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...lest though be deceived by false prophets...

by Passiveson - 7/06/16 9:38 PM
Bearin mind all you teachers of the false doctrine, leadeth not anyone astray from the true path of the lord.
God is Peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace. False prophets come with one intent, to lead people away from worshipping God and swarm allegiance to themselves.
How they accomplish this is to control the economy, food supply, dominion and impose threats of imprisonment and death for dissent.
Christ warns us to be watchful. The scriptures speak of leaders, events, powers and specific conditions that first have to pass before the son of perdition reveals himself.

Conditions must provide people no choice except to accept and receive this "Mark", or be killed.

No man [on earth] shall buy or sell except he who has the mark, the number or the name.

So an earthy power exercises total control over the nations. It's authority emanates from the global center of wealth and capital, and it creates a global monetary system bearing a mark, number or name of a man.

An example of this system was prevalent in branding slaves as chattel property, or bond slave, in service for lieu of payment.
World conditions become so desperate that when introduction of a reasonable solution presents itself, people sign on swarming an oath of allegiance, surrendering their faith and trust in God (Peace).
The beast declares war on those who reject him and refuse to receive the mark.

A mark is an insignia, like a swastika. It signifies loyalty, privilege or favor under the banner or protection of a creditor.
It signifies who you serve. But the Name could be the Title of a ruler, or the territory, rather then a birth name.
The Greek numerals of the number of the beast in revelations 13 is the first and last part of the word Christos with the symbol of Satan between them.

X (Chi) x (Epsilon) + (Stigma),

Representing an imposter, pretending to be the Messiah.

A count of the name isn't the numeric values of the name or title, but the inference that he is the Messiah, or the savior of the world (pride and arrogance, above God) by virtue of bond servitude to his human following.

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