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please help

by markus - 7/08/15 8:05 PM
I have been subjected against my will of this implant. It took me time to figure out but I know everything about it. Need help to destroy device. Please help people are using it to destroy my life.

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RE: please help

by Anonymous - 10/03/15 7:47 PM
You are not alone. I am chipped too

RE: please help

by Anonymous - 2/03/16 11:38 AM
Please don't be afraid! Just because some of you have a chip implant does not mean you are forever doomed. This is NOT the mark of the beast yet! You are only caught up in the system of new technology, that's all. Think of yourselves as a test subject only! The system itself isn't evil. This doesn't count. It's who we swear our allegiance to that matters (what's in our hearts!) Do YOU want to serve Jesus Christ or Anti-christ? This is the bottom line!

RE:please help

by AMB.REEDEMED400 - 4/20/16 5:33 AM
i will never but any chip in my body.it my not be a chip got to Nicholson1968 on youtube he has some good info on what is the mark of the Beast it my just be DNA

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