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I am a witness

by deborah - 8/06/13 8:37 PM
I am a witness! the mark of the beast is spiritual and YES it can be spiritually removed. therefore it is not a physical appearance. I have seen the beast, the mark, the image and the name. this was shown to me by the true Spirit of God! the holy Spirit of truth.
the mark of the beast is located on the spiritual body of a person’s forehead or their right hand that goes to a man made church which worships the creature, “MAN”…. their god is their belly-flesh. these churches around the world feed on huge gatherings to control people and money. these churches support the secular systems of the world-media, education, business, trade, and a lot more if looked closer. this is where in revelation it says they could neither buy or sell less they have the mark… meaning they believe they can worship God and be saved and live like the rest of the people in the world…have the fame, money, possessions, big tv networks, radio stations, etc…. just like the world..
the devil is mindful of the things of man not... more...

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RE:I am a witness

by deltalima - 7/11/17 2:47 AM
If it is put in the forehead and rich arm then its the mark of the beast. Remember in Daniels prophecy, At the end of time mans knowledge will increase.

RE:I am a witness

by deltalima - 7/11/17 2:50 AM
I mean the right hand not the rich hand.

RE:I am a witness

by jahan - 11/05/17 2:27 AM
This is trully the end time and only those led by the spirit can recognise

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by Born again Alan - 2/03/17 12:49 PM
Warn your children and grandchildren about verichip,it will permit the antichrist to control you and hell will be you destination.Pray for you family that they will come to know Christ as saviour before this comes to pass. Jesus reigns

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RE: Warning

by Anonymous - 10/16/17 6:07 PM
Never take verychip read revelation chap 13 the bible says its mark of beast pray cry out to God and refuse to take please God help people do not take


by Smithd128 - 9/20/17 10:39 AM
Okay this YouTube video is much enhanced than last one, this one has pleasant picture feature as well as audio. gekdcageeeafdkkk

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Ra ah dah ai da la se di lar

by 1001000100010001 - 5/13/17 11:22 AM
Name and number of the beast is in the minds eye monarch programming Dear:Ahsaritihatze 0x9111 name and number of the go0g go0g si1ni1ngo0g is the corner stone of all that is love and love is the middle and end of hate. Love is all that remains in the enlightenment of foreboding save thy wrath for thine enemies as chair is too the world throne is too god. Forgive yourself so that others may forgive you. If you can not forgive thy self cast all that is golden into the metal forth width came god.

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Are you serious

by Gabriell - 4/08/17 10:38 AM
Mark of the Beast? Really, you all have way too much time on your hands. The Anti-christ needs a micro-chip? If you don't want to have a chip implanted don't but this would be useful if you had a parent with dementia or a child with autism who wanders and gets lost. If you have serious health concerns this is much better than a medical bracelet. Please people not telling you not to love your God but you are relying on a text that was translated for you many times, unless you read Hebrew or Aramaic you are not even sure what it really says. If you are going to base your life decisions and dedicate your life and actions to a text...make sure you read it and study it yourself.

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...lest though be deceived by false prophets...

by Passiveson - 7/06/16 9:38 PM
Bearin mind all you teachers of the false doctrine, leadeth not anyone astray from the true path of the lord.
God is Peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace. False prophets come with one intent, to lead people away from worshipping God and swarm allegiance to themselves.
How they accomplish this is to control the economy, food supply, dominion and impose threats of imprisonment and death for dissent.
Christ warns us to be watchful. The scriptures speak of leaders, events, powers and specific conditions that first have to pass before the son of perdition reveals himself.

Conditions must provide people no choice except to accept and receive this "Mark", or be killed.

No man [on earth] shall buy or sell except he who has the mark, the number or the name.

So an earthy power exercises total control over the nations. It's authority emanates from the global center of wealth and capital, and it creates a global monetary system bearing a mark, number or name of a man.

An example of this system was prevalent in... more...

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The coming dictator the devil

by John - 12/21/15 3:16 PM
If you allow your mindless evil governments to force you to be micro chipped, then you will lose all chance of rising to the higher dimension and will have to spend the next 10,000 years in the lower third dimension again.

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RE: The coming dictator the devil

by Darla Garcia Soto of kingman Arizona 2012 - 6/27/16 5:14 PM
Ive had this done to me by my ex husband and others without knowing and was done without a court order. Not to mention they can hear my thoughts and I can also hear them.

Don't get it

by Vicky - 5/21/16 2:25 PM
I believe that verichip can cause cancer or some sickness.

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please help

by markus - 7/08/15 8:05 PM
I have been subjected against my will of this implant. It took me time to figure out but I know everything about it. Need help to destroy device. Please help people are using it to destroy my life.

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RE:please help

by AMB.REEDEMED400 - 4/20/16 5:33 AM
i will never but any chip in my body.it my not be a chip got to Nicholson1968 on youtube he has some good info on what is the mark of the Beast it my just be DNA

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by Anna - 3/06/16 12:34 AM
Hey guys do you think that is right decision to legalize this application, furthermore, to make it mandatory for everyone

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Vera chip

by Anonymous - 1/30/16 11:54 PM
Is the mark of the beast do not take It. Or you will be hell bound clear & simple but, do get saved for everlasting life acts 2:38 by being baptized in the name of Jesus and repentance of your sins. Save yourself from this untoward generation as, the Bible says. Find a United PENTECOSTAL Church and get baptized asap. God Bless

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by PASTOR ROSE - 7/31/12 10:11 PM

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Re: verichip

by christian - 1/02/16 7:04 PM
As it was in the days of noah no verchip in noe day. bro


by Stabe - 9/29/13 5:19 PM
A chip huh?

What if it turns out that you're all wrong, and it is something rather simple like a circle?

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RE: Mark

by circle - 1/02/16 6:48 PM
It is he that sitteth on the circle of the earth . Jesus Christ

verichip mark of the beast

by Anonymous - 3/06/15 6:25 AM
Once you accept verichip and take it you have doomed yourself there is no forgiveness for this you cannot say to the living God at this point I repent

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RE: verichip mark of the beast

by christian - 1/02/16 6:40 PM
This is false doctrine

Dont get it

by Anonymous - 11/28/15 10:57 PM
Dont use it refused to it god is with us why getting it?? If we pray altogether hes gonna hear us and he will protect the ones who wint get it and for the ones who has it pray god will forget what u done but do it with ur heart god will protect the world and the ones who trust on him god bless everybody

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Wonderful information

by Chidi - 9/10/15 7:02 AM
I don't see the cojent need for a verichip. In as much as it seems obvious that this is a devlish manipulation, it's just clever especially during trying times like this. What seems to make sense in this world just isn't right.

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Redeeming the time.

by Onyeji Nnaji - 6/30/15 8:17 AM
the mark of the beast 666 is calculated to mean COMPUTER. No other word in the English lexicon is thus rated. Chips are means of making ma a puppet for the real mark after rapture. You may search through my posts on Facebook @ onyeji Nnaji for additional information. the title is IS OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST?

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Re: V-chip implants..

by Donald Engel - 7/21/14 9:47 PM
I wonders if those involved know that the v-chip is being used by the Canadian RCMP, and maybe others, as a torture device..?
They implant it in a victim's ear, and make the coil ring in the middle of the night to cause sleep deprivation and extreme stress, which causes untimely heart attacks.. They use it to murder people (intellectuals and activists)..

And do those involved know that use of the v-chip as a torture device also stresses the nearest eye to the device, literally ripping the eye apart inside slowly..

The v-chip is used as a murdering device in Canada..

Does anyone know how to neutralize this chip in my ear..? The demon kooks block its removal...

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RE:Re: V-chip implants..

by kyo - 6/01/15 7:24 AM
craig titus i got a friend who also been victim now lately also from cape town we trying to deal with it but dont get any luck can we be in contact?

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A chip might be used to control buying/selling, but what is the MARK of the beast???

by Tim Cator, Author - 4/14/15 11:46 AM
FINAL WARNING, The Mark of the Beast and 666. May all readers be blessed

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The Mark is alreay here It comes before the beast

by Anonymous - 8/18/11 6:21 AM
The mark of the beast is already here inthe land of the beast. The only Country that can fit the description of the Antichrist is American. to be an Antichrist has to bee someone or some country that once worship Christ and is now Against him. The mark of the beast is the "number system' itself. whether it is verichip, microchip, any number- a social security card in your hand or the memorization of that number in your mind (forehead.) in the Backslidden (harlot country) forehead, is a name (She think herself GREAT AND MIGHTY, HERE I SIT A QUEEN, But God sees her as a harlot that forsaken Christ. So her name is "babylon."

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RE:The Mark is alreay here It comes before the beast

by Bettie - 8/21/14 5:42 PM
Shoot, who would have thhguot that it was that easy?

RE:The Mark is alreay here It comes before the beast

by FREDDY GALLO - 3/25/15 5:53 PM
The question is, where is Babylon the great, the mother of harlots? Do these three nations sound familiar to you, Babylon the great, Britain the great, America the great? We know through history that America the great came out of great Britain...We know through history that Babylon the great was ruling the world at one time...We know that great Britain was ruling the world at one time...We know that America the great is ruling the world today...So what do these three nations have in common? Idols,false gods,carved images,sorcery,astrology,star gazers,scientist,evolution,education,health care,false prophets,iron,clay,man made laws,worldwide tongues,military power,wisemen,wisdom,ruling the world with a rod of iron,and the like...The U.S. is reigning over the kings of the earth...The seven heads, are seven mountains(seven continents), and the seven mountains(seven continents), are seven kingdoms...The U.S. is pushing for world peace...The U.S. is pushing for a one world government...The U.S. is pushing for a one... more...

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The mark of the beast

by Freddy Gallo - 3/24/15 6:21 PM
The mark of the beast is spiritual, and those who worship the beast are being deceived by the false prophet, who makes fire come down from the sky in the sight of men...The false prophet causes them to receive the mark of the beast in the right hand or on the forehead...The devil, the beast, and the false prophet work together as one...The devil is behind the beast and the false prophet...The devil gives the beast power and authority to reign over the kings of the earth...The beast will sit one day in the throne of Jerusalem for 42 months as God Almighty, and those who are deceived will worship the beast as God Almighty...At the end of the 42 months, the beast and the false prophet will do battle with Jesus Christ...The beast and the false prophet will be captured and cast alive into the lake of fire...The mark of the beast in the right hand stands for the heart and the mark of the beast on the forehead stands for the mind...For with the heart you believe and with the mind you serve...To worship or to serve,... more...

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Pastors and Christian radio PROMOTES RFID

by Friend of the Brethren - 1/06/15 3:39 AM
I have read with interest your site just now, after I had received yet another email from a pastor, with an international audience, that it is OKAY to be microchipped! No, I do not say the RFID is the 666 but I do say it is a practical control instrument at tactical management level.

"The tactics of 666 is to enforce their strategy via biometrics." It is like a communist dictator fighting strategic cold war against its foes, but using the military as a tactical weapon.

Here in South Africa, many pastors, some with global audiences, actively PROMOTE these RFID chip implants, even on Christian radio they say it is "nifty, useful technology." I have Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist friends who are up in arms against it, such as non-Indian Muslims who have been opposing these implants at Mecca, for instance, as far back as 2007. The Indian Muslims are the ones wanting it implemented to control crowds at the annual Haj pilgrimages.

My understanding is this:

Public opinion and Fact are not identical... more...

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In the days of Noah

by Kofi Ghana - 11/11/13 7:35 PM
In the days of Noah, so shall it be. He was ridiculed, by wise human beings. Foolish animals listened.animals got saved. Wise, elightened n advanced humans perished. The wise of 2day shall regret but it will be too late. Afterall Satan is the ruler of this world, n has deceived many through its leaders and worldly education. Discerning Christians must watch n pray.This place is not our home!

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RE: In the days of Noah

by Anonymous - 11/17/14 4:19 PM
is everyone in this forum on drugs?

Rfid and the mark

by Son's and daughter's of god - 2/15/13 2:48 PM
As a Christian we must refuse any chip. A true Christian is a watchman and a watchman is to warn the people. Here is a part of my warning. I want everyone to read the United Nations Amendment Agenda 21 after that please read about haarps . Most of all please read the Bible and study it back to the hebrew and greek meaning of which the original language had been when Jesus was here. You will need the strong's exxaustive cordance. Be sure to get an original or as old a strong's as possible. Warning! Stay away from the niv Bible for the word of God had been changed. Stay away from the new print of the king james Bible for it is about to be changed so we will not not the true word. The gospe armour of God is his true word. Study yourself to be approved by God. Satan is the only one that judgement had already been done to and that is death. If we take that mark we will have the same judgement. Death!!!!! Praise the God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. When you read about agenda 21 spread the new's ... more...

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RE:Rfid and the mark

by Anonymous - 10/07/14 4:35 PM
Another question is was the biometrics mounted within the forehead or right hand?

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RFID and Verichip

by Anonymous - 8/06/14 2:05 PM
Refuse to be microchipped!

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RE: RFID and Verichip

by Anonymous - 9/18/14 6:00 AM
Damn right