Lateinos - [Greek] In the Latin form, Latium Latinus, and Lateo, means "to lie hid". From the Chaldean word Lat, "to lie hid". In Latopols, today Esneh, a city in Egypt, the fish Latus was worshipped beside the Egyptian Minerva. Apollos mother-wife in Greek was called Leto, or in Doric, Lato, feminine of Lat. The Roman name signifies "the lamenter of Lat". In Borrows Gypsies in Spain, or Zincali, vol. ii. p.113, "This image grim, whose name was LAUT, Bold Mahmoud found when he took Sumnaut." Virgil makes Latinus the 3rd in descent from Saturn and contemporary with Eneas (Eneid, lib. vii. 11 pp. 45-49)

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