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by Choice - 11/02/10 7:36 AM
Wow. Some of you profess Christianity but condemn others in the process. You speak about education and knowledge, but God does not reveal all truths. You criticize someone else’s spelling or vocabulary but that isn't very Christian-like. Many of you adhere to political and religious ideology based on your education, and combine them, but that is not what Jesus was about. You are hypocrites. We know nothing with certainty...only what we believe. We are supposed to trust God to guide us, and not man. I want all the answers, but none of us have them. That is what faith is all about! We have to trust God here.

Many will come here looking to believe in something....they are sensing something beyond their ordinary lives.....so be kind even if the kindness isn't returned.

God doesn't care if we can spell, or if we curse.

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by Anonymous - 11/03/10 10:43 PM
Discernment of the spirits.

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by Anonymous - 1/01/13 4:21 AM
cursing makes you ugly

Re: 555

by Squiggy - 5/12/13 9:07 AM
Very good. Let go, let God.

RE: 555

by Anonymous - 9/17/13 7:18 AM
Beautifully said. These are funny days and most seem led a stray with a mind of there own. We need more free thinkers in these times

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