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by Jay - 11/12/08 11:21 AM
Well, if you guys need help . Here is the answer .

The Human-Spirit is both male and female but it is actually genderless .

All odd numbers are "holy" because the universe works with odd numbers for reasons we don't currently know .

The number "7" is the ultimate "holy" number .

Numerology has nothing to do with "God" because "God" doesn't exist .

The universe is "God" and "She" ("it"/physical object/also an "intelligence") doesn't need or want "worship" because "worship" is WRONG !

I am "Praying" for you guys and your Spirits .

You are following the wrong Path !

999 is also a so-called "Holy" number because it contains three digits which are all odd numbers .

Male and Female adds up to the number two . which is an even number .

the spirit is the third factor, the number 3 .

Because a spirit, erroneously called the "human soul" . . .

Is what we are . . .

we are all number threes (we are the human spirit, we only "incarnate" as male and female/reincarnation) .

Nevertheless, we are all number threes working for number 7 .

7=this universe .

7 is obviously an odd number .

Odd numbers are "Holy" .

Hense, 999 is a holy number and this page is absolutely correct minus all the abhorrent "God" Stuff . . .

God doesn't exist, you people have to grow up and take responsibility for your lives . . .

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RE: 999

by kate - 12/03/08 1:14 AM
ok mister there is a GOD learn your bible

RE: 999

by Anonymous - 9/19/09 5:32 AM
Eh, ya know...people like to believe in stuff like you believe in numbers. No need to get all persnickety, now, just let people be or ignore them; it is your choice after all. And if you own this domain, I suggest you define parameters that are more comfortable for you. Just saying, insulting people only makes you look stupid and biased when your quest seems to be to demonstrate your open- mindedness.

RE: 999

by Anonymous - 9/19/09 5:40 AM
Tee-hee, y'all crack me up!
Kate, surely you aren't seriously saying that the bible is proof of the existence of God. That is just ridiculous. People wrote that bible, not God. Just like people wrote the Torah, and the Koran, and L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book of Scientology; just because it is written, doesn't make it true. Just saying...and every single word of my post is absolute truth...as I see it.

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by Anonymous - 9/19/09 5:48 AM
What do you all suppose is the significance of being a name number 33 and a birthday number 6? OOO, and I am also an 11 right now because I am 47 years old. I really feel like I am starting to come into my own; I am comfortable with who I have always been. People love me, but I have no close relationships because I think I scare people, but my "close friends" trust my word and my sincerity. My favorite sayings are, "never mistake my meekness for weakness," and, "I say what I mean, and I mean what I say." I can seem like a bitch, but it is always because I am trying to change someones bad behavior for their own good "before it's too late!"...I am always trying to fix everything. What are your thoughts on it?

RE: 999

by lisantampa - 10/08/10 8:04 AM
Ok te hee y'all crack me up if you do not believe in God that is your choice. God still believes in you. Let me ask you: if you were the most powerful being in the known universe and could do and see EVERYTHING, would you allow a mere "human" to mess with your stuff? How about the bible does answer itself you just have to look and study. Even the 12 prophets had to be told some of the meanings to the parables. So, if the "12" needed instruction how is it that you can put yourself above them? Also, EVERYONE has had times where things have happened that they did not expect to happen ie: car barely missed an accident that would have killed you, small children run into the path of oncoming cars, things fall from sky right after you had just left, ppl getting hit with things that should have killed, ppl getting things they needed at the last minute after being told there is nothing to be done, ppl getting diagnosis that they have 3 months to live and are still here 20 years later, or ppl say I just knew I should not take a certain route or go to work or I had to call in due to something happening. When did you or anyone else become so great that they had the power to stop themselves from dying or getting seriously hurt? I truly am putting my faith in God not humans. Humans will just mess you up quick. Please don't use the old line: "Why does God allow bad things to happen to ppl?" I ask you if you know your children are just going to go out into the world and do whatever they like why have them? If you know that the end result of speeding is a ticket, jail, or death why do it? Why do you blame God for things that are beyond God's control? If humans have free will then why is it God's fault that bad things happen? Shouldn;t it be the other way around? Just sayin'

RE: 999

by Zeeke89 - 12/04/12 8:10 PM

Interesting.. but there is one complication to your story. If you insist God does not exist, explain DNA. DNA to scientists, is quote "the fingerprint of God". For every cell and molecule in our body there is an exact manual to what kind of job that specific cell

RE: 999

by Zeeke89 - 12/04/12 8:20 PM
(Sorry messed up the first one)

Interesting.. but there is one complication to your story. If you insist God does not exist, explain DNA. DNA to scientists, is quote "the fingerprint of God". For every cell and molecule in our body there is an exact manual to what kind of job that specific cell has. What is remarkable to scientists, is that on our DNA strand we have these things called enzymes which literally minute by minute second by second travel up and down our DNA and corrects/repairs every cell that starts to fail. Scientists to this day are amazed by how enzymes work and claim "this is something beyond our human intelligence in which we are not able to even imagine". With everything we have on this planet and beyond, from honeycombs to DNA, bees, butterfly wings, trees, plants, flowers, stars, planets, galaxies, constellations,etc. the source to all questions ALWAYS leads to intelligence. You said that there is no God, only intelligence. Where do you think this intelligence comes from ? You think everything you know is a cosmic coincidence ? Intelligence comes from mind, it is NOT brought up on it's own. The golden ratio is such a precise ratio that it is impossible it comes out of coincidence, there is too much math in our solar system and life as we know for it to come out of nothing ! There is God my friend, that is why THEY do everything in their power to keep you away from him.

Re: 999

by Anonymous - 5/18/13 9:27 AM
Why can we not find things . That bring us together. Instead we look for more junk. Find reasons to stand as one. We all need each other to survive. If numbers are some how important. Let us find the reason to stand strong together. GOD plus man plus man plus man equals our future. Every number repeats its self some where. We can connect by our paths that cross. Live in peace with all men.


by 999 - 11/16/13 6:33 PM
I am the essence of 999, birth day, month and place .... you are right, there is no god .... there only IS .... when tolerance and compassion are of human doing, then all will see this.

RE: 999

by Anonymous - 5/19/14 4:24 AM
Take the tital HIM out of it and stop looking as GOD as a person. Perhaps you will find answers.

RE: 999

by Anonymous - 1/09/15 5:08 PM
God Does exist and everything has to do with God because God created everything. Evil is the absence of Holy Spirit. Death the absence of Life. Darkness the absence of Truth. Every good and perfect gift comes from The Father of Lights (God). and every lie has its origin in the original lier Lucifer.

RE: 999

by Sam K - 2/12/15 11:21 PM
I was born September 9th 1999 (9/9/99) and i recently found a picture of my as a newborn with 999 imprinted into my scalp. my mother was also born with a tail and she things i'm the spawn of satan, am I?


by Anonymous - 4/20/15 7:20 PM
Learn your bible? The bible isn't the truth but merely points at it. Words are limiting as a form of communication and expressing the truth. Ok let's say that there is a higher intelligence that is responsible for creation via big bang as well as evolution that has been ongoing for billions of years. Let's call this essence God. So God does exist but is formless and under no identity. Now this spiritual higher essence we call God created 'free will' for us to experience. So with God creating free will, was God not creating the truth and the lies as an example?
Now think about this. The truth is the truth and always will be. But a lie can also be the truth. Let's say I spent my entire life lying. I am a liar. But now I see this is what I am and what I have done. I am seeing the truth in my lies and I call myself out on my lies. I am a liar. Does this not make it the truth. So no I do not think Lucifer created anything. Lucifer is a product of our own egos perhaps.
The bible was written how many thousand years ago After the stories where passed down. it has excluded great portions of the truth such as dead sea scrolls and book of Enoch. Well the religion behind the bible has. This is what we all need to see. No hate on religion or anything but lets not deny or ignore the facts. In this day and age telling someone to learn the bible is very inaccurate.
In the end I believe in God but think our image of God is very innacurate. Like to look at this cosmos and think if we can barely comprehend the universe how can we comprehend God? God is in every molecule and cell in the world. It is all God experience of self.

RE: 999

by eye I - 5/17/15 11:47 PM
God is real dnt neva say dat


by The Doctor - 9/14/15 8:15 AM
You are all funny. There is no life after death or reincarnation. There is nothing. Your atoms however will continue to exist until the end of the universe trillions of years from now when all that is left in our universe are black holes. The universe is not run by some great and all powerful being. It is run by mathematics.

RE: 999

by Velvetpaws999 - 5/08/16 3:31 PM
Yes, the soul is NOT the spirit. We are the spirit, eternal, all one, and indestructible. As One, we are the Divine, aka God. That is all there is to it. Don't tell me I'm blaspheming. I know who we are. And 999 means 1 step away from re-uniting with the Divine.

RE: 999

by Anonymous - 10/01/17 7:29 PM
It all starts with a thought.and it's my illusion if I believe it its real

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