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Properties of the number 18






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by Anonymous - 9/05/15 11:00 PM
Wondering if their could be significance to that every time I schedule a trip to visit my long distance bf. It always ends up being on the 18 day of the month?

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Number significance

by Missy - 1/23/14 7:42 AM
As long as I can remember I always look at the at 9:18 both a.m & p.m!!! I see these numbers alot and it's also my birthdate so I just wandered if there's some sort of significance to the numbers together and what it might mean or stand for!!! Thought maybe I would find some Info on the net or maybe find someone who maybe could shed some light on what if anything could it mean!!!

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RE:Number significance

by Roberto Vicente - 8/22/15 7:56 AM
If you often see your birthdate and the number "18", this means, that you are a very sensitive person, young at heart and a good fisherman. There will always be plenty of "fish" around on your birthday. Look out for "fish" whenever your birthday gets close, and you can never lose! (I just doublechecked this with a friend who really knows about this stuff, and he totally agrees.)

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by malik - 7/01/11 1:58 PM
my birthday is 6/18/1980.(1+9+8+0=18)everything in my chart seems to come out to 18,witch seems to have a strange connection to the number 33.i even have 18 letters in my full name.i have been trying to come to a conclusion about this mathematical rarity,but every time i search for an answer i find new facts an opinions on the subject.i know that the number 33 is very rare and supposedly i am supposed to be some type of leader or teacher.ever since i was about 5 years old i have had numbers and equations floating around in my head.does anyone out there know what this means?i enjoy hearing different opinions on the subject so if you know anything about the subject please reply.
solo malik

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RE: me too

by Anonymous - 5/28/14 1:15 AM
You stay in Cali? You r gonna trip


by The truth - 6/07/15 12:40 AM
What's your full name and birthday? Just curious. I might have answers

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Waiting or Eighteen?

by Burlik Voln Gharst - 3/04/10 3:32 AM
On Eight

I wil write on him the name of my new god - Revelations 3

The name is Burlik Voln Gharst = 1818
The one who performs miracles = 1818
The consciousness of Jesus = 1818

I have placed before you an opened door - Revelations 3

He one whom lies behind the opened door = 1818

I will write on him the name of the city of my god - Revelations 3

God names the new city, Leiscerbette = 1998
King Yahshua is Voln Gharst = 1998
The key that opens all doors = 1998
The one key that opens the heavens = 1998
The City of Leiscerbette = 1998

I will write on him my new name - Revelations 3

Leiscerbette = 738
Lord Jesus = 738

He who is the Leiscerbettian King = 1818

Leiscerbette = The Swiss Power is Cer.

Cer International sell RFID DEVICES and show ALL SEEING EYE.

Leiscerbette is the All Seeing Eye = 1818

The one who is Isabella = 1212
The one having the key = 1212
Star of Leiscerbette = 1212
Leiscerbettian Keys = 1212
The one who is the Prophetess = 1998
Bella is a... more...

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RE:Waiting or Eighteen?

by Thetruth - 6/07/15 12:31 AM
The antichrist is a descendant of a woman named Lieselotte Gharst. She or he is 17 years old

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by john - 1/23/15 8:56 AM
I bought a car the other day and after picking it up ......the mileage was The
How about that sign.....while being on a journey
god bless

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woke up exactly 5 18 am this morning my birthdate is 5 18 wow

by jeannie - 9/25/14 11:00 AM
been studying for the last year numbers have been in my study for a long time. God BLESS all he is coming so so soon PRAISE JESUS

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by Anonymous - 9/17/14 10:19 AM
2/18/81 Ive just started learning about birth days and mon cycles

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number 18

by Elizabeth - 7/14/12 12:54 PM
Most of my sads moments in my life where on the day 18,why?

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RE: number 18

by Anonymous - 4/06/14 8:45 PM
Same here, my last born and only son was born 2/18, at 10 years of age he died of cancer, buried him, Sep, 18th

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Number 18 Symbolism

by Prasad - 11/29/13 3:40 AM
Mahabharat was is 18 days
Mahabharat has 18 chapters
Bhagawa geeta has 18 Chapters
total major puranas are 18
total minor puranas are 18

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Number 18 Symbolism, 18 Meaning and Numerology

by Prasad - 11/29/13 3:38 AM
Kali Maa has 18 hands
Sabari mala has 18 steps
Mahabharat has 18 chapters
Bhagawa geeta has 18 Chapters

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by elaine - 3/03/11 12:36 PM
this is incredible, i've had this number seem to pop up everywhere in my day to day life. especially the date june eighteenth, which is 6/18 which in time would symbolize the hour 18:18. My uncle died june eighteenth aproximately 6:18 pm. And ever since i've seen the eighteens, does anyone know if it is possible that the 18 could be a connection from my uncle??

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RE: 18

by anonymous - 10/22/13 10:49 AM
The time 6:18pm is in fact 18:18 in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, just for the information :)

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by porn - 10/17/13 12:38 PM

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number 18

by Kate - 10/16/12 3:36 AM
My name means Pure Gift from God/Victory/Victorious and my surname is COR. I have had christ Consciousness since 2001(but thats KNOWINGLY). I had a dream i was the GateKeeper and could not let anyone cross until i was sure everyone was there. I was on a brown horse. I dreamt i was queen of the Unicorns escorting all the magic folk onto a craft. I have seen about 14 'lightships in Aug/Sept. I found a vid on youtube The Dragon Hill Ufo prophecy. This is next to the Chalk white Horse. It represents the goddess of dreams and horses. Her festival is 18Th Dec. My Birthday is 18th Dec. 3 days till the 21st ;) 18 divided by 3 equals 666. Dont worry about Satan. Its made up to scare people. There is only Love. 666 is indeed a Christ number. Also the year i was born adds up to 6. :D xxxx

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RE: number 18

by Anonymous - 7/25/13 1:38 AM
Why are we lost? Is it because of Ophiuchus?

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18 meaning and

by thesacred18 - 5/31/12 1:24 AM
18 also means the snake holder. 18 also means spine and dna. 18 also means seeing spiritual and physical. 18 also means knowing of good and evil. 18 also means higher vibrational frequency of 9. Whoever born on 18th has hidden power they might not know until fully aware at young or adult(some become aware early). Be happy hahahahahahahahaha Our souls are more powerful than the evil Satan.

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RE: 18 meaning and

by Anonymous - 4/25/13 1:16 PM
Tell me more, please. What kind of powers?

Wait... What?

by Anonymous - 4/04/13 4:35 PM
NOTE: When proof is supplied to believe in something, make sure this "proof" is trustworthy and actually correct... when you fall into the trap in gullible avenue, dont be surprised to find something totally opposite. people are driven by money, no matter who you are... it all comes down to money... dont be a hypnotized sheep. WaKe Up!!

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RE: Wait... What?

by Anonymous - 4/04/13 5:07 PM
Honestly... the properties of 18 is... 18... what you connect to it is not the properties of 18...

Why Bible Meaning of #18 stands for bondage.

by L. H. - 8/18/11 9:37 PM
Seems like I've been bitten by the #18. My son's birthday is 6/18, my wife's 12/18. The building address that I want to lease space in is 1818, and I can go own. It seems like that I need to pay attention this number. But my limited search regarding this subject seems to have now made me nervous about the #18. Especially when the Bible meaning states it means BONDAGE. Can anyone shed any light on this. *Thanks so much.

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RE: Why Bible Meaning of #18 stands for bondage.

by Anonymous - 2/13/13 10:21 AM
Apparently because Ammonites oppressed Israelites for eighteen years

18 meaning

by Nitin - 6/20/12 5:48 AM
My office number is also 18

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The Return of the New Name

by Burlik Voln Gharst - 5/05/10 12:43 PM
English Gematria:

Jesus Christ will Return=1818
The one who is the Holy Ghost=1818
The one having the Key to the Gate=1818
A Key that turns every Gate=1818 (reverse)
He who has the Key to the Heavens=1818

PS- Leiscerbette is where God lives= (???)

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RE: The Return of the New Name

by Anonymous - 2/29/12 12:32 PM
Where did you get the name Leiscerbette ?

numbers of the same 3 times in a row

by jennifer - 1/24/12 3:57 PM
if you see the movie end of days the number 999 is the beast number not 666. it says the vatican has been lieing about it for centuries.

Then recently there has been a thing that came out saying Judas never betray Jesus , that Jesus ordered Judas to point him out.

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by brother manifold in christ - 10/18/11 2:28 AM
the ark of the covenant ,housed in the temple of solomon. you have probably had some really lonely years and come to this point on your own merit and hard knocks in life . you felt on your own ( a solo man ) your body is your TEMPLE . we are the arks if you honour the 10 or 9 original commandments you carry the ESSENCE of the ark within you . you are gods ark bearers ( cue a ringing noise in your ears) the eternal AUM . you have reached your goal cockney rebel . we are the ark of the coveted of god the 144000 (pm). OR should that 20 to 3 pm .23. or f302 as in stargate don't be scared or frightend this is the great I AM THAT I AM letting you know you have done well and you are loved. ALL GOOD STUFF. go and read margret starbird books on the numbers and symbology of mary magdalene. but please don't rest on your LAURELS (or hardies) carry on gods work there are souls out who are looking for for god . the secret is its all inside....the kingdom of god is within. they just need help to light that spark IGNITION !

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RE: 18

by Anonymous - 11/17/11 2:55 PM
wow- i got your message-

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by brother manifold in christ - 10/18/11 2:11 AM

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Crazy 18

by Christine - 8/18/10 12:40 PM
My birth day is 10-18-1974. 18 is everywhere also including the 4 and the 9. My name is a version of Christ. Christ was 18 when he was surrounded by the light of god and he was crucified in 36 AD. I am turning 36 which is 18 twice or the 9 cycles 4 times. 18 is spiritualism overcoming materialism, a form of balance because I am a Libra. I have to take special concern to be sure that it is always tipped more toward spiritualism. Well there is more not sure anyone is really interested.

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RE: Crazy 18

by Anonymous - 9/12/11 5:37 PM
I'm interested...
Doesn't 18 means duality too?

Background on this meaning

by Ezra Nehemiah - 8/06/11 10:25 AM
Blessings, recently i was looking for the meaning of 18. In your definitions there is a statement that says: "The construction of the Temple built by Solomon on the Moriah mount, to be used as tabernacle to the Ark of the Covenant, lasted eighteen years." I would like to know the references used for this i have tried to look almost everywhere with out an answer... It wasnt 7 years? Please i will apreciate your help in this matter..

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Born under a bad sign?

by Wayne B. - 1/16/10 12:14 PM
My birthday is 1-18-1974. Last year I have been interested in the meaning of numbers and learned that 18 means bondage and slavery. But I recently found out that the Hebrew word Chai which means "living" is 18. It is considered a good number.

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RE: Born under a bad sign?

by Anonymous - 6/16/11 8:15 PM
my birthday is also 1-18-1948 and there is nothing evil about me


by FRE - 5/30/11 4:36 PM
hallo, i was also here trying to find an aswer for the 18s i was receiving, its been incredible these last few months i been in crete, it's the fifth month now that the 18th happen things that change my life radically!; friends moved here from belgium 18/01 same day i started working in bikeshop, 18/02 i had operation,18/03 i came to crete AND met a girl that night with friends who was just lkiek me!, 18/04 my friend told me a other girl wante to hike with me at 18:18 exacually i had the best time that week,on the end we went to that girl i met first day who kissed me and...later that night, she left to hometown on othe island and returned 18/05 when i saw her again, it's guidens...all of u should see the movie "the number 23"
btw i'm born on 05/07/1987 / 1+9+8+7 is 25 / 25 - 7= 18
what makes 5 x 18, exacually 5 months every 18th was a VERY IMPORTANT PART of my adventure her in CRETE!!!

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