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by Anonymous - 2/06/13 7:22 PM
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by kate - 12/03/08 1:14 AM
ok mister there is a GOD learn your bible

-what kind of idiot types that?
Your argument is that the bible proves to an athiest that there is a God?
A book written by those of its faith?
Ok, but then Allah real because of the Koran, and Jesus is fake beause of the Torah.

See how that works there superstar?

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RE: Re:Kate

by Anonymous - 4/14/17 12:50 AM
A tree will be known by the fruits it bears.

Torah, is just the first half of the Bible.

koran.....according to muslims scholars is to be understood as the newer texts are more important than the older ones.....the second half of that book is about how to conquer and enslave.

Christians aren't perfect, but their response to being asked to bake a cake for a homosexual couple was a simple no. Muslims throw folks ACCUSED of homosexuality off the tops of buildings.

True, the slave trade in Africa was run by christians for the better part of two hundred years before they, christians, dismantled it; they took it over from the muslims, who began it in the 700's ad. Fun Fact, the Hijab comes from hiding the identities of women taken from raids, to be sex slaves back in the middle east.

Further, for the amount of slaves taken by muslims from africa to the middle east, there should be a HUGE portion of the population that is black; there is not because it was standard procedure to castrate male slaves before marching them across the sands, in chains back to arabia to, literally be worked to death if they even made it, considering the massive wound that comes from the removal of ALL of the male genitals.

the examples are endless.....

and the jews.....well.....they are the only folks I know where the correct thing to call them is the same word used to slur them....depending on tonal quality......

Atheism is my newest favorite world religion. :) No other group of people is so foolish as those who use a self defeating statement as their main argument.

Toaists have it ....Confuciusts are too worried about rules.....and Budhists tend towards defeatist melancholy.

Jesus was a Toaist.....and a hippy......and probably a Stoner.....come on, the Miracle about turning water to wine? dude liked to enjoy life.....not to mention helping the blind dude.......lol....i don't know.....i do know that; that I know not.

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