed. Either with caution or jumping in with both feet.

Just my 2c

RE: 52 25

by Anonymous - 8/29/12 8:04 PM
Interesting -- thats why I came here to research the number 52 because I was reading Nehemiah and the wall being finished in 52 weeks. I was born in 1952. So I wanted to know what it meant. Thank you Simeon for your insight !!

RE: 52 25

by Anonymous - 1/14/13 11:08 PM
Simon~ YOU are very wise. I am Tobias Ison Thomas. My first book to be published is The Forging of the Seventh Trump (an introduction and calling), but the first book I have written has 52 chapters and is called The Hold of Every Foul Spirit. I will write 7 small books.

RE: 52 25

by Liz - 1/29/13 4:41 PM
Thank you so much for the Wisdom that God has given you. A Major supernatural event happened to me on Jan 25, 1986 at 3am and ended at 6am. That day was the first day of my 25th year. This year in Jan,( 2013) i turned 52. I was just pondering what that number represented..... Well, now i know. Last year, Dec 9-15,2012, I attended a school of prayer, and I am still trying to understand how to proceed and what the full implications are. It was also a supernatural event that i will NEVER forget for as long as i Live.... and it was a very positive experience, unlike the first event in 1986. I thank God for you.

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