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by Drew the gr8 - 9/27/11 9:35 PM
OMG EVERYONE!!! i think 8 is my special number!!!!!! i was born 10-17-1993. the day (17) is 1+7 which equals 8. well in McDonalds i have to count 8 patties for a grill before i put them down!! "No friggin way Drew" you might say... Well hang tight readers! theres more! 8 is the subatomic number of oxygen and i breath that stuff through my nose (which has two holes in it, just like an 8)every single day!! How weird is that?! oh! and i h8 spiders and they have 8 legs but I have never been bitten by one. Octopus also have 8 legs and every time I go on vacation near the coast I swim in the ocean. Oh and a note played for one-eighth the duration of a whole note is called an eighth note. I played the cello. Am i just blowing your mind?! I just cant help but wonder that since all these facts add up, it might be a sign. I just cant imagine the possibilities!

Maybe 8 is a shield that is always protecting me (and I emphasize always because 8 sideways is the infinite sign). the whole infinity sign thing also makes sense because in Christianity, number 8 represents what goes beyond time!!!! whaaaattttt!?!?!? i think that because i have so many parallels to 8, I am probably going to just rule the world or something cool like that. I will gener8 wealth and prosperity throughout the land!!! I just have to be destined for gr8ness because of it. I know it!

What do you think readers? have i been blessed with a wonderful gift?!?!

Also! if you look at my whole post, the number 8 (not including in this last paragraph) was listed 16 times. If you divide that by 2 (that's also how many holes I have in my nose which I use to breath oxygen), you get 8!!!!!!! I legitimately did not try to do that!

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by Anonymous - 11/13/11 12:55 PM
Yo you mad funny bra

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