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Wow. Lindsey. I agree.

by Choice - 9/14/10 2:03 PM
I have been on an androgynous kick for several years now. God is the omniscient, and I have always sensed God as male/female. I told the pastor one day that I thought Jesus was androgynous. I didn't go back to church after that. I also had suggested how we should be familiar with other religions so we could better understand things. They didn't like that. I'm open minded, but also, skeptical. When I recently read that the Scottish Episcopalian church acknowledge God as F/M I had a vison from my past. I sense what's coming, but not exactly when. So I keep journals. I write to see the future in my writings. Not that I'm always good at it, but I'm getting better as I get more comfortable with it. I'm not afraid now. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm lost with it, and seeking my purpose and I'm getting frustrated. lol


I have had a bad feeling with the Republican movement. I really don't like party labels, but I came froma Republican background and I have never warmed up to any of them. As a child I did not like them. I liked the hippies, but never the suits. The Republicans were the suits at that time. I sometimes envision that the elephant is the beast. I see it. As a child I was obsessed with drawings of "Heaven and Guns." Do you remember Obama's statement? It floored me when he made it. I have no doubt that the Republican Party is currently the beast. Things could change, so I'm cautious.

I do believe George Bush is saved. I didn't like him as a president, but I do believe he is a good man. I sense God is with him. I like him now, but evil was with his presidency. I sensed that too.

Bye! I'm probably crazy, but I only know what is real is what is in my head. You can't trust anything else anymore. If I don't trust my own mind, then I have nothing. God is a part of my mind. That is where God is. God isn't in the material world. So I go to my head, imagination.....I'm creative like that. Creativity is closer to the heart...closer to God.


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RE:Wow. Lindsey. I agree.

by Forever - 11/26/11 8:19 PM
If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon torpdeo.

RE: Wow. Lindsey. I agree.

by Anonymous - 11/28/11 9:05 AM
Look at the republican party emblem on the back of an elephant it is the same emblem as the american pentagon.

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