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39 misfortune or threat??

by Sinoiz Grim - 12/27/16 7:39 AM
I am in a very gloomy situation and in a humble and weary state in life. I often happen to see number 39 whenever I feel irrational fear or threat for my life. I have this terrible sensation that a demon or some kind of villain is to come and do something horrible to me whenever 39 comes in sight (though there really is no such villain) I noticed either way that my birth date is 30.09, ( 30+9=39) i know not if it will help for interpretation. Please help me amen

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RE: 39 misfortune or threat??

by Anonymous - 10/13/17 11:14 AM
Yes!! I also feel like that.. It's causes bad luck for me and of course a thread also..when I do not do my works properly.

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39 everywhere

by Geoff - 9/12/12 9:24 AM
About 10 years ago, when I was in high school, I saw the number 39 everywhere, I mean everywhere... There's absolutely no way it was a coincidence, or something I was creating in my own mind. I saw 39 so many times, in so many places, that it was just insane. I even started pointing it out to a friend every time I saw it, and he started to believe me, and was freaked out by it as well. This went on for a quite a few years, maybe 4 or 5. One day it just stopped without me realizing. Now I haven't seen 39 in about 10 years, but still to this day I wonder what it was all about. I felt like it was seriously a message from the universe, but I had no way to translate it. I don't believe in any human written religion, or superstitions. So, it can't be blamed on an obsession, or fascination with anything of that sort. Now I'm not sure if I fulfilled the message, or didn't catch the drift and it passed me by. The fact that a bunch of other people see it as well kind of shocks me.. This has to mean something. I wonder what we all have in common, if anything? I was born in March, it started when I was 13 or 14 years old, no religious connections, I have a mathematical mind, from USA.. There has to be some kind of link. Let me know if anyone sees a connection. Thanks

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RE:39 everywhere

by ankit sharma .. - 4/20/16 1:52 PM
When i ws. In class 8ttth. For tht tym i nnotisd. Tht 39 iis a numbr which i faund evvry where

RE: 39 everywhere

by Anonymous - 10/03/16 4:24 PM
I see it as well

RE: 39 everywhere

by Anonymous - 10/15/16 11:02 PM
At age 13 you saw 3 x 13 = 39
Meaning: 3 trinity
12 encompasses apostles
12 months
39 the harmony or conclusion of it all
39 means Amen! Meaning it will be done,

You wrote this post 12 years ago.
You said 10 years meaning 13.
You are 36 around this age. In 3 years you will find out what Amen ment

RE: 39 everywhere

by Anonymous - 6/18/17 5:17 AM
I have to ask are you in Colorado?

RE: 39 everywhere

by Anonymous - 8/30/17 10:05 PM
I have the same thing I keep seeing 39 for more than 6 months and I'm scarry

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these numbers 13&39

by sadane - 5/16/17 12:29 PM
I was born whit these numbers in my mouth 13&39. Can someone tell me what it means

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Comments on 39

by New Reader - 6/24/14 8:26 PM
Just found this site today. After many years, looking to find out meaning of No. 39 in Egyptian mythology. ?? Found it odd that Janet Reno kept 39 (3 X 13) peafowl, all named Horace (Horus?) in her backyard; wanted to know why. Thirteen (13) is the standard number of members in a coven, so 39 = 3(13), or 3 covens. On the other hand, Jesus had twelve Disciples: Jesus + 12 = 13. He also had only 3 Disciples in His closest inner circle. According to E.W. Bullinger,in his book, Numbers in the Bible, the number 12 represents the order of, or associated with, government: but 13 represents disorder, chaos, or Rebellion against God (YHVH, Jah, El, Eloi, Adonai, El Al, etc., but NOT Allah). So, have always wondered why Reno felt she needed to have a 39 member Horus guard. Any ideas???

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RE:Comments on 39

by Briana - 2/06/17 6:22 PM
Wow a lot of info

RE:Comments on 39

by Briana - 2/06/17 6:24 PM
The one how said Thanks for to info all on Janet and all one with GOD TOO that is from Briana me

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39 bad or good?

by lynne - 6/08/12 12:23 PM
I started dating this new guy and since that I've been seeing nr 39 a lot...What does that mean?I don't know if it means that I'm waisting my time??Somebody told me that is a sign that is not going to work between us.

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RE:39 bad or good?

by Omens........ - 1/21/16 4:16 AM
Don't listen to them as they are full of the fear vibration. It isn't correct to listen to that.

In the case of fear, it would be fear of losing him versus fear of him - this won't lead you to the truth, just confusion and pain.

As far as 39 goes, its an extreme number, for good or ill.

It means this person will either be great for you, or will be very bad.

It will not be a mediocre memory!

I suggest caution but not fear. In addition I suggest to take precautions without letting the other person know. Protect yourself, but with a plan - not with fear.

Test this person but not too harshly and not too often. Let them reveal themselves to you, once you see their actions to be very good or very bad - the truth will be revealed. Have no fear.

RE:39 bad or good?

by Anonymous - 12/10/16 9:03 PM
So we know less now than before. .what we don't know is,more than what we do...witch makes it pointless

RE:39 bad or good?

by Chris - 2/03/17 12:51 AM
I recently discovered that my spider veins clearly show the number 39 on my leg...any ideas what this could indicate?

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Id am 39 by nIckname.

by ThIrtynyne - 1/22/17 1:55 AM
GreetIng once agaIn, Some your acknowledged somenot. 3 become C and 9 become I and there arent (i) perhapz ytz for communIcate valIant. There only (I) were those to whom and belIeved the sanct on the tonguE. Thank your

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Number 39 meaning

by Anonymous - 9/14/16 4:11 PM
39 weeks is the average pregnancy term. Note: 52 weeks-13=39 weeks. God may be telling you that you are a child of His... and/or that there is a baby in your future! 3 is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, while 9 is the end of one thing and the beginning of something else. God bless everyone.

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hataune miku and 39

by Anonymous - 8/08/16 8:07 PM
39 in japanese also means san kyuu (which most people use it as thank you due to similarites) but most vocaloid fans out there know 39 means MI KU (the star vocaloid)

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by sipho gabriel mbaxa - 8/02/16 7:00 AM
numerology, astrology and clayvoyance. Yd have a muze to comm of #39 as susej.

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Number 39 Symbolism, 39 Meaning and Numerology

by Joseph Diaz - 2/29/12 11:55 PM
If Feel It Represents The 39 Lashes That My( LORD And KING) Took For Our SIN'S And Healing Power's,AMEN.Don't.Let That Devil Lie To You..........KEEP THE FAITH...................

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RE:Number 39 Symbolism, 39 Meaning and Numerology

by M. A. Hussain - 7/31/16 7:45 PM
It all appears guess work. But its recent use conveys a criminal touch to events

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39 good or bad?

by James - 5/08/16 3:02 PM
For the last couple years I have seen the number 39 as all of you. I see it daily and any where from 1 to 3 times a day. Clocks, change at stores,ext.
I know it is a sign or warning of some kind. The preacher said it is just a distraction today. I don't think he knows or cares to be honest. I don't fit in with the churches anyway. They are about the money and could care less about a sign God is trying to give for my life. I will figure it out on my own like always.Just pray for me please.

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RE: 39 good or bad?

by Anonymous - 7/31/16 6:33 AM
My prayers are with you James... You are onto them... Rolandah

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39 meaning

by Emmanuel Anderson - 7/29/16 10:18 AM
I starterd seeing "39" when I lost my father. Can that give a clue?.

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I'm seeing 39 every where

by Rene Flores Jr - 4/17/16 10:13 PM
I've been seeing the number 39 for almost 3 yrs now and I take it like a sign from God. Glad I'm not the only one...

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by Anonymous - 3/03/16 5:23 AM
I can interpret it as well for you but you yourself knows the best, you just look for some other recources to accknoledge what you already know. First of all the name Geoff in greek gematria= ε/5-ο/70-φ/500-φ/500 = 1075 = 1+0+7+5 = 13

now you were 13 years old, hm maybe trinity, power of three, find two more 13?

I think you were able to use your "magical memory" one way of seeing the world around you that can be trained.

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39 meaning

by Emmanuel Anderson - 12/10/15 10:45 AM
I often see the number 39 .when l look at the time, it often gives me 00:39:00 at the minute position.

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RE: 39 meaning

by Anonymous - 1/21/16 4:38 AM
I would need more of a reference in order to interpret.

What had/have you been thinking about lately when you see this number combination? 00:39:00

I can think of a couple things but I am hestiant to say it until I know more about your situation and what was/is going on with you in general related to the timing of when this was seen.

my story of 39

by Anonymous - 3/19/14 3:47 PM
My husband went to be with the Lord this past year 2013. His favorite number was 13 and 39. these are the interesting facts.... He was in the military when he was younger in the 39th infantry , he was a volunteer firefighter for dept 39 He passed in the year 13 when i was 39. Since he passed no matter where i am or what i am doing when i look at the time no matter how little or much time between i always catch it at 39. I have wondered about this. I also notice i see 39 when i am thinking about him and really missing him! His favorite Bible verse was Isiah 53:5

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RE: my story of 39

by Anonymous - 1/21/16 4:32 AM
I can't say in every case but generally that is likely your husband trying to get your attention and letting you know he is around and watching over you.

The reason you see it so much is so that when you find the answer you will realize the entire time he was trying to let you know hes alive and well. It isn't a coincidence that you mentioned who it made you think of.

One thing people don't realize about the spirit world is they see our thoughts and desires, and they will at times guide us in subtle ways to see what they wish to show us if we are open to it.

I recommend sober mindedness of course to draw only good spirits :)

In this case I am 90% sure its mostly about your husband who passed, at least at this time. You can be sure hes trying to contact you this way. I can't say it means any more than that. Most people miss those they love that have passed on. Just realize that his mind and body on the other side are just as functional if not more so there than here.

Death is only a door, not a... more...

The 96th comment...

by Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC - 3/19/15 11:54 AM
The number 39.. Come when the good Lord was sharing with me in my first room the room where the name Relic was given and where I wrote my first Christian rap song using psalms 27:1 The lord is my light/salvation in whom shall I fear.. And about prayer and the 5 elements it comes with.. Amen the ending of prayer was representing the number 39... I was just baptized, 3 representing spirit and 9 representing birth.. Relic/Terrill TC

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RE: The 96th comment...

by Anonymous - 1/21/16 4:10 AM
No doubt you were told this in your mind.

39 is an extreme number. In your case it seems, extremely good experience!

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I'm a bit worried

by Matthew warbutton - 8/14/15 3:24 PM
I've had the number 39 stuck in my head since I was in my twentys, I'm 38 years old next month and the number 39 has had my worried as I think maybe that's then I'm going to die, or something bad is going to happen to me, just Googled this and came across this site, and it's blown me sideways. Hope it's going to be a good thing and not a bad one.

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RE: I'm a bit worried

by Anonymous - 1/21/16 4:06 AM
That simply means that at age 39 will be an important year in your life. If I were to guess, I would say your life will take a significant turn or something important will be happening at that age.

If you worried about dying that year, pray about it. Honestly if you feel this way I am certain the good spirit world will set you on the right path.

As has been said before, ask and it is given, knock and the door will be open to you. If you don't genuinely want to know, you won't. It seems too simple an answer but I can promise one thing;

If you are open minded to it, it really is that simple.

my name

by Anonymous - 1/16/14 11:28 AM
What does it mean when both your first and last name add up to 39

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RE: my name

by Anonymous - 1/21/16 4:03 AM
The value of letters to make numerology is flawed.

I would not rely on such usage of numerology at this time.

That said, if you encounter a number conciously through observation or notice yourself being diverted to see a number, this is generally reliable since its spiritually guided - typically.

The vibrations and meanings of numbers are eternal, sometimes simple, other times complex, still other times, both and more!

39 is an extreme number. But since I said do not rely on name numerology, you should not read too much into it, yet.

Instead pay attention to what numbers you naturally encounter in your life and study/research it. Through this you can gather insights over time.

One interpretation of 39 would be 'speaking strongly'.

In astrology 3rd and 9th houses represent communications and higher learning, respectively.

since 39 also includes a 10 (30 is 3 10's), that means a strong identity and largesse.

So to further define it would be 'great multitude speaking'.

Obviously this connotates... more...

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39 in my life

by Sona - 10/08/15 3:52 PM
I met a girl in 2013 we have lot of common in us in our names and lot more
such as our birth dates her 12-11-1190 & my 27-04-1985 the sum of which is 12+27=39. and when we add 1+2=3 and 2+7=9 again 3 & 9 i.e 3+9=12 & 3x9=27 and 11+4=15 so that comes 15+12=27+12=39. and sum of our years is 1985+1990=3975 again 39 And i see number 39 everywhere, even at my work place.In last location the leg marking of my oil rig was 390 feet which appears on leg marking with number 39. we have many things in common her name and meaning of my name has only difference of O & A meanings of her name and meaning of my name starts with 'Be' and both our names end with 'AM'

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by Anonymous - 4/05/14 7:23 AM
I play this game where in the end you see how many words you can make. The letters change everyday but everytime I look too see how many words I got it always says 39. It's not a glitch because when my sister payed it she got like 30. And recently at school we were talking about how 3 is the perfect number in the bible and my teacher said 39 was a perfect number. She passed out bibles and I opened mine up and the number inside it was 39. I see 39 everywhere.

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RE: 39

by Anonymous - 6/18/15 9:25 PM
Means you are 😊 blessed with GOD presense he loves you keep living like your living he will bless you

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number 39

by annitawestley - 7/14/14 11:42 AM
I wrote a book on the Holy Spirit and it has 39 chapters in it!

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RE: number 39

by Anonymous - 6/18/15 9:18 PM
The HOLY SPIRIT is so real that even the believers do not believe in this spirit I don't understand

Me living at two addresses featuring 39

by JC - 2/26/15 6:17 AM
My only connection with 39 is that I have lived at two addresses with that door Number.

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RE: Me living at two addresses featuring 39

by Anonymous - 6/18/15 9:13 PM
That means my FATHER GOD is protecting you you must be caring person and one with him


by ivie - 5/14/15 9:43 AM
this is cool

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RE: math

by Anonymous - 6/18/15 9:07 PM
Life is cool 😎 JUSUS is cool 😎 too

39 Everywhere

by Anonymous - 1/28/14 3:06 PM
Reading these comments about how the number 39 comes up in many other people's lives is seriously creeping me out. I'm 16 and I started noticing :39 every time I would look at the clock of my summer job. I thought it was kind of funny because it was also by bus number (439). It continued for about 5 days and it was starting to really weird me out. The number 39 shows up everywhere for me now. The car where I lost my virginity's licence plate is XXX-934, and to this day I still always see the number 39 everywhere. One day the 5 times I checked the time, they all had :39 as the minutes. I was at a party, and as I stopped to look around, I felt harmonized with the universe as I realized that this is what it was like to be a teenager, and i checked my phone, sure enough, it was 11:39. A little while ago I was really starting to stress out about what I was going to do after high school, and my friend's brother's friend was giving me advice, and telling me that everything would turn out well in the end, i finally... more...

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