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The Book of 67

by N67 - 5/01/14 9:49 AM
I am only young and have been followed, haunted if you may, by the number 67 for several years. Address, phone number, my relationships, paychecks height etc. And I have devoted my highschool career to finding its meaning. I didn't him much at first till I made a discovery on a forbidden text. It isn't ancient or anything but it does predate me by a century. I came across it in a second hand book shop. The book tells legends and prophecies of a supposed reincarnation of the hero "Neverar" from which he to had the insignia 67. He is believed to reappear at a time of global crisis or something like that area. I predicted a nuclear war, but I could be wrong. Its also believed After his coming, he will write the end of humanity in the form of the 67th book of the bible. This Erie story makes me feel uncomfortable on so many levels. I don't even know what to believe. But if we have some ties to this Neverar67, I fear for the near future... What are you're ideas on this and the text "Star"?

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RE:The Book of 67

by Anonymous - 12/12/17 6:56 PM
What is the name of the book that talks about Nevera67??

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Shepherd in the Bible?

by Anonymous - 12/03/17 11:33 AM
Which Bible does it name the word Shepherd 67 times?

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Number sixtyseven

by 67 - 11/26/17 6:38 PM
My dream I saw many other numbers but only 67 I remember when I woke up.

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ive had many serious accidents very serious ones, but ive always felt protected

by Ancient dragon defender - 5/27/17 1:47 AM
My bday is 01 22 1967 , I've had a very unlucky life if anything could happen to my it would I was always in the middle of very serious situations but somehow the luck I lacked in life was bestowed to me through these very serious incidences and I always walked away unscaved not once or twice but dozens of times . I'm looking for answers and my true path in this life . God has blessed me but to what end ? And why can a person be soo unlucky but so lucky ...

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RE: ive had many serious accidents very serious ones, but ive always felt protected

by Anonymous - 11/12/17 8:54 PM
To what end you say.. to bear good fruit and mirror the Fruits of the Spirit as is required IF you are truly saved. Be be full of Charity, Patience, Humbleness, Meekness etc. to pray always and seek fellowship in the Word.

same story as you all here, 67 everywhere all the time!

by pluto67 - 6/14/16 1:12 AM
I stay positive usually and from what i have learned, when i do see the number 67 i think of it as God keeping me aware of my spiritial relm. Its reminds me everytime that God will always be with us. We may or may not see the end of times in our lifetime, God bless us all, but one way or the other, here on Earth we could never have good without being able to differentiate with its opposite which is evil. To have one you must have the other. I have witnessed alot of both good and evil in my days. Everytime evil was close by me i would have a realization of how real the sliritual war really is around us working very hard everyday. God arranged things to align just perfectly. Everything happens for a reason, nothing is just a coincedent. Satin in always gonna be jealous of Gods great love for all his childeren. Satan tries his hardest to destroy Gods childeren that he has had all this time to become more and more jealous of. But God will always win, Gods childern will always be Gods childeren. No matter what... more...

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RE: same story as you all here, 67 everywhere all the time!

by Anonymous - 10/03/17 11:49 PM

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by OptionAL - 12/05/16 5:14 PM
a powerful weapon striking man or a devil

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RE: RE:67

by Dragon - 5/27/17 1:26 AM
I am gods will , his son , my soul is his indefinitely, I am his champion.

Maybe we are the 67th Book of the Bible

by TH - 4/30/15 8:47 AM
Some say Christians will be the 67th book of the Bible (the last generation before the Millennial). Jesus is the word, & all 66 books are in us if we have Christ in us. There are 6 days, then a day of rest; so there are 6,000 years, then the millennial (which is the 7th day, since a day can be like a thousand years), so the meaning of 67 listed above, “Number representing the finalization of the Creation and the entry of the Creator in the sabbatical rest,” makes since.

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RE: Maybe we are the 67th Book of the Bible

by Anonymous - 1/04/17 5:13 PM

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Don't be afraid.

by Knowledge - 4/27/16 9:14 PM
Be grateful. It's synchronization. Time to get into relationship with God-- Jesus. Everyone is confronted by Him at some point. Do you ignore Him or write Him off as as spiritual phenomena? Or do you ask Him to reveal Himself to you? Only you can choose the path. Choose wisely and speak to Him and without a doubt, He will speak back.

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The reoccurance of the # 67 in my life

by Ian - 8/19/10 12:35 PM
The first home I bought was 167 7th street which I still own. My Second home is 267 with and area code of ***67. My license plate chose randomly by the lady @ the DMV ***67* My SS # has the number 67 in it in sequential order and there is many other examples of this # reappearing, but seemingly only since I submitted my life. I know that I know that Creator God is active in my life and believe Jer. 29:11 with my whole heart and feel God is trying to communicate something to me can you help? I know that you don't know me so as many suggestions as you have will be helpful as I discern.

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RE: The reoccurance of the # 67 in my life

by Anonymous - 3/13/16 2:04 PM
Read dragon789 they talked abt number 67, its time for self reflections.

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67 on facebook

by Lucky Starr - 7/19/12 5:00 PM
... on an app on fb, I had mentioned the word "God" 67 times on my status. Since then, it recurrs often in my life ^^ also 66 / 36 / 33 ... now 99

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RE: 67 on facebook

by gen - 3/13/16 1:59 PM
its really a bad number


by Anonymous - 1/08/16 11:08 PM
7 Passions and 7 Sorrows just want to understand 67...I think I know. Thanks

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Keep seeing the number 67 everywhere i go!!!

by Lion - 8/25/15 7:46 PM
I'm a Navy veteran who served aboard the USS John F Kennedy (CV67); after i finish my term i realized that this number has been in my life for quite some time. even years after i keep seeing it everywhere, license tags, tv, radio, prices, etc. Can someone please help??

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RE: Keep seeing the number 67 everywhere i go!!!

by Louis - 9/20/15 10:54 AM
I see it all the time too!! My dad's date of birth, math problems... Everywhere

Being followed by 67

by Julian - 11/18/12 11:25 AM
Left NY 21 months ago. Now live in San Diego CA. 1st job placement was 1 month prior to living in Cali, extension # for my desk was 1167 2nd jod my cubicle # was 67??? Since then it's been following me like crazy. Ever since I moved into a studio out in, Oceanside Cali 67 has been Pro Active if not but more than 10 x active and around me on daily basis. Bought a frame not realizing 67 was inbetween the art/text. Ashley pointed it out (girl friend) then I turn on Tv last week for Election status btwn Obama N Romney..Obama:67% Romney 53%?? My midnight room temp is 67 with out fail! My boss built me a call log with 67 accounts to be worked?? To then find out my new extension # at my is 167??? The list really does go on. I'm nervous & interested anybody???

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RE: Being followed by 67

by new seng - 4/07/15 1:41 AM
I gave birth to my son in 67 and it was a year of many changes I moved away to a new city and never been away from home before and it was a lonely year like it is now at age 67 and living alone. Age is only a number. 67 seems to be significant...true 6 & 7 makes 13 but add that together and you get 4 that is a difficult number though steady it means hard work.
When I was 13 it was a dark year that i cried through most of it but now at 67 I am crying inside all the time.

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by ToppyToo - 12/12/14 12:16 PM
"The number 67 is used 1 time in the Bible."

Where in the Bible, what scripture, contains the number 67, please? Thank you.

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Zayin is 67

by MALprakrti - 6/07/11 12:02 PM
The 7th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet (Zayin/Zain) when spelt in full equals 67 [Zayin = 7, Yod = 10, Nun = 50]

Zayin is a very powerful expression and if anyone wants further information on Zayin and other occult numerology/gematria then go look up Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Trilogies.. they are a good guide book.

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RE: Zayin is 67

by Carrie - 11/04/14 9:38 AM
this number also links Zayin with the word understanding, binah, that also has a gematria of 67.

67 ... again and again and again (kinda spooky)

by Jack H. - 5/07/14 2:45 PM
Recent restaurant dinner tab totaled $67.67 (I had exactly $67.67 cash). A few days ago my Walmart purchase: $67.67 and when arrived at home discovered exactly $.67 in my pocket ....... yes, spooky !

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number 67

by gypsy frost - 4/09/14 11:02 AM
Started in school for me. It was random too. Didn't even realise it at first. My elementary school lunch number contained the number 67 2 times in it. I also read all 67 books that were on the left side of our school library. My school had 134 students from my town and 134 from the next town. Split the total of each town evenly and they are 67. I left home and moved up north. My homeroon was on the first floor sixth hall from the entrance seventh door. 67. My phone number ended in 67. I move back home and my school id number ended in 67. Then I learn my aunt was born 1967. At the end of the school year I asked the librarian how many books I read each semester. According to the schools computer I checked out 67 books each semester. Our appartment number was Q-67. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet unless you count through 3 times. Then its the 17th 37th and 67th. This is what finally made me realise something was going onn. At first it was a coincidence I was watching and looking for. I recently learned I have 2 born 6 years after me and the other 7 years after him. What is going on here?

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Number 6 and Number 7 together

by Anonymous - 1/07/14 10:54 PM
Number 6 is often aligned with "evil" or "darkness", Number 7 is often aligned with "good" or "light", but when 6 and 7 are together, you get a number of balance, 67.

The number 67 depicts this balance not as what is represented by 6 and 7 merging together (For 6 plus 7 would equal 13, yet 67 is not the number 13), but rather merely existing at the same time as the other within the same universe.

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The Devil

by Vindex - 10/24/13 7:47 AM
In the Latin Simplex system of gematria, the name of the Devil, Satanas, has the value 67.

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