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by SARA - 12/12/10 6:30 AM

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by APOCALYPSE SURVIVOR - 8/31/15 1:56 PM
I did keep seeing 444 or 4444 since last year. Including 222 or 333 in key moments of my life. Then realized because of above post that O am one of the apocalyptic survivor! Yeehah! I knew I was special.


by Tara - 9/10/15 3:28 PM
Explain it to me cuz I wake up at 444 a.m and p.m and smile at the clock


by lol - 9/11/15 9:52 AM
Well you got that one wrong


by Anonymous - 10/16/15 4:01 AM
It's 2015, were's the apocalypse.....∆


by Anonymous - 11/07/15 4:11 PM
I am one of the sealed. The talk about the 144,000 "lightworkers" that are being seen online is a NOT believe that talk. No one believes me about WHO I am except my mom and sister. They have been able to witness the knowledge I have been given from the Son thru the Father. One other person who I confided in, who I believed was a Christian, was a reptilian hybrid. She showed her true self to me by the changing of her eyes....she was afraid of me after I told her because she knows what the 144,000 will be capable of after being sealed by the Father. I have known who I am since the beginning of September 2015 because I was TOLD by the Son himself, and just recently seeing 44 and 444. I have been looking for others because each of us are given clues thru visions, dreams, and "whispers in the ear". For those of you who know what I mean by these three things, I would love to hear from you. I have some answers, just as the rest of you have answers for me. We have been hidden from the world...until now...because the time is close. Would love to exchange info!!


by Anonymous - 11/09/15 4:43 PM
A-444hz = A-528 hz
All music will be changed back to the original solfeggio. Thus heaven on earth will resonate. It started with the Beatles , then white stripes now current music Zedds dead. Of course God is real Jesus is real. So is st.germain and all the other Angels and aliens.


by Bernard Miller - 11/09/15 9:22 PM
I've seen every number you showed over and over I dreamed I went to a book shelf and got a bible and read a chapter out of Revilathions woke up and got a bible and it said word for word what I saw and never read a bible in my life I have a gift for healing and for some reason I always new God bless me but then I think why me well amen and thank you Lord Jesus for dieing for my sins again Amen !!!


by Anonymous - 11/09/15 11:25 PM
Hmm well physic better go back to the bible and drawing board..cuz it's 2016 now!!


by cassandra angelina provencio 10-26-88 - 11/29/15 12:34 PM
I my self have see just opening my 3rd eye in the heavens I seen numbers yes I seen God. Yes its time for a new change God for gives all and us with gifts must help to save the living and the ones who have not pass God will bless us


by rei - 11/30/15 12:02 PM
I'm an atheist. Parents are atheists, whole family really. Never been to church in my life. I keep seeing 4's. Have been for a few weeks now. Weirds me out. Googled it, found this, saw your comment, and couldnt help but question it. If seeing multiples of the number 4 means your a chose one who will survive the apocalypse, why on earth would I be included? Either your theory is invalid or your construct of religion is. This will probably get deleted but I was curious how people would respond.

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I had experience the sign of 444 twice

by Charle - 10/25/15 8:38 AM
Please help me.. whats the 444 really means. I had encountered this number (444) twice..

last day while I'm encoding to my work accidentally I'd notice this number. and without any knowledge about what is it. So I research the meaning of it, but I still have many questions.

and then suddenly while I'm sleeping I just woke up and then I check my phone to look out what time is it. then I was shocked that the time is 4:44 in the morning.

Please help me.

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by numbers dont lie - 8/03/13 1:41 AM
A=6 B=12 C=18 D=24 E=30 F=36 g=42 h=48 I=54 j=60 K=66 L=72 M=78 N=84 O=90 P=96 Q=102 R=108 S=114 T=120 U=126 V=132 W=138 X=144 Y=150 Z=156

GEMATRIA = 444 Mark of beast = 666
ENGLISH = 444 Stubborn = 666

JEWISH = 444 witchcraft = 666
MESSIAH = 444 Sorceries = 666
JESUS = 444 Illusion = 666
Y'SHUA = 444 New york = 666
JOSHUA = 444 corrupt = 666
CROSS = 444 Slaughter = 666
GOSPEL = 444 Computer = 666
PREACHER = 444 Insanity = 666
I If we used the simplest formula: A=1 B=2 ... more...

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by michael - 3/22/15 2:29 AM
Are you still active I have an amazing revelation to share


by Son of Man - 10/17/15 7:47 PM
Joshua walks the earth.

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My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Petri from Finland - 6/19/12 1:25 AM
My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

For 13 years I have witnessed the appearance of number 1444 - yet not knowing what meaning it carries and not fully understanding for what reason I have kept seeing it.

This all started in summer 1999 after I had moved together with my later-to-be-wife. I started to wake up early on the mornings on very exact time of 4:44. I always felt frightened and oppressed becouse of the atmosphere - there was always a complete silence outside as if the nature would rest or have retreated and the spirits of dead would be walking around. This experience repeated 10 to 15 times during a half year period and ended on a last repetition during which I received a message with a simple content "one" or "1". I was certain that I did receive something yet doubtful if the message was this simple. Somehow I concluded that I should rely on this simple concept "one" or "1".

From then on I started to see number 1444 - or pay attention to the repeating occurrence of it. It appeared on... more...

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RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Anonymous - 5/15/15 3:31 PM
1444 on the Islamic calendar is 2022, if that's the very end, judgement day and all, subtract 7 years for trib time, and that lands us on 2015. Feast of trumpets is in Fall time-frame, no? That's un-nerving. Just some food for thought.

RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Adrian - 7/22/15 5:16 AM
It is 6/22/15 and I have a message for you. I am an 18 year old boy. I am Christian I have been since I was young, guided by my parents, yet I always saw something odd about my existence. (I always thought there was something special with me) and so on so on to make story short, it is 4:10 a.m where I am I now. Randomly 444 came to me in my head while reading the bible at 2:59 a.m I believe something is about to start, something is about to take over your life, change the way you think, the way you act, the way you see things, the spirit of God will fill you up with its anointing. The do great things! 1444 '1' you are the 1 he wants to use, 444, you are chosen to do The biblical miracles Our lord Did mentioned in the bible. Hope this gave you something you were looking for. God bless

RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Lilia - 7/27/15 3:39 PM
I have a friend that claims he has dream and up to this date sees the number 444, the problem is, he DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD! How can all this be related to angels and God then? It is not!

RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Brenda Tobin - 8/06/15 4:42 PM
I figured it out, thse reoccurring numbers, times seen have to do with the current time an awakening it is activated 11:11 on my birthday july 22 ,2015 the significance of all seeing is God or hid Angels trying to tell us for someone to get or figure it out time. Is activated Now it relates to the BIBLE VERSES the verses are the clock TIME Now for all to direct their attention to the Lord Gods word the BIBLE direct when you do in your individual clock time noticed of significance Google biblical example 444 you will see all bible verses ea. Inspired writer all verses thag include 444 VERSES then be sure it is clear straight from the BIBLE itself, it is TIME NOW TO KNOW JESUS OUR LORD GOD for tbe end times are near the whole inhabitant Earth will know him his truth before the comming of our LORD GOD tbe Son of God Jesus Christ when you seek him his word. Truths ask the angelic Angels Guidance you will be amazed Gods telepathic communication and spiritual guidance sets the foundation of your imbedded imprints... more...

RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Brenda Tobin - 8/06/15 5:42 PM
Sorry about spelling and the year discovered current time is Bible verses activated now july 22, 2015

RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by kevin - 8/22/15 5:04 AM
I believe in Jesus and the bible. Not enough room to tell all that I have seen and experienced all I will say is that Jesus is absolutely 100 percent real and this stuff if you choose to call it that is as well. I see repeating number sequences almost daily. I don't worship angels or numbers, God alone. Big events are slated to take place soon. I stand in awe of God and the fact that He chose US to be heirs in His kingdom. Sept 16 th watch what happens.

RE:My testimonial on '444' and the 'One'

by Rene - 9/18/15 3:29 AM
I started noticing 444 and many other numbers and i asked God to please show me what it means in a dream,because i didnt understand. That same night i had a dream of the end of the world.The repture, but i was left on earth and i was left here to fight. I just knew it was time for me to fight.freaked me out at the time

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144,000 seeing 444

by Anonymous - 9/04/12 5:55 PM
I see 444 often and 111 and 1111 and 222 and 555 mostly 111... But if this has anything to do with Bible and 144,000 you are not one of the 144,000 if you are a budist or other religion. You must believe as bible teaches there is only one God the God of Abraham, issac and Jacob and Jesus Christ is savior Gods only begotten son born to the the virgin Mary. If you believe anything else your deceived and I don't care what you think!

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RE:144,000 seeing 444

by Daniel - 8/30/15 4:21 AM
Part of REVELATION 13:18 says "calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: his number is 666. Gematria is a three thousand year old practice thats already been calculating and gives the names of men a number. I explain more about it towards the bottom. Here is the definition of gematria from Wikipedia. Gematria or gimatria (Hebrew: ???????? gema?riya) is a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase, in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other. In other words they take an alphabet, change every letter into a number in order to see what the word or words add up to. Its a commom fact that Jesus equals 888 in Hebrew Gematria and also adds up to 888 in Greek Gematria. Check out these facts. These are facts below. Its a NO BRAINER. No opinions or theories necessary. The mathematicians are stuttering when I show them this. I am Dead Serious. I made a video on you tube that explains and shows what they said on how to... more...

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My life with 444

by Kentavious - 3/30/14 9:56 AM
I don't know about some of the answers I read here from religious nut-bags and psychic fruitcakes. I've been seeing 444 since 1980. My story is too long for me to type, but let's just say it's enough to raise the hair on your neck. It started one night when I awoke standing! I must have been walking in my sleep (unusual for me). When I awoke I was not only standing, but I was standing in front of the only light source in the room which was a digital clock blinking 4:44.
Half asleep and confused, I thought it was strange but attributed it to one of those weird things that happen sometimes. It wasn't until this happened to me the again the following night that I started pondering the possibilities of waking up at that same exact time two nights in a row. After the second time, the following day I kept seeing the number 444 popping up everywhere!!! License plates, receipts, phone numbers etc. It seemed like I was being stalked by a number! Well I wish I could say that was the end of the story but my 4:44am... more...

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RE: My life with 444

by adriana - 7/17/15 8:06 AM
I also been seein 444 for few months and i tryd to do research on it i would love to hear your story that you dont wana share not just to be nosey but anyways the searches i have found point out to the angels are with us directing us and assuring us we are on the right path and doing a good job to listen to your intuitive inner voice and they have your back Jack ;) well i definitely feel you on being stalked by a number lol 444 God bless you

RE:My life with 444

by doreen - 8/28/15 7:42 PM
Wow ... "my life with 444" ... so many years you have been dealing with the 444. I had this happen just last year ... I believe 2 times. I definitely thought it was odd. Then, just a few days ago, I was sound asleep in bed. Suddenly, I immediately woke up, got out of bed, walked over to my desk a few feet away, picked up my cell phone, ... sure enough, 4:44 a.m. Now a days I don't use a bed side alarm clock at all, but instead use my cell phone to check the time. Then, last night, again, I went to bed, but was restless. I had a kind of sleep no sleep kind of night. While in bed not quite asleep but laying with my eyes close, I said or had the feeling I said allowed, the 444 is the beast. Wow. I sat up in bed. Today, me and my husband were watching TV and we both glance at the direction of the cable box ... 4:44 P.M. I know ... I feel ... this is a warning or sign. The last thing I will say ... it's a crucial and vital part of this entire experience. My husband and I are both believers (over 20... more...

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by David Allender - 5/04/15 3:37 AM
Hi there! I'm David Allender!

My name in english sumerian gematria =666
My name in greek beta gematria =444

So what, right? That's what I figured, but then there's this;

Peggy Dyk, (my better half of 22 years) AND MY name David Allender = 893 in jewish gematria! 2 cohabiting people who've turned out to be among the most fervent fighters of jewish/satanic oppression of mankind have completely different names that just so happen to equal the same gematric value of 893!

So, what again right? Well;

893 is (8 x 9) = 72 . . . . 72 x 3 = 216

And . . . 216 is 6 x 6 x 6. 666

Ruh-roh! Scary 666 right? WHO wrote, translated and proselytized the bible??? Who runs the vatican??? Who owns/controls Hollywood, Disney, Silicon Valley and ALL the media that have conditioned/programmed you to think 666 is evil???

JUST IN . . .

The man who's number is 666, is the second beast deployed by GOD to destroy babylon (the vatican), after inheriting earthly power from satan (the current "owner" of earth as Gods' tempter) and defeats the edomites (jews). It's pretty simple, GAME OVER. (for the jews who own ALL the major media, websites, big banks, the FED and all the big corps, a.k.a. "the world")

Hit GoyimGazette for more solid truths!!!

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by Anonymous - 8/04/15 11:54 AM
Isn't your antisemitism evil?

444 911

by joe - 6/20/15 7:25 AM
for the last 6 months I have been seeing 444 and lately 911 or 21.11 its gone way beyond coincidence

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i see 444 all the time

by Marisa - 10/28/12 11:01 PM
Please let me know....I began to see it all the time during the height of my spiritual awareness.

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RE: i see 444 all the time

by Anonymous - 6/16/15 2:29 PM
My name is Marisa also and I just posted a comment please contact me, I cannot post a link to my facebook here, but feel free to text me, Marisa in Fort Worth


by odd but even - 1/30/09 7:55 AM
I have been expieriencing the number 444 for about a year now and almost every morning at 444 i wake up or my boyfriend wakes up and will sit streaight up like there is something wrong. One time at 4:44 am, i woke up and my cat was freaking out in the kitchen, another time, my daughter woke up at that same time crying and freaking out like something was wrong and it was like she couldnt be woken up, another time my boyfriend sat straight up out of his sleep and acted as if he heard a loud noise or something, and this and other things keep happening at 4:44 am. The other day i was watching t.v. and the daily numbers on the lottary were 444!!! What is going on?

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RE: 444

by Anonymous - 10/17/11 6:16 PM
... so NOT. Was what I wanted to say. Whatever you believe is different from what I believe. What you you believe 444 stands for?


by Four, Fourty-Four and astral projection - 10/17/11 7:25 PM
This number and I have been connected for many years. During my first attempt at astral projection is when I first saw this number. I was not living at home and attempted to astral project to my mother's house, look at the clock on the VCR and then compare it to the clock in my room. The number I time I saw was 4:44. When I opened my eyes, sure enough, it WAS 4:44 am! Over the many years that followed, I have seen this number everywhere. I am comforted by the meanings that I have found. It also makes sense in a very spiritual way.

My mother told me of my birth. While pregnant, she dreamt an angel told her that she would have a boy. When I was born, she also told me of a somewhat star-shaped birth mark which I had, but subsequently disappeared after a little while. The pictures of me as a child are quite angelic also, perfect blond hair and blue eyes, wide smile. (Not to say other types aren't angelic, but that is certainly a-typical.)

Over my life I have felt a strong connection with a higher power;... more...


by Marisa Anguiano - 6/16/15 2:26 PM
I don't even know where to begin. I noticed that the last few years of my life that the number 444 was everywhere! on license plates, my change at the store, my order number, and address, the time, but something very scary and eerie has been happening, I'm going to ask that someone please check out my Facebook or my posts on the 444 phenomenon page on Facebook,..
it has gotten very VERY OBVIOUS , I've been trying to find anyone who may have had a period in their life where they thought it several times a day everyday, I started taking pictures and documenting it, I feel like something big is about to happen,anyone can text me or call me, its really sad I can't post a link can show you all the incidents that have happened in the last two weeks, more than 30 in less than two weeks.... Marisa in Fort Worth

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by romi73 - 4/20/12 11:39 PM
I've been seeing the number "444" for the past few months now on a daily basis. And it's weird and amazing the amount of people with the exact same experience. But I've read so many diferent comments and theorys , that I'm even more confused than before. But if people read the bible more often they would know that the 144,000 are the 12,000 of the 12 tribes of Israel that have a secured salvation. But billions more would be saved if they repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their one and only savior. It would be nice if someone or somehow would give a real explanation of 444 , a complete explanation would be better and non lucrative.

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RE: 444

by Ul - 5/03/15 3:12 AM
I keep seeing 16:44, 14:44 in my phone for 2 years I guess, also them displays on some other places such like a person posted a picture on his blog at 16:44, and it happened to be me see it. I used to feel scared, but more I see it more I don's fear! I guess it's just something that someone up in the air want me to keep remembering them and it might give me an answer one day in a funny way. Life can be very funny and beautiful sometimes.


by No Name - 7/30/11 4:26 PM
I'd just like to say that this has been going on for a while with me, but that I began to suspect there was more to this than just some devine message, actually the folks seeing it on license plates, and elesewhere should start keeping notes of where and when they are seeing this number appear, I think if you pay close attention to everyone around you soon you will start to see a treand. Just curious, anyone have any experience with any U.S. government agencies?? I'd be interested in knowing how many of you who have been dealing with this stuff have had recent interaction with any government agency, no matter which agency, I'd like you to post here if you have. Also, anyone notice any unusal activity in their neighborhood?? Iknow, a lot of folks are reading this and thinking , great, a nut job. Some of you may think that, but there is something to this , and it has something to do with an experiment conducted or being conducted by a government agency. I have a feeling that a lot of you already suspected you had an interesting "gift" or already knew how intuitive you are.

That's as fare as I can go with this in a public forum.

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RE: 444

by they no - 3/24/12 12:16 PM
444 movie coming out soon,,I told ya there watching this page and probably got ideas and lifted stories for there pocket.


by Anonymous - 9/15/12 8:36 PM
Yes,notice alot of activity.....Helicopters circling and Drones and of course camera on every street corner.Just prepreation for marshall law cause ,the can cannot be kicked much longer down the road.Keep looking up

RE: 444

by Rob - 3/31/15 10:42 PM
The streetlight and orange orb comments. On this page I did not expect. The streetlight thing has been happening to me my whole life. And only 3 weeks ago an orange orb outside my house. I would have never connected them together with the 444 s since it has only been happening for a year that ive noticed. Side note that makes this connect to this thread I live blocks from a tiny military airfield that deals exclusively with blackhawk helicopters around here we have a lot of weird events. Blackouts,blown fuses and lightbulbs and strange things in the sky.

RE: 444

by I know whats ahead - 4/28/15 3:04 PM
I agree with you 100% wish we could discuss this non-publicly ive been seeing these numbers for 2months now, they also come as 44's but I was getting stressed and researching and than A revelation was revealed to me boy was it serious SERIOUSLY!!! But I thought it would be over by than but the numbers still keep trying to get my attn but do far had not shown me a new clue

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444 means death and ruin

by Mark - 8/27/12 6:13 PM
This is just my own personal opinion about this number based on experience with it. This sequence of numbers ( 444 ) scares me every time I see it. Every time it appears for me major stress and horrible things are happening or begin to happen. In 2010 little did I know over 6,000 dollars had been taken from me. A week before I found out 444 started showing up. A few weeks later I lost more money. 444 showed up again. I could feel something very wrong was going on. With no control my life was falling a part. By Nov my father had died of a massive stroke. 444's all over the place. By January of 2011 my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. What little savings I had left went out the door. 444's all over the place. My life was in a horrific nightmare. I watched my mother slip from me. 444's all over the place. After her death. Complete financial ruin. This number is not a good sign. To me it means complete horror. I take it as a warning that someone has placed a curse on me. I don't know how to beat it. I've actually been forced to contemplate taking my life as a mercy killing. God help you if this number is following you.

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RE: 444 means death and ruin

by Anonymous - 4/25/15 5:32 PM
St art to talk the blessings of God over yourself. Your tongue has power of life and death in it. you can speak blessings over yourself or cursing and you can rebuke the Satan. He has power when you give him power so quit giving it to him

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by Anonymous - 4/06/15 6:19 AM
There is no apocalypse. We r all chosen. It's about love and compassionate and letting go of The Ego. :)

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by Pierre - 4/04/15 10:49 AM
Isn't it nice to know that something is watching over us and not have to rely on just our own wits these days? If it weren't for the digital age, we'd have no indication but the Master is wise and waited for technology to wake us up. Look at 11:11 carefully and you'll see its a "gateway." 444 goes right with it: And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth... - Rev. 7.1 Read Rabbi Yankins comments on WND or Clyde Lewis.

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444 and hauntings

by dee - 1/07/12 9:17 AM
any 444 seers ,,also seein spirits and hear noise in home,,letterbox knocking,also how many seen ufo,,or orange sphere which vibrates the air ,or here explosion the see one,,any paranormal activity with 444.11.11 mod edit anything if i shouldn't disclose or say it ,

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RE:444 and hauntings

by jesse - 5/02/14 6:34 PM
something has woke me up at 4:44 am a few times bangs the door and the kids toys everytime i look at my phone and it is 4:44.i would love some insite .

RE: 444 and hauntings

by Rob - 3/31/15 10:13 PM
What the hell I have been seeing 444 constantly and not just on clocks. And about 3 weeks ago a orange glowing orb that just disappeared when a plane was headed straight for it. You guys are freaking me out.I don't believe in anything so I don't know what yo do with this.

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Shocking Fact : 1444 is a History cycle

by Numerologist - 3/24/15 6:20 AM
All known religions tell about the future and have revealed part of the unseen. All Prophets have told about the unknown. Revealing the unseen took many forms: some through direct verbal communication, some through signs and others through direct prophetic revelation or through a Prophet’s or even a non-prophet’s authentic vision. Some [of these visions] come true shortly and some after many years or even centuries.

Muslims believe in the Torah, but they believe that it has been altered or they assert that it has only a portion of the truth. Thus it is likely that in it are prophecies which originated from revelation though they need interpretation or deciphering even at the numerical level. We are concerned here with decoding a Qur’anic prophecy, which had been a prophecy in Torah. Allah [SWT] says in Sura Al-Israa: [And we decreed for the Israelites in the Book, that would they do corruption (mischief) on Earth twice ... When the Promise of first (of the warnings) was due... So when the second of... more...

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444 in a dream 2015/march 16

by kitty campbell - 3/17/15 5:29 PM
i dreamed for the first time in my life the number 444. it was bright and full of peaceful white light all around. i thought it might was like a sing of something so I got some lottery tickets. this happen march 16 2015 , so then later that afternoon i went online and try to figured out what the number meant, because it keep coming into my thinking, and I saw all this beautiful messages from people having the same experience, i will love to talk with anyone that might guide me in this. thanks and peace to all. God is good!

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by Serenity - 2/16/15 8:38 AM
don't freak over this number because Yaweh doesn't want you to do that. Simply wake up and turn back to Him .we control nothing except what and how we chose to live our lives .we can not prevent this war from coming we can only survive it. And help others

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RE: 444

by Anonymous - 2/26/15 4:08 PM

in Hebrew what does 4444444 represent

by Judy Hall - 2/11/15 3:25 PM
This number appears and I am trying to answer some biblical questions for myself. thank you for any help you can give me.

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by nobody - 1/20/15 7:25 PM
officer 444

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RE: 444

by Anonymous - 1/21/15 4:20 PM
really- it means hit your knees and thank God for Jesus.

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by # - 12/17/14 9:44 AM
In simple english gematria (a=1, b=2, etc.) "the September eleventh terrorist attacks" = 444.

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by matham - 11/11/14 10:53 AM
well been seeing this 444 for months.i just noticed that it is 11-11-14 today. seems weird and I know it means something. months Before 9-11 or 911 happened I saw those number a lot. realized it later maybe a premonition.

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YES! 444 is a sign from GOD that Everything Will Be Alright!

by Joan444 - 12/13/09 9:50 AM
I have been Noticing the number 444 on my clock for over 8 years! My Mother was Very ill and had Major Surgery back in 03'. I remember the day of her operation. She had come out and was placed in the ICU. I remember Breaking Down and Crying over Her! I was fearing The Worst because her Doctors kept saying that she would never be able to return to a full and normal life. (BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO KEEP HAVING HOPE AND FAITH NO MATTER WHAT THE DOCTORS SAID.)
I bowed my head down and PRAYED SO HARD while we were in that room. I remember Crying Out and asking the Lord Jesus for a sign that My Mom would be o.k. And would you believe that after 1 hour of Praying, I LOOKED UP (with tears in my eyes and my vision blurred) at one of the Monitors in her hospital room....and there appeared the NUMBER 444! MY CRYING TURNED TO LOTS OF LAUGHTER AND PRAISE! Right then I KNEW THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE ALRIGHT! And it has been! My Mom has Fully Recovered from Her Illness! And She is doing Fine! My prayers were HEARD AND ANSWERED! Thank God for doctors, but GOD KNOWS BEST! YES 444 is definitely A SIGN! Absolutely!!!
*For me, it means 444=JESUS!

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RE: YES! 444 is a sign from GOD that Everything Will Be Alright!

by Dentalkid - 2/19/10 9:14 AM
I have been experiencing 444 ever since I got insecticide poisening and almost died seven years ago.Throughout a series of intense religious experiences 444's appeared everywhere, starting with waking up several times at 4:44.I too feel 444=Jesus also, when I ask him,please give me a sign,I will see 444.I have always felt it was his way of letting me know he's always watching over me.When I was sick I felt better when seeing 444, like Jesus was letting me know he was there and everything will be alright. It took years,but I eventually recovered.Seeing 444 all the time gave me the strengh to go on.I think that coming so close to death pulled back the veil to the spiritual world; very strange things still happen, and I still see 444 all the time.Usually I say "hello" to Jesus, and God also, and tell them I love them.
By the way my husband has been seeing 11:11 for years now, and I do too, I'm not sure if it is just because of him , but I don't think so.I too, just Googled 444 just to see what came up. I had no idea there were others out there. Hello Brothers and Sisters!

RE: YES! 444 is a sign from GOD that Everything Will Be Alright!

by Pete - 4/06/12 6:03 PM
Your right. So much has been taken away from me that I asked GOD last night if HE still cares about me at all? I saw 4444 - 3 different times today! I know HE is watching over me and that we are close to HIS return. 4 = to the furthest extent, 3 x 4 = 12 which means the same thing. Not sure about 4 x 4 but will know. BTW, 11:11 has much to do with Rev. 11:11 and we are witnesses (like it or not).

RE:YES! 444 is a sign from GOD that Everything Will Be Alright!

by Jeff - 9/21/14 8:27 PM
I to see 444, 4444,44444, 444444 in so many thing's it's just mind blowing. More so 444 I believe in Christ and this is very comforting I have had many struggles in life and still struggle with self will trying to do it my way and not handing it over to Christ. When I was a child about 12 yrs old I was praying to god for a sign he was there with tear's in my eyes I looked out my grandparents window and it was a small bright pearl moon out and when I looked up at it there was a perfect cross as vivid and sharp as can be, just thought I would share my experience, God bless you.

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i am who i am

by kyle - 9/18/14 11:24 AM
I was born 1980, i am a simple kind of man, i walk 7 to 8 miles to work everyday i never have had a drivers license, i choose to walk, i have a strong since of freedom when i do,,, i have wake up to seeing 444 from a dead sleep,, then i started seeing it everywhere,,, still do,,, when i see it i get the feeling,,, that i need to wake up with faith and who i am in life,,,,,

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