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Prophet Mohammed

by Abdulaziz - 7/31/16 2:15 PM
"The 73 sects resulting from the division of the community of the Prophet: sixty twelve have perished, one was saved."

Did you take this from prophet Mohammed hadith?

The most frequently cited hadith regarding the 73 divisions of the Muslim faith is reported as: the Jews are divided into 71 sects (firqa), the Christians into 72 sects, and my community will divide into 73 sects (Ibn Majah, Abu Daud, al-Tirmidhi and al-Nisa'i). The hadith also occurs in many other versions as well.

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by Anonymous - 2/14/16 8:05 AM
if the word {ALLAH} is converted to numbers it equals 73

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I see 73 all over the place.

by cheneygta - 12/04/15 2:25 PM
Throughout this year 2015. I have been seeing the number 73. I have never noticed it this much before. I was born on December 20,1973. I find it odd. I feel that I am being show this number as a sign. I am being told something but I am not sure what.

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RE: I see 73 all over the place.

by LalA - 1/14/16 3:24 PM
I was born 3-23-73 at 1230 pm, 3 months early and weight 4 pounds 3 ounces


by brother - 5/13/12 11:36 PM
73/37 373 is one of gods numbers .....go to biblewheel and check out the gematria references ...all good stuff

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RE: 73

by Anonymous - 11/15/15 2:38 PM
When I was praying for the truth and seeking God after a long time of living wild, I began seeing 37 73 737, clocks phone numbers license plates, it comforted me, and the truth was brought to my door, after straying for a while these numbers disappeared, once I repented and turned my life back over to God, and obeying his word the 37 73 737 reappeared, coincidences, absolutely not.


by Hilary Spate - 2/07/14 4:01 AM
What's in store for me

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7 an 3

by 3 an 7 - 4/14/13 2:35 AM
all my life i've had things that have ha to do with 73 or 37 or 3 or 7 or any number containing just 3 or 7, i wanted to know more about it so i wouldnt keep freaking out about it, its not just a coincidence anymore.

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The Number 73

by I Am 73 - 6/29/11 1:48 AM
73 is the strongest odd number - believe me. I have worked it out

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RE: The Number 73

by Anonymous - 3/29/13 11:17 AM
the numbers 73 and 37 are the factors of the first verse of Genesis, in the beginning God created... 73*37=2701

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Se7en Thr3e

by Anon73 - 3/11/13 10:48 AM
It's extremely weird how this number has a crazy habit of always popping up.

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i am that i am

by 73 - 9/05/12 9:15 AM
7.3 min = 7:18
--->hr/min/sec hand at 7/1/8 = (7:5:40)* see bottom page*

7:18 opposite 5:42
--->54:20 = (54.33333)
--->I am that I am = 543 (hebrew)
--->Exodus 3

My Holy Name = 754.0 (hebrew)
Yehoshua HaMeshiach = 754.0 (hebrew)

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RE: i am that i am

by Anonymous - 9/05/12 9:16 AM

54:20 = 54.3333 min