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did you say worship ?

by Truth Oguluzeme oji awolor maikenga gbam - 12/17/16 1:16 PM
there is nothing coincidental here and the bible is not an author of confusion. Tthe confusionist here is the author of this piece of junk written above .
now let us be logical here.
1 you mean people will be paid for worshipping Satan?
2. how is it that bible talked about buying and selling and the same this very chip is actually exemplifying ?
3. The notion "no one could buy or sell, save he that has the mark" suggest a medium of exchange. the same this chip is seeking to actualize.
4. The word of GOD will not come back void, rather would be fulfilled and must be clearly manifested without doubt or duplication. for instance, every sign mentioned as signs of end time is already manifesting such as war, earthquake, truce breaking, false prophets ( church becoming business hall) and many more out of which none is coincidental except for your claim that "currency chip is a coincidental to revelation in your wild dream, yet, it perfectly fit in the gap due to the fact that it is the future of money in other words a medium of exchange of goods and services or better still put differently, the sure way to get rewarded for your services without which, you can not be paid and since you are paid due to refusal of this chip you can not buy anything sold!
5. Let's assume that mark of the beast is worship, then how do worshipping provide provide car ,house, food and cloths?
6. how does worship secure money? because worship is but a gesture!!!
7. or there will be mouth on the head or on right hand to sing for Satan and after singing, money will be swallowed by those mouths and vomit when it is needed for transaction?
Let us all be wise by not being ignorance of the devices of the SATANISTS AND THEIR MASTER THE DEVIL ITSELF.

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